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Let's make an awesome Unity game together!

HitBerry Games is a premier game development studio focused on Unity game development. Our proficient team with years of experience can help you transform ideas into compelling mobile gaming realities. Collaborate with us to make games that stand out!

Why use Unity for
game development?

HitBerry Games makes sure that your project is your project made by the highest standards. We choose the best technologies to make your perfect game. Unity is the best option if you want to get top-grade gameplay.

🕹️ Support for AR/VR solutions

Unity doesn't just support your game; it propels it into the future. AR/VR solutions become a seamless part of your gaming experience, thanks to Unity's dynamic capabilities.


🌟 Regularly updated engine

Unity isn't just an engine; it's a living, breathing entity. Regular updates, modifications, and new features ensure your project rides the wave of the latest and greatest in gaming technology.

🌐 Cross-platform brilliance

From web to consoles, PCs to mobiles – Unity is your one-stop solution for cross-platform game development. Why limit your game's reach when Unity can make it a sensation across diverse platforms?


Our Unity games 

Take a look at Unity mobile game prototypes we developed. Here you can find action, arcade, runner, puzzle, and idle genres.

twist run game icon

Twist Run

Fantasy puzzle runner…

rope launcher game icon

Rope Launcher

Casual prank simulator

running with the luggage game icon

Running with the l...

Action arcade runner…

death finger game icon

Death Finger

Idle time & human killer…

pet clinic icon

Pet Clinic

Idle economic simulator...

i have guts game icon

I have guts

Fantasy action runner…

dangerous plant game icon

Dangerous Plant

Fantasy action runner…

ragdoll marksman rider game icon

Ragdoll Marksman

Fantasy action runner…

fulness 3d game icon

Fulness 3D

Fantasy puzzle arcade…


Crafting Gaming Excellence

Our skilled Unity game developers breathe life into your concepts, ensuring they resonate with a global audience. We're your ticket to gaming greatness.

AR/VR/XR App Integration

Our Unity engineers elevate your project with high-performance products and seamless integration. Whether it's entertainment, gaming, or education, we've got the expertise to make your vision a reality.

Why HitBerry Games for
Unity game development?

All Power of Unity

Why settle for ordinary when Unity offers limitless possibilities for web, consoles, PCs, or mobiles? Your game deserves the best, and Unity is our secret sauce.

LiveOps Magic

Post-release game maintenance, updates with new characters, features, and missions – we've got your back with LiveOps services. Unity becomes a useful wand in our hands, enhancing your game's lifecycle and keeping players engaged.

Our partners

We create ideas, Unity prototypes, and games in order to validate market hypotheses in collaboration with the following publishers.

crazy labs logo
moonee logo
gismart logo
tapnation logo
homa logo
zplay logo

3 easy steps to create a top Unity game with us


Share your thoughts with us


Describe your idea for a Unity prototype through the form, or give us a couple of words through the email: Don't have an idea? it's not an issue, use our Idea Generator to find one.


Approve and collaborate


At this stage, we will develop your idea in order to turn the idea into a brilliant GDD with good potential to get a hit. Only approval and advisory support are required from you at this stage.


Ready-to-test game build


We need approximately 7-10 workdays to deliver Android or iOS builds for CTR, CPI tests, and 9-15 workdays to provide builds for playtime and retention tests. Be sure, we provide you with all required graphics and videos for store listing and promo.

Advantages of creating Unity games with us

game design

We are dedicated

We are a dedicated team of professionals with a lot of experience in development, trends analysis, 3D Art, game design, project management, and a big passion to create mobile game hits.  We walked a hundred times through the game creation and publishing flow, that isn’t an issue for us.

cpi testing

We know what you need

We know how busy you are. That's why we are here. Our expertise allows us to analyze mobile users' needs and trends in order to create market competitive games. All processes in our studio aimed to get the best CTR, CPI, playtime, and retention in prototypes we produced.

fast result

We are fast

Time is money. We appreciate our partner's time and would like to get results as fast as possible. So that we always do our best in order to reduce delivery time. Minimum time-wasting and no bullshit.

game cost

We are flexible

We are always open to the partner’s requests and circumstances. HitBerry Games is flexible in schedule, price, and partnership model, like pay per prototype, burn rate revshare, etc. There is no problem for us to work overtime or make advances for the partner to build long-term partnership and rapport.

By developing Unity games with us you will be get covered with

documentation and GDD

Ideas & Concepts including all required documentation such as GDD

3d art

3D and 2D game and promo art production

ios and android games

The cross-platform game builds on iOS and Android

quality assurance

Quality assurance services


Analytical and monetization services integration. Third party SDKs and APIs.

post-launch support

Post-launch support and maintenance

What is Unity Game Development?

Unity Game Development involves using the Unity engine to create interactive and engaging 2D and 3D games across various platforms such as web, consoles, PCs, and mobiles. It is a versatile platform known for its modular tools and cutting-edge capabilities.


What are the stages of Unity Game Development?

The stages of Unity Game Development typically include concept ideation, design, development, testing, and deployment. Our team at HitBerry Games is involved in the entire game creation cycle, ensuring a high-quality and polished end product.


How to hire Unity Game Developers?

Hiring Unity Game Developers at HitBerry Games is a personalized process. Whether you need an individual developer or a team, our specialists, armed with a diverse skill set, are ready to bring your gaming vision to life efficiently.


Why outsource Unity Game Development?

Outsourcing Unity Game Development to HitBerry Games brings a wealth of experience and efficiency to your project. We provide a dedicated team of professionals, ensuring your game benefits from the latest Unity updates and features while you focus on your core business.

Let's create
a top Unity game

Feel free to share with us your questions, suggestions, or ideas in the form.

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