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Advergames Marketing Study

How Can Games Help Promote Brand?

Explore the advergames (games to promote your brand) with HitBerry Games' in-depth study. Our in-game advertising study utilizes credible sources such as Newzoo, Statista, and ScienceDirect, to analyze advergames from a marketing perspective.


Download our white paper for a comprehensive dive into how advergames influence brand attitudes.

About HitBerry Games

HitBerry Games is a game development studio that specializes in creating unique and engaging branded games (advergames), and other types of games to suit your needs.

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Game Development

From advergames - to hybrid- and hyper-casual games.

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Game Design

Our services include prototyping, level design, GDDs, and so on.

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Outsource part of your project to us.

Game Console

Advergames: Marketing Study

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