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Acquire and engage many more customers with branded games

HitBerry Games is a game development company that has extensive experience with developing branded games and advergames. Games attract players, while branded games attract customers. Through branded games development, we help businesses generate more leads and improve engagement, attraction, interaction, and so much more.

Our experience

The branded games we have developed are a cost-effective way to grab attention

and keep your audience engaged.

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Game genres we can cover

Action game


Adventure game


Arcade game


Instant-Win game

Instant Win

Puzzle game


Quiz game


Racing game


Simulation game


Sports game


Five reasons why branded games are the best type of advertising





It’s a well-known fact that millions of people do play games. Games attract players, while branded games attract customers.

Branded games keep customers engaged in an entertaining way to boost brand awareness, improve brand loyalty, and collect detailed data on existing and prospective users.



We start developing your branded game only after a detailed study of your brand. This way, the team of branded game developers and marketers can select the best type of game for your brand and build it.

We can embed online branded games in your website, landing page, Facebook, or other social media accounts. Social sharing of branded games and web links via social media can boost your brand engagement.



Both world-known and local brands use these games in their marketing strategies: McDonald’s, Toyota, Coca-Cola, Disney, and other corporations. But it doesn’t mean that branded games are only for huge companies-original and enjoyable games can successfully advertise any product or service irrespective of how popular the brand is.



The price range is broad, depending on how complex the game is and which kind of graphics it uses. Anyway, no matter how much you’ve spent on it, you’ll surely enjoy a high rate of return on investment.

3 easy steps to create a branded game with us

Share your thoughts with us


Describe your marketing goals and/or branded game idea via the form, or drop us a line via email at No ideas? No worries, our marketing and management team can use their years of experience to transform your marketing goals into an engaging branded game.

Marketing goals

Approve and collaborate


At this stage, we work on your idea to turn it into a prototype, and a brilliant Game Design Document with good potential to grow big. You only want to approve it and provide advisory support at this stage.

CPI test

Meet a ready-to-test game build


We need approximately 7–10 workdays to deliver Android or iOS builds for CTR and CPI tests, and 9–15 workdays to provide builds for playtime and retention tests. For sure, we provide you with all the required graphics and videos for store listing and promotion.

Benefits of creating branded games with us

game design

We’re dedicated

We’re a dedicated team of professionals with vast experience in branded game development, trend analysis, 3D art, game design, and project management and a big passion to create branded mobile game hits.  We walked a hundred times through the game development and publishing workflow—that isn’t an issue for us.

game studio

We know what you need

We know how busy you are. That’s why we’re here. Our expertise enables us to analyze mobile users’ needs and trends to create competitive branded mobile games. At our game creation studio, all processes aim to deliver the best results.

fast results

We’re fast

Time is money. We appreciate our partners’ time and show results as fast as possible. We always do our best to reduce delivery time. Minimum time-wasting and no bullshit.

game cost

We’re flexible

We’re always open to our partners’ requests and circumstances. HitBerry Games is flexible in the schedule, price, and partnership model.  There is no problem for our game developers to work overtime or make corrections for our partners to build long-term partnerships and rapport.

Our partners

Being an experienced game development company, we create ideas, prototypes, and games to validate market hypotheses in collaboration with these great publishers.

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Advergames and Branded Games: An Excellent Marketing Solution

Advergames are an innovative and engaging marketing strategy that can take your brand to the next level. But what exactly is a mobile advergame? An advergame, also known as a branded game, is a custom-designed game that incorporates your brand elements. These games serve as powerful engagement tools to support your marketing efforts. By cutting through the digital noise and catching the attention of potential customers, advergames allow them to interact with your product in an entertaining way, significantly increasing the likelihood of converting potential customers into loyal buyers. With better user retention and increased conversion rates, integrating advergames into your marketing campaign can turn your business objectives into reality.

Incorporating in-game advertising into your marketing strategy is always a good idea. Whether you are supporting an upcoming campaign, launching a new product, informing your audience, or driving traffic to your website, it can play a crucial role in achieving your marketing goals.

Stand out with your branded games

Distinguish your brand from competitors and stay on the leading edge of technology. These customized games not only create a lasting impression on your target audience but also provide a unique and interactive way to showcase your products or services.

In the past, advergames were considered expensive and unprofitable because they were developed from scratch, often taking several months to complete. However, advancements in technology now allow branded games developers to utilize customizable templates, significantly reducing development time and cost.

Today, this type of games has become an affordable option for businesses of all sizes, not just the industry giants.

In-game advertising: Connecting with users across all devices

Advergames have seen such excellent performances because they cater to the modern tech-savvy audience. People are connected to the world through various devices like laptops, PCs, smartphones, tablets, TVs, smartwatches, and more. To ensure your brand message reaches users across all these platforms, in-game advertising presents an exciting and extraordinary way to showcase your products.

Gaming has evolved into a global phenomenon enjoyed by people of all ages. The statistics speak for themselves—people love playing games! What's more, advergames don't require users to be experienced gamers; they are designed to be accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Rewarding customers through in-game advertising

Engage your customers and fuel their competitive spirit by rewarding them with prizes. This fun and entertaining experience establishes a positive emotional connection between customers and your brand. Additionally, it encourages players to return to the game repeatedly, turning them into active brand promoters. Satisfied players are more likely to spread the word about your products and offerings, driving organic growth and attracting new customers.

Why choose us for your branded games?

If you're searching for a cost-effective way to launch advergames and kickstart your marketing campaign, look no further. At HitBerry Games, we create world-class games in record time. Our game development studio collaborates with companies from various industries, ensuring your game is tailor-made to resonate with your target audience. Share your extraordinary idea with us, and our top-level game developers will bring your branded games to life in a matter of days.

More about our studio and advergames

HitBerry Games is a game development studio with a proven track record of delivering successful branded games. Our team comprises highly skilled game development experts committed to providing the best service possible. We are passionate about turning your vision into reality. If you need help creating an exciting concept for your advergame, don't hesitate to contact us. Our studio is dedicated to helping you achieve your marketing goals and ensuring your brand remains top-of-mind for your customers.

At HitBerry Games, we prioritize the privacy and security of your data, providing you with a worry-free game development experience.

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