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Guru Cocktails



Game for Brand

Cocktail Guru is an immersive and educational mobile game that takes players on a delightful journey into the world of mixology. With a focus on the client's alcohol offerings, the game showcases a vast collection of cocktail recipes featuring their products as key ingredients.


The game's integration with the client's brand is seamless, with prominent placement of their alcohol products within the virtual bars and in the recipes themselves. As players unlock new recipes, they gain a deeper appreciation for the client's products and their versatility in creating a wide range of cocktails.

Made with

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HitBerry Games efforts

Idea Development

We develop high-level game ideas into attractive game mechanics to entertain players and acquire new ones.


Our Game Designer and Project Manager turn game ideas and mechanics into readable GDD and clear technical documentation.

Art Creation

Our artists and modeller and motion designers create outstanding 2D concepts, 3D and 2D graphics and animations.

Game Development

Our software engineers and quality assurance specialists are always ready to develop a new world or even universe in time.

Sound Producing

We have a huge base of professional voice actors and composers we work with to create perfect SFX and music.

Promo Meaterials

In order to keep the community engaged and get the best release experience we create project promo materials.

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