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Motion Capture In Game Development

What we know about motion capture

Motion capture (or "mocap") technology is a process of recording an individual’s movements and transferring them into a digital format. It’s used in a variety of ways, from creating realistic motion for video games and animated films to medical applications such as prosthetic design and biomechanical research. The technology works by tracking markers placed on the body of the subject and recording their movements.

The most common method of motion capture is Optical Motion Capture (OMC), which uses cameras and infrared light to track the position and orientation of the markers. This data is then transmitted to a computer, where it’s transformed into a 3D model of the subject’s movements. The data can be used to create highly realistic animations or to measure and analyze the subject’s body movements.

Motion capture technology is also used in medical research to study human movement and biomechanics. The technology can be utilized to measure and analyze motion in order to improve prosthetic design, as well as to track changes in an individual’s gait over time.

Motion capture technology is rapidly evolving, and new apps for the technology are being developed all the time. Virtual reality, robotics, and autonomous vehicles are all potential areas where motion capture technology could be applied in the near future. As the technology continues to improve, the possibilities for its use are almost limitless.

What makes mocap popular

Motion capture technology is popular because it allows filmmakers and animators to create true-to-life movements that would otherwise be impossible to replicate with traditional animation or live-action. It is also used to capture physical performances in video games, virtual reality, and other interactive media. Motion capture technology offers an efficient way to capture complex body movements and facial expressions, making it a valuable tool for animators and filmmakers.

Motion capture in game development

Motion capture technology is a powerful tool used in mobile games development to capture the motion of real-world actors and replicate it in a digital environment. This technology has been used in games for decades, from early arcade games such as Pac-Man to modern AAA titles such as the Call of Duty franchise.

When it comes to mobile games development, mocap is applied for a variety of purposes, from facial animation to full-body animation. A motion capture suit is typically used to capture the movements of the actor, which are then mapped onto a digital character in a game. This is done through a process known as inverse kinematics, where the motion data is used to calculate the position and orientation of the character's joints and limbs.

The motion capture data is then utilized to animate the digital character, creating impressive and lifelike movements. Motion capture technology can also be used to create realistic facial expressions, allowing characters to speak with emotion and interact with the world around them.

Motion capture technology is invaluable for a mobile games developer, allowing them to bring the most lifelike animations possible to their titles. This technology has helped to revolutionize the mobile games development industry, making games more immersive and amazing than ever before. With motion capture, a mobile games development studio team can create characters that players truly believe in and become invested in.

What we know about Xsens Awinda and Manus Meta Gloves

As we have pointed out earlier, the mocap technology keeps advancing and startling users with new top-notch motion capture solutions. Have you already heard about Xsans innovations? They do revolutionize the world of mocap as well as AR VR software development! In case it makes no sense to you now, we’re here to share everything we know about it with you.

Xsens Awinda and Manus Meta Gloves are motion capture devices from Xsens and Manus VR, respectively. Xsens Awinda is a wireless motion capture system that uses sensors, cameras, and algorithms to accurately capture body movements in real-time. It is used for virtual reality, gaming, and animation applications, and also for medical, biomechanical, and sports analysis.

Manus Meta Gloves are lightweight, fully articulated hand-tracking gloves that provide accurate hand tracking and finger tracking. They are designed to track full arm, wrist, and finger movement with up to six degrees of freedom (6DOF). The gloves are equipped with ultra-precise inertial measurement units (IMUs) and use the patented Manus Hand Tracking System to detect finger movement and orientation. Manus Meta Gloves are used for VR and gaming applications, as well as for medical and industrial applications.

Both Xsens Awinda and Manus Meta Gloves provide highly accurate motion capture for virtual reality and gaming applications, as well as for medical and industrial applications. They are used to track body and finger movements with precision and can be utilized to create realistic and immersive experiences in VR.

We stay updated!

As not only a mobile app development studio but also passionate gaming lovers, we always keep an eye on the latest industry trends. We follow its best practices and insights and add a unique flavor to your project to create an immersive and memorable user experience.

Now HitBerry Games can do exceptionally accurate and realistic motion capture projects! Our high-skilled animators, editors, and technicians work together to ensure that the mocap data is captured accurately and that the resulting animation is true to life as much as possible.

HitBerry Games is a mobile app development studio, with strong skills and prolonged experience in AR VR app development. Over 12+ years, our AR VR development team has brought together professional and dedicated talents in mobile games development. We provide mobile game development outsource tasks to enhance your in-house team as well as full-cycle AR VR app development services for all popular platforms, including Oculus, HTC Vive, Pico, and many others designed for enterprises and start-ups.

Want to implement a motion capture project? You’ve come to the right place! Contact us now and let’s discuss your idea in detail.



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