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The Origin

Desire to develop and more than 10 years of game development experience as well as to be involved in project creation and completely respond to the results. So, that’s why we founded a games development studio HitBerry Games in 2021. Mobile games development and to grow heading bigger and more ambitious projects are a good way to expand our expertise. By creating the games we bring together completely different professionals and lead them to be inspired by the results.

The Expertise

We are a creative mobile game development company that provides mobile games development based on the Unity 3D engine and game design solutions for our clients worldwide. Our professional team has successfully turned the wildest ideas into exquisite 2D & 3D mobile games in trendy and traditional genres for over two years. We keep your expectations in the spotlight and deliver superb service for everyone
We created more than 30 projects during the last year, including hyper-casual, casual, idle, puzzle, and other genres.


Our purpose is to build a better user experience in the online gaming world. The products and services we provide help to create long-term value for clients, gamers, and society. 

We are dedicated to occupying a worthy niche in the Games Market by developing high-quality games that resonate with all kinds of personalities, bring people together, and allow everyone to learn and grow while having fun.

The Team

Our games development studio consists of carefully selected and creative and high-skilled experts. Therefore, our company consists of motivated people, who always trying to achieve a new level of technology standards.


All of our games are made together, so everyone is making a true impact.  

Our experience and expertise allow us to grow better personnel within the company. We see the prospects that each person brings and a diverse workforce as essential for individual and collective success. We believe it’s important to foster a company culture that encourages curiosity and passion — from employee resource groups and learning opportunities to team outings and community outreach.

The Values

Thrive together. We believe we’re stronger when we respect each other, invest in each other, and succeed as one team

Adaptable. We are embracing change to evolve and succeed, with a positive, problem-solving attitude.

By Gamers for gamers. A love of technology and games is what ties us all together.  

Flexibility. Minimum bureaucracy, maximum points of contact for results in time.

We are hiring

Join our dream team!

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