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2022 For HitBerry Games

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

As 2023 is coming, we draw conclusions and sum up our most significant achievements and accomplishments over 2022.

The passing year was filled with challenges yet we managed to withstand and even grow.

Counting the days left to the coming year 2023, the HitBerry Games team draws conclusions, shares achievements, and makes great plans.

Our Growing Family of Passionate and Fun Game Developers

So how was this year for our mobile game and app development company?

HitBerry Games is a mobile app development studio with Ukrainian roots and a part of our team is located in Ukraine. Despite the tough events, we managed to quickly reorganize the working process by adhering to the harsh conditions including the energy emergency. We are thankful to every team member for their flexibility and, as a company, are proud of the following accomplishments:

  • Our mobile app development studio kept jobs and provided the necessary support for our Ukrainian team members.

  • Since the very beginning, we’ve been making donations to various humanitarian funds and giving help where it’s needed. Each of you can also contribute to our victory by donating one of the funds. See more information here and support Ukraine.

  • We are also proud to conclude that despite the unfavorable conditions, HitBerry Games didn’t fail any project. As true experts, we take each project with responsibility and show flexibility. We continue doing our business and developing.

  • We not only managed to keep our business alive but to progress - expand our team as well as the pool of services. In 2022, the HitBerry Games team grew by 40% - there are new talents in the development, art, and project management teams.

Think about it, we will be the first IT cluster in the world whose artists and developers have experience working from bomb shelters, basements, and subways, creating products for the rest of the world that is at peace.

During the blackout, we grouped together and managed to find ways out of difficult situations.

We have become an example of resilience both at the team level and at the level of citizens. After all, world turbulence is eternal, and we have to continue our work!

Summarizing all our professional achievements, we can say for sure that 2022 was successful for our mobile app development studio. We took on various projects in different segments, therefore, adding to our expertise and experience. Here are more details about it:

We’ve launched a new service - AR/VR app development. We got started with a great and quite promising new project, which is still under development and we can’t wait to share the results with you.

Our mobile app development studio keeps completing NFT projects and enriching our portfolio with new game types.

Branded mini-games development has long been one of our main focuses and strongest points. This year we continued to do top-notch branded mini-games projects with amazing FMCG brands and marketing teams, by applying the Touchfree Standard. We always strive for more and look forward to new exciting projects in the upcoming year.

Our mobile games development specialists showed excellent results in casual and mid-core games production. We delivered addictive and lucrative titles of the following genres: arcade, simulation, RPG, strategy, and third-person shooter.

The HitBerry Games company signed an exclusive contract with the biggest French gaming technology lab. This cooperation brings us a lot of new great possibilities and exciting perspectives.

The year 2022 in HitBerry Games in numbers

Over the passing year, our dedicated specialists have developed 26 hyper-casual games for different international publishers. We’ve been working with well-known publishers from all over the world. Our studio has established cooperation with companies from France, Germany, Israel, Vietnam, the USA, etc.

Right now we place the main focus on the markets in such countries as Great Britain, Germany, Portugal, France, Canada, USA. And we are going to scale in the future year.

The HitBerry Games studio supports young talents and encourages them to build careers in the mobile games development field. We look for those who are as passionate about mobile games as we are, and provide them with assistance and help. The thing we appreciate the most is a great desire to learn and improve skills. That is why we contributed to IT education by signing a contract with 5 international IT schools. Next year we plan to employ a number of talented and motivated mobile games development newcomers. Our company already practice paid internship for IT academy students quite successfully.

They say we live in uncertain times. Well, at HitBerry Games we still dream, plan, and keep on working hard. We keep growing and expanding the pool of services.

What do we expect from 2023?

As we look ahead to 2023, our focus at HitBerry Games is on scaling our markets in the US, Canada, and Europe, with a particular emphasis on expanding our presence in the UK, Portugal, and France. We are also excited to continue our work in the realm of IT education, with plans to offer lectures at Portuguese universities and other institutions. Talking about our game products offering, we are going to expand into new genres of games and apps, as well as increase our development of branded mini-games.

We don't know exactly with which gains and losses we will start next 2023. But one thing is certain: we will do our best for our development.

We would like to get a technical task for our team to develop a game in which we all can "save" and level up.


We wish you the merriest Christmas and the happiest holidays from the whole HitBerry Games team!



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