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Top Gaming Companies in Seattle to Hire in 2024

Seattle is a special place in the United States because it has a unique mix of the ocean, mountains, and lakes. The city sits on Puget Bay, looking out to the Pacific Ocean, with Vancouver Island to the west and Lake Washington to the east. Because of all this water, Seattle is always lush and green. But beyond nature, it's also home to over 500 big companies like Microsoft and Amazon, as well as more than 50 game companies!

top gaming companies in Seattle

Why Choose Seattle for Gaming Companies?

According to a new report called Cities on the Tech Frontier, Seattle has a lot of gaming companies and is a leader in high-tech jobs. It's considered the most educated city in the US, with a high number of college graduates. This means that the gaming services offered by local studios are really good.

Top gaming companies in Seattle like EA, Riot, Valve, and Amazon Game Studios have offices here. There are also many smaller companies specializing in different areas like mobile games, web games, and virtual reality. You can find top-notch talent in Seattle, no matter the size of the studio. Even small gaming companies here can achieve great results that bigger ones can't match.

seattle comparing frontier skill concentration across MSA's
Comparing Frontier Skill Concentration and Momentum Across MSA’s

Top 7 Gaming Companies in Seattle

When delving into Seattle's dynamic gaming community, we won't list every studio. Instead, let's spotlight the most promising ones.

1. HitBerry Games

HitBerry Games

HitBerry Games stands out as a worldwide game development studio that works to develop the global and American games market, including in Seattle. Currently, they're providing extensive expertise across various game genres, from RPGs to shooters and arcades. Their impressive portfolio features successful mobile games created for industry giants like Homa, Moonee, CrazyLabs, Gismart, Zplay, TapNation, and more.

Specializing in all facets of game development, HitBerry Games ensures exceptional quality and engaging gameplay. Their skilled team of developers offers a wide array of services to every client, including unity and mobile game development, hyper- and hybrid-casual games, branded games development, mid-core games development, AR/VR games, and more.

2. Endeavor One

Endeavor One

In the gaming world, where innovation is key, Endeavor One stands out as a strong presence, deeply rooted in Seattle's AAA gaming community for over a decade. Leading the charge in virtual reality, this experienced team of developers sees VR as a tool to unlock gaming's vast potential.

With seven years of experience in virtual, mixed, and augmented reality, Endeavor One has collaborated on notable projects like Halo: Recruit for Windows Mixed Reality and Dome of the Dead, a 2019 co-op shooter set in Vulcan's HoloDome. Their first game release, Arashi: Castles of Sin, launched exclusively on PlayStation VR in 2021. Inspired by Kurosawa, it's a stealth action game set in 16th-century Japan.

3. PopCap Games

PopCap Games

Nestled in Seattle, PopCap Games specializes in crafting casual computer games with flair. Established in 2000, the studio pioneered a digital try-before-you-buy approach, allowing players a glimpse before committing. Their debut game, Bejeweled, was a smash hit, selling over 25 million copies and earning a spot in the Computer Gaming World magazine Hall of Fame. From web-based to mobile platforms, PopCap offers a diverse array of games, including a notable collaboration with Valve on Peggle Extreme.

4. FlowPlay


Continuing our journey, we encounter FlowPlay, a key player in Seattle's social casino gaming scene. This versatile studio develops community-driven virtual worlds tailored for all demographics. With hit titles like Casino World and Vegas World, FlowPlay delivers immersive experiences that transcend boundaries.

With a vast multiplayer network boasting over 75 million users worldwide, FlowPlay enables clients to launch custom online games under their own brands. For those prioritizing online gaming, fantasy sports, and the allure of casinos, FlowPlay stands out as a top choice.

5. Big Fish Games

Big Fish Games

Established in 2002, Big Fish Games has become a powerhouse in the gaming world, known for creating and distributing casual games for PC and mobile platforms. As part of Aristocrat Leisure, the company offers a wide range of game genres, including hidden objects, time management, match 3, casino, adventure, puzzle, family, arcade, card and board, strategy, mahjong, and more.

With partnerships with over 500 developers, Big Fish Games provides access to over 2,500 casual games, attracting around 1,500,000 downloads daily from its online platform. Their service allows players to try games for 60 minutes before deciding to purchase the full version.

6. Cascade Game Foundry

Cascade Game Foundry

Diving into immersive entertainment, Cascade Game Foundry is a standout in Seattle's gaming scene, specializing in reality-based gaming experiences. Best known for their creation "Infinite Scuba," a diving simulation set in real-world locations, the studio comprises talent from Microsoft's former ACES studio, famous for their work on Flight Sim.

With a dedication to environmental and educational causes, Cascade Game Foundry operates as a social enterprise, donating a portion of each "Infinite Scuba" sale to ocean conservation efforts and providing complimentary copies to educators and schools.

7. Drifter Entertainment

Drifter Entertainment

Formed by three experienced AAA game developers with backgrounds in franchises like Gears of War, Halo, Doom, and Call of Duty, Drifter Entertainment is a leading force in AR/VR gaming. Specializing in crafting groundbreaking experiences exclusively for VR platforms, the studio's portfolio includes standout titles like the co-op RPG shooter "Gunheart," the arcade-inspired FPS "Ready Player One: Rise of the Gunters," and the spine-chilling survival horror game "Lies Beneath."

Currently, the team is focused on developing their next innovative project: a next-generation shooter for PC and console platforms.

Choosing the Right Partner

In a bustling gaming hub like Seattle, selecting the perfect partner can feel overwhelming. To simplify your search, we've highlighted seven reputable options, but the final decision is yours.

Each Seattle studio has its own strengths, whether it's expertise in mobile gaming or a track record of success in AR/VR projects. If you're in need of a console game developer, prioritize studios with proven experience in that area.

While some studios offer a wide range of services, be sure to examine their portfolios to confirm their capabilities in each service offered. Actions speak louder than words; look for tangible results.

Additionally, take advantage of client feedback to gauge a studio's reliability. Whether it's testimonials on the studio's website or reviews on platforms like GoodFirms and Clutch, previous clients can offer valuable insights into a studio's performance, meeting deadlines, and overall collaboration experience.


If you seek a long-term collaborative partner capable of handling all aspects of game development, from concept to release, look no further than HitBerry Games. Their versatility is evident in their extensive portfolio, which spans both casual and branded game projects.

At HitBerry Games, they offer comprehensive game development solutions, from idea conception to final execution. Their focus is not just on creating games, but on crafting experiences tailored to players' desires, ensuring your product resonates in the gaming market.

With expertise in art, animation, game design, interface design and testing, HitBerry Games has expanded its services to include porting and gamification, allowing for multi-platform releases or augmenting business applications with gaming elements. Customer reviews overwhelmingly praise their collaboration experience, confirming their ability to provide exceptional products that meet all requirements.



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