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10 Tips - How to Add Christmas-Themed Ads to Your Mobile Game?

The holiday season is upon us, and for mobile game developers and advertisers, it's the perfect time to sprinkle a bit of festive magic into the gaming experience!

How to Add Christmas-Themed Ads to Your Mobile Game
How to Add Christmas-Themed Ads to Your Mobile Game?

Adding Christmas-themed ads to your mobile game can be a great way to boost engagement and revenue during the holiday season. Here are some tips on how to do it.

Tips to add Christmas ads to mobile game

1. Create festive in-game elements

Festive in-game elements
Festive in-game elements

Incorporate Christmas-themed decorations, characters, and events into your game to create a festive atmosphere. This could include snowflakes falling from the sky, gingerbread houses in the background, or Santa Claus himself appearing.

2. Develop festive ad creatives

Create eye-catching ad creatives that feature Christmas themes and imagery. Use bright colors, festive fonts, and seasonal characters to capture the attention of players.

3. Place ads strategically

Place your ads in areas of your game that are relevant to the holiday theme. For example, you could show ads for Christmas-related items or events in the game's store or inventory screen.

4. Advent calendar surprises

Advent calendar surprises
Advent calendar surprises

Build anticipation and excitement by incorporating an advent calendar approach. Release new and exciting Christmas-themed surprises or exclusive offers each day, creating a reason for players to return to the game throughout the holiday season.

5. Target your ads to specific demographics

Identify your ideal player base and target your ads accordingly. This includes considering factors such as age, location, and interests.

6. Use engaging ad formats

Experiment with different ad formats to see what works best for your game. Some popular formats include video ads, interstitial ads, and banner ads.

7. Run limited-time holiday offers

limited-time holiday offers
Limited-time holiday offers

Offer special in-game bonuses, discounts, or items that are only available during the holiday season. This could encourage players to return to the game and spend money.

8. Use holiday-themed landing pages

Create a dedicated landing page for your holiday-themed ads. This page should be festively decorated and should highlight the holiday-related offers or content that you are promoting.

9. Social sharing and community engagement

Capitalize on the holiday spirit by incorporating social sharing features. Allow players to share their in-game achievements, scores, or festive experiences on social media platforms. This not only promotes your game but also builds a sense of community around the shared joy of the season.

10. Track your results

Monitor the performance of your Christmas ads and make adjustments as needed. Track metrics such as click-through rate, conversion rate, and revenue generated.

Christmas-themed ads cases

Here are some examples of how different mobile games have integrated Christmas-themed ads.

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga has a long history of running festive holiday events, and its Christmas-themed ads are always a hit. They typically feature holiday-themed characters, decorations, and gameplay elements.

Coin Master

Coin Master's Christmas ads typically feature Santa Claus or other holiday-themed characters spinning the game's slot machine. They also often feature special holiday-themed packs and bonuses.

FarmVille 2

FarmVille 2 often adds a festive overlay to its game during the holiday season. This overlay includes decorations, snow, and other holiday-themed elements. They also typically run ads for holiday-themed items or events.


Homescapes' Christmas ads typically feature snow-covered scenes and holiday-themed decorations. They also often feature special holiday-themed tasks or challenges that players can complete.


Following these tips and using creative ad campaigns can help your mobile game capture the holiday spirit and boost your engagement and revenue during the festive season.

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