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The 18 Best Idle Games For Mobile In 2024 (iPhone And Android)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to conquer kingdoms, build empires, or explore fantastical worlds without lifting a finger? In the realm of idle gaming, such dreams become reality. Welcome to a universe of the best idle games for mobile where progress marches on, battles rage, and fortunes rise—all with the mere touch of a screen.

The Best Idle Games for Mobile in 2024

1. AFK Arena

AFK Arena

AFK Arena is a place where battles unfold easily, even when you're not there. Whether you love MMORPGs, Gacha, or auto-chess games, this mobile gaming sensation will provide an unparalleled experience. Immerse yourself in its exciting art style and challenging strategies. While exploring its depths may seem like a daunting task at first, AFK Arena rewards those who rise to the challenge.

Gather your team of heroes, send them into battle, and reap the rewards of victory while you are in AFK. With each achievement, unlock many new heroes, expanding your list with each conquest. AFK Arena is waiting - are you ready to answer the call?

2. Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker

Once upon a time, the idea of a game without active play seemed absurd... and in truth, it still is. However, the growth of the Idle genre has exceeded all expectations, fueled by a phenomenon known as Cookie Clicker.

In this addictive game, your only goal is to click on the cookie. Yes, that's all. Luscious chocolate chip cookies dominate the center of the screen, beckoning you to click (or tap) to see more. As you accumulate cookies, your click mastery increases, allowing you to receive even more cookies per click.

Those feeling particularly ambitious can invest in cookies, hiring people like Grannies to produce cookies on your behalf, or building factories and reality-bending contraptions, all in pursuit of cookies. Not such a bad deal if I do say so myself.

3. Idle Slayer

Idle Slayer

Games like Contra helped bring to life the idea of the Run n' Gun game, which lives on in more recent titles like Cuphead and Iron Meat. But what if you're running, and you don't have a gun but a sword instead? Then you have Dash n' Slash, which puts the Idle Slayer into place.

It's a 2D-pixel world where you guide the hero through a long stretch of land full of obstacles, traps, and enemies. You can interact by tapping to slash and jumping to kill, collect items, and avoid eating dirt. However, you can also trust the hero to act without you and train on his own while you run on your own. When you come back, you spend everything they earned on new shiny things for them since buying things seems to be beyond their ability.

4. Princess Connect! Re: Dive

Princess Connect! Re: Dive

Princesses who play together kill the Screen together in Princess Connect after a successful battle. The developers of Granblue Fantasy and Dragalia Lost have presented a new game for iOS and Android called Princess Connect. If you know Granblue Fantasy or Dragalia Lost, you might be thinking, “These are not idle games!” You'd be right, but Princess Connect is a little different.

You can play through chapters with your group of girls, where automatic combat is the norm. Additionally, the storyline is separate from the main battleline. You don't have to sit through a long dialogue; you can save it for future use. While there are times when you need to strategize, the majority of this game can be played idle as your group navigates through crowds of enemies in auto-battles.

5. Dogeminer


If you think you understand cryptocurrency, you don't and stop lying to yourself. Bitcoin is one of the most well-known, and it fluctuates more than jelly on a mechanical bull. It was such an odd splash in the pan that someone made a joke currency called Dogecoin which ended up becoming legitimate. Now, you can experience this meme in the form of Dogeminer.

In this quirky game, mining is the name of the game, but the dogecoins you collect hold no real-world value. As the titular Doge, you embark on a mining expedition with one goal: to amass enough dogecoins to reach the moon... where, unsurprisingly, more dogecoins await.

6. AdVenture Capitalist

AdVenture Capitalist

At AdVenture Capitalist, realize your ambition to join the millionaire's club! In this economic landscape, who could resist such an opportunity? Just like real millionaires, wealth accumulates easily throughout the day, without even lifting a finger! However, you remain in control and can adapt your business operations by upgrading equipment and bringing in managers to handle the smallest details while you're away.

You'll be amazed at how quickly you progress—there's literally no limit! Mimicking the trajectories of real-life billionaires, you can even venture beyond Earth and into space exploration! What could possibly go wrong?

7. Soda Dungeon

Soda Dungeon

Adventures are fraught with danger. The relentless onslaught of battle inevitably leads to your untimely death. However, have no fear! In Soda Dungeon, you are not a hapless adventurer facing certain death. Instead, you're the savvy owner of a tavern strategically located next to the local dungeon. What is your role? To support the various heroes who frequent your establishment with irreplaceable items and abilities.

Once you're suitably equipped, you'll send these fearless souls into the depths of the dungeon, where they'll face an ever-growing array of monsters and foes. The further they venture, the greater the spoils of victory - both in the form of treasures and riches.

8. Cat Condo

Cat Condo

Cat Condo lives up to its name; You'll be tasked with filling a vast cat paradise by combining cats to discover rare breeds. Initially, ordinary white cats will live in your apartment. Combine two of them to get a sleek black cat.

From there, the combinations continue, revealing many unique cat breeds.

As your collection grows, you will eventually reach a point where new combinations become impossible. Each cat generates income, and rarer breeds generate higher profits.

Patience pays off. By allowing your cats to accumulate wealth, you can afford to buy rare breeds outright, bypassing the arduous process of merging. However, be prepared for rising prices; The more you invest in a particular breed, the higher its value will be.

9. Idle Zoo Tycoon

Idle Zoo Tycoon

Idle Zoo Tycoon seamlessly combines the beloved Zoo Tycoon experience with the casual atmosphere of an idle game. Gone are the days of hands-on animal care and guest management; instead, you set up an automated infrastructure to perform these tasks on your behalf. Over time, your zoo attracts an increasing number of visitors, leading to increased revenue.

In Idle Zoo Tycoon, the pursuit of perfection knows no bounds. Once your fleet reaches self-sufficiency, you can begin making continuous improvements. Introducing new attractions and guest amenities not only increases the park's appeal but also increases your revenue.

Fans of Theme Park Tycoon will find Idle Zoo Tycoon a familiar and fun experience. If you enjoyed the first game, then Idle Zoo Tycoon will be a must-have addition to your gaming repertoire.



If you're looking for a bit of dungeon crawling in your extra gaming repertoire, look no further than CLICKPOCALYPSE 2. While features may be limited, this game stands out as a solid contender. Initially presenting itself as a typical combat RPG, it quickly reveals its additional influences.

As players progress and level up their characters, a variety of class-specific skills are unlocked, fundamentally changing the dynamics of gameplay. Moreover, adventurers can look forward to building monster farms, which will be an important step towards increasing the number of monsters and accelerating the growth of heroes. CLICKPOCALYPSE 2's journey from simple combat to strategic monster control promises a fun and evolving experience.

11. A Dark Room

A Dark Room

The Dark Room may have been around for a while, but its timeless appeal remains. While it deviates from the typical idle gaming formula with its relatively short length and gradual transition into more engaging gameplay, its engaging narrative and distinct focus on storytelling make it a must-have for any idle gaming enthusiast.

For maximum enjoyment, it is highly recommended that you approach The Dark Room without any knowledge of its mechanics or storyline. While the mobile version comes with a price tag that deviates from the free-to-play trend prevalent in the genre, the unexpected plot twists and immersive experience make it worth the investment, making this a truly memorable gaming experience.

12. Universal Paper Clips

Universal Paper Clips

Universal Paperclips have an inherent timelessness that makes them feel like they're a timeless, integral part of the game world. While it may not boast the greatest perfection in its genre, it remains an embodiment of its concept even today.

In terms of aesthetics, both the app and web versions of Universal Paperclips can feel a bit basic compared to their counterparts. Some users have experienced frequent crashes that interfere with gameplay. However, despite these technical shortcomings, Universal Paperclips stands out for its ability to convey the enormous scale of growth that characterizes the genre, a feat unmatched by any other game both within and outside the genre.

13. The Leaf Blower Revolution

The Leaf Blower Revolution

Leaf Blower Revolution is a game that immerses you in a world of bizarre events. At first, the simplicity of clearing leaves from your lawn can seem almost comical to players, especially considering they're starting without even having a leaf blower at their disposal.

However, as the game progresses, players delve deeper into purchasing rakes, strategically planting more trees to increase the speed at which leaves fall, and eventually introducing automatic leaf-blowing machines.

Notably, Leaf Blower Revolution lacks a traditional narrative thread. Instead, players receive information from the protagonist's diary, which records their growing surprise at the meticulous care of their garden. What sets this game apart is its integration of active gameplay elements, promoting a deeper connection to the character's journey than would be expected from such a premise.

14. Cat Snack Bar

Cat Snack Bar

Among the many idle games, it is obvious that cats and restaurants are prime candidates for case studies. What happens when you combine these two favorite elements? What you get is a delicious combination of Cat Snack Bar. Having become the owner of a cozy diner that caters exclusively to a feline clientele, players embark on a journey of gradual expansion, transforming their modest establishment into a bustling enterprise.

Cat Snack Bar offers plenty of entertainment to keep players engaged, from adorable graphics to delightful music, as well as seasonal events to keep things exciting. For those looking for solace and relaxation after a tiring day, Cat Snack Bar is an ideal recommendation, promising a calm and enjoyable gaming experience.

15. Melvor Idle

Melvor Idle

For completionists addicted to watching the numbers rise, Melvor Idle is a beacon of idle gaming excellence. Taking inspiration from the iconic MMO RuneScape, Melvor Idle offers a fresh interpretation of the incremental adventure genre.

While the store description lists "over 20 skills," Melvor Idle boasts an ever-expanding set of abilities waiting to be mastered. With 26 skills available, players can look forward to even more depth in the future. To achieve complete completion, characters must collect hundreds of weapons, items, potions, food, familiars, and more, providing a truly comprehensive gaming experience.

16. Hero Wars

Hero Wars

Want to go on an epic fantasy journey without breaking a sweat? Look no further than Hero Wars. Immerse yourself in a world where assembling a formidable team of heroes is just the beginning. Travel through dangerous dungeons and face fearsome opponents as your team grows stronger with each battle. With each victory, new heroes join your ranks, expanding your capabilities.

As your collection of heroes flourishes, strategic depth emerges. Each hero boasts unique combat abilities, which require a careful approach to the composition and placement of teams. This is a game of tactics and foresight, where understanding each hero's strengths is paramount to victory. Hero Wars beckons - will you answer the call and lead your heroes to glory?

17. Dungeon Inc.

Dungeon Inc.

Last but not least, we represent Dungeon Inc. This innovative idle game flips the script by putting you in the role of a dungeon master rather than a valiant hero. What's your task? Build dungeons and recruit monsters to serve under your command. Despite the ominous setting, running a dungeon is like running a business!

Once your dungeon is fortified with formidable monsters, challengers will come knocking. If your protection is insufficient, they may loot your treasures and make off with your hard-earned coin. However, with a well-fortified dungeon, even the most fearsome tax knight will have no chance of breaking through your defenses.

18. Legend of Mushroom

Legend of Mushroom

Since its debut in March 2024, Legend of Mushroom has quickly risen, mushrooming its way to the top of the charts. It amassed over 30 million downloads worldwide in record time. And honestly, it's not hard to see why. This sweet and casual RPG boasts a charming simplicity that's extremely addictive and hard to put down.

In Legend of Mushroom, you take on the role of lovable mushroom companions, equipping them with top-notch armor and caring for pets to help them defeat various opponents on their way to evolve into humans. With intuitive, automated systems for combat and loot management, you can easily continue your adventure throughout the day.

What's more, with PvP arenas, frequent events, mining, farming, and a host of additional features, there's no shortage of exciting things to do when you're ready to pick up your phone and dive into the fun!

To Sum Up

From the simplicity of clicking cookies to the complexities of managing dungeons, the realm of idle gaming continues to expand, offering endless avenues for exploration and enjoyment. So, why not embark on your own idle adventure today? After all, in the world of idle gaming, the fun never stops, even when you do.

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