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Game Metrics: Why They Matter

Every mobile games developer must be familiar with the notion of game metrics. Moreover, they always should consider them to clearly understand how the game performs once it’s launched and what steps need to be taken to start generating revenue.

There are several metrics that are important. Each of them provides essential information that adds up to a whole picture of understanding how players interact with the game.

Working with metrics simplifies everything to a certain extent. Game metrics help quickly figure out what the problem is and what measures need to be taken to improve performance, retention, etc.

Let’s find out more details about game metrics together. Discover the amazing world of mobile games development with us!

Game metrics: what are they?

Game metrics are a measure of the performance of a game and its various components. They are an important part of the game analysis as they allow developers to make informed decisions about how to improve a game. Metrics such as playtime, number of players, player retention, and revenue can all provide insight into how a game is performing and help developers make adjustments to evaluate and increase the game’s performance.

Game metrics types:

Financial metrics:

  • Average revenue per user (ARPU).

  • User acquisition cost.

  • Average transaction value (ATV).

Quantitative metrics:

  • Daily active users (DAU).

  • Monthly active users (MAU).

  • Stickiness rate.

Behavioral metrics:

  • Session length.

  • Retention rate.

  • Churn rate.

To cut a long story short, game metrics help developers to understand what gamers like and dislike about the game.

Gaming metrics data provide crucial information about:

  • what difficulties users experience

  • what content they like and dislike

  • what is the most profitable in the game

  • why players leave the game

  • what steps need to be taken for retention improvement, and so on

Do game metrics matter?

Yes, they do! Game metrics matter because they help mobile games development experts find out what aspects of the game are working and which need improvement. By tracking metrics, developers can identify areas of the game that are underperforming and make changes accordingly. Additionally, metrics can help to better understand player behavior, which can be used when making decisions such as balancing, content creation, and marketing.

Finally, game metrics are helpful when it comes to making more informed decisions about the monetization of their game. By tracking metrics such as player spending, developers can see what types of in-game purchases are most popular and which are least popular so that they determine which in-game purchases to focus on in order to maximize revenue.

Overall, game metrics are an important part of game evaluation and mobile games development. They provide mobile games development specialists with valuable insights about the performance of their games, give feedback from users, and help them find the most efficient ways for game improvement.

As we have already stated, all game metrics are important yet there is one that requires particular attention. This is LTV - lifetime value is a metric that shows the average income generated by the user during the entire period of interaction with the game. LTV is taken into account when evaluating how effective the game is over time and what the total income received per user for the entire time of interaction with the game is. Needless to say that LTV impacts the general amount of revenue ‒ the more regular users there are, the higher the income.

How a mobile games studio can measure game metrics

Basically, there are two main methods to measure gaming metrics and obtain high-quality analytics:

  • Request direct feedback from players via forums, comments, or technical support

  • Apply internal quantitative data viewing systems

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