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AR & VR App Development Services

HitBerry Games is a game development studio that offers end-to-end AR/VR solutions for gaming, education, and brands. We provide excellent AR/VR app development services for all popular platforms, including Oculus, HTC Vive, Pico, and many others designed for enterprises and start-ups.

Our AR/VR Projects

Our team has delivered AR/VR solutions in plenty of industries and areas: Game Development, Education, Flight simulators, VR software development for drones, Railway industry, Seafaring, Entertainment (VR escape rooms), Post-trauma rehabilitation, Psychological support, Military industry, FMCG

workshop vr game

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Woodshop Simulator

A standalone VR application based on the hand tracking and passthrough and mixed reality features.

Crane Operator

The simulator allows to train up to four crane operators and banksmen at the same time in one room.

crane simulator vr game

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pilot simulator vr game

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Pilot Training System

A special VR training system designed to control pilot's physical conditions during a couple of emergency situations.

Benefits We Offer

VR and AR development team

Bespoke approach

At HitBerry Games, our VR/AR development team both follows the industry best practices and trends and adds a unique flavor to your project, ensuring a seamless and memorable user experience.

full-cycle development

End-to-end development

Whether you have some pieces of your project ready, or if you require everything from consultation to post-release maintenance, our veteran AR/VR team is at your service.

AR/VR development

Long-term commitment

We respect our clients and partners. It’s the only way to create some amazing AR/VR projects enjoyed by many users. We got you covered even after we completed the development stage.

Developing AR/VR projects with us gets you these services

documentation and gdd services

Ideas and concepts, including all required documentation such as PRD and GDD

3d art design services

Experience-based frameworks

cross-platform development services

Deep technology and platform expertise

quality assurance services

Quality Assurance services

sdk services

Comprehensive hardware knowledge

maintenance services

Post-release support and maintenance

How Augmented and Virtual Reality
Can Help Your Business

AR/VR app for education

AR/VR App for Education

The education industry continues to evolve with virtual reality as it plays a vital role in improving the level of education. Over time, it gets embraced by students and teachers. It’s all about an immersive storytelling technology focused on training teachers and other instructors. VR services for education help gather feedback from students using VR headsets.

AR/VR App for Sports and Training

AR/VR App for Sports and Training

Virtual reality is evolved mainly for training, one of the most significant use cases of VR. Many VR companies rolled out VR training apps to prepare employees for different purposes. Immersive sessions help train employees without special setups. Apart from that, it provides a lifelike environment to prepare them for complex events.

AR/VR Game Development

AR/VR Game Development

Nowadays, virtual reality is one of the most advanced innovations. VR game development has revolutionized the gaming industry. As a dedicated game development company with VR/AR expertise, we employ in-depth knowledge of the technologies and prior experience with the latest VR game trends. We focus on developing amazing VR games with high-quality graphics and animations.

AR/VR App for E-commerce

AR/VR App for E-commerce

This industry has made full use of VR technology. Virtual stores provide customers with a virtual experience by offering tours in the virtual world at any time. Brands and companies in this industry use AR technology to provide an engaging experience in their stores. It’s a new way to immerse users deeper in the e-commerce shopping world and make them learn more about your products.

AR/VR App for Kids

AR/VR App for Kids

AR/VR is changing the way kids learn, create, play, and communicate with the world. When it comes to children with special needs, both VR and AR deliver incredible results in developing skills and increasing motivation.

What was the future for us is a reality for our kids now. With virtual reality, children learn to read, enjoying an immersive experience. They can dive into the wonder worlds of any AR/VR games. Also, they can express themselves with VR/AR apps for kids that not only inspire but engage their minds worldwide.

VR Software Development for Drones

VR Software Development for Drones

Controlling a drone-mounted camera by just turning your head is the most demanded feature, yet not the only one!

There are many more VR features that make any drone use case just better.
Virtual reality and drones are the big things today. Drones have found their place in lots of industries such as agriculture, military, chemistry, commerce, construction, education, mining, oil and gas production, shipping, transport (including civil aviation, railways, and road transport), real estate, and entertainment. Let alone many more VR use cases for your drones.

AR/VR App for Branded Promo Games

AR/VR App for Branded Promo Games

Many companies have now integrated VR experiences into their marketing. It’s because when it comes to customer experience, people want to be shown, not told. Today, Virtual Reality is transforming the marketing industry. And your brand can join the team of brands that implement VR promo games and take their customer engagement to the moon another reality! These brands are McDonald’s, Kinder Surprise, Volvo, L’Oréal, Toms Shoes, and *add your brand here*.

Business models

For long-term projects, we offer the most cost-efficient approach through the right team, seamless integration, and leadership support.



Daily & Hourly Rates

Enjoy a flexible time & material cooperation model, whether it’s a small artwork scope or development support for a limited time.

daily and hourly rates

If you have a ready-made design, user experience specs, and guidelines, the predictable and reliable fixed-price model may be a perfect fit for you.

Fixed Price

game price

AR and VR: Immersive Experiences Reshaping Industries

What are AR and VR?

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are cutting-edge technologies that offer incredibly realistic and immersive simulations of three-dimensional environments. In the realm of AR, you can explore a fascinating fusion of the real world and virtual elements, enhancing your perception of reality through computer-generated visuals and information overlays. On the other hand, VR transports you entirely into a digital realm, creating a sense of presence where you can interact with and explore virtual environments in a seemingly real way.

With various AR game ideas, developers have tapped into the immense potential of blending virtual elements with our everyday surroundings. Imagine playing an AR game that transforms your living room into a thrilling battlefield or turning an ordinary street into an augmented racetrack. As for VR games, they offer the highest level of immersion and engagement, enabling players to step into entirely new worlds and embark on adventures beyond imagination.

However, the applications of AR and VR solutions go far beyond entertainment. These technologies have transformed various industries, opening up new possibilities for businesses and consumers alike.

Why do you need AR and VR?

AR technologies find applications in product and service promotion, interactive advertising campaigns, data collection, and even AR app development for various industries. Imagine allowing customers to visualize how the furniture fits in their homes using AR or trying on virtual makeup before making a purchase. By leveraging AR solutions, businesses can reward their audience with unparalleled engagement and enhance brand loyalty.

Virtual reality, on the other hand, has made its mark as a transformative force across various sectors. It has become an invaluable tool for education, enabling students to explore historical events, visit distant planets, or learn practical skills in a safe and immersive environment. Moreover, VR is revolutionizing training and upskilling processes, offering realistic simulations for pilots, medical professionals, and employees in hazardous industries.

AR/VR game development has become a driving force in the educational sector. The integration of AR solutions in classrooms brings learning to life, making lessons more interesting and interactive. With animated books, AR environment constructors, and educational apps using the HoloLens, students are engaged and motivated to explore subjects in innovative ways.

AR/VR Development as an Effective Marketing Tool

In the realm of marketing and customer engagement, AR and VR game development has brought about a paradigm shift. These innovative technologies offer brands a fresh and exciting way to connect with their audience, elevating their marketing campaigns to new heights. AR/VR apps have the power to blur the lines between the imaginary and real worlds, creating compelling experiences that captivate and leave a lasting impression.

These immersive experiences have proven to be an effective alternative to traditional marketing methods, capturing the attention of tech-savvy customers who crave unique and engaging interactions. By harnessing the potential of AR/VR, businesses can boost brand awareness, drive customer loyalty, and increase overall engagement.

What is the Full Potential of AR/VR Game Development?

As one of the latest industry trends, AR and VR game development holds tremendous promise for the future. While geospatial AR video games are on the cusp of becoming one of the most popular genres, VR has already taken the gaming world by storm, shaping the entire industry in its wake. VR games offer a powerful mixture of interactive gameplay, engaging storytelling, and visually stunning experiences that transport gamers to new dimensions of entertainment.

Why HitBerry Games for AR/VR game development?

At HitBerry Games, we fully embrace the potential of AR and VR game development. Our team of experienced AR/VR game developers is committed to making your immersive vision a reality. Leveraging our vast and profound expertise, we have crafted captivating VR- and AR-powered mobile and web solutions for a diverse range of clients, including brands, e-commerce platforms, game companies, startups, and enterprises.

From interactive 360 experiences to complex multiplayer simulators, we excel in creating top-level immersive solutions tailored to your specific needs and objectives. Whether you seek AR/VR app development services or AR/VR games development, HitBerry Games welcomes you to join our journey of shaping the future of interactive entertainment.

Step into a world where reality and imagination blend seamlessly and let us redefine the boundaries of AR and VR experiences together!

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