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5 Types Of Marketing Games

Branded marketing games are a fun and engaging way for companies to attract new audiences and engage existing ones. These branded mini games can be used in a variety of ways, from building brand awareness and generating leads to promoting products and services. Here are a few types of branded marketing games, along with some great examples of each.

1. Brand awareness games: These types of games for brand promotion are designed to increase brand awareness by featuring a company's products or services in a fun and interactive way. A great example of this type of game is "The Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Game" which features the iconic Coca-Cola truck delivering Christmas cheer in the form of virtual Coca-Cola cans. The game was created to generate buzz and build brand awareness during the holiday season.

2. Trivia games: Trivia games are a great way to increase engagement and generate leads by requiring players to provide contact information to enter a prize drawing. A great example of this type of custom branded games is "The History of Ford" which is a trivia game about the history of Ford cars. The game was designed to increase engagement with the brand and generate leads for Ford's dealer network.

3. Adventure games: Adventure games are a great way to promote products or services by immersing players in an interactive story. A great example of this type of branded games is "The Lost City" which was created by the National Geographic Society to promote their TV series of the same name. The game allows players to explore a virtual city and uncover its secrets, while learning about the real-life lost city that the TV series is based on.

4. Puzzle games: Puzzle games are a great way to build customer loyalty by creating a fun and engaging experience that encourages repeat play. A great example of this type of branded games is "The Escape Room" which was created by Hershey's chocolate company to promote their chocolate bars. The game challenges players to solve puzzles in order to escape a virtual room while learning about the different flavors of Hershey's chocolate bars.

5. Casual games: Using casual games as games for brand promotion is a great way to increase engagement with a brand by creating a fun and light-hearted experience. A great example of this type of game is "Candy Crush" which was created by to promote their candy-themed casual games. The game became a global sensation and helped to increase awareness of the company's other casual games.

Overall, there are many types of branded marketing games that can be used to attract new audiences and engage existing ones. By creating fun and engaging experiences that are relevant and appealing to their target audience, companies can increase brand awareness, and customer engagement, and generate leads. These examples show that branded marketing games can be created for various industries, and that they can be used to achieve different objectives.

If you're looking to add an interactive and engaging element to your marketing strategy, a branded game may be the perfect solution. We would love to work with you to develop custom branded games that align with your brand and resonate with your target audience.

HitBerry Games as a mobile app development studio has strong skills and prolonged experience in branded games development. We’ve been in the industry for 12+ years. Our branded mini games development studio brings together high-skilled and dedicated talents in branded marketing games creation.

We apply a personalized approach to each project. We will provide you not only with top-notch branded games development services, but also focus on your brand’s marketing strategy. Our main goal is to deliver lucrative and stunning branded games that meet all the client’s expectations and requirements.

Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your project further.



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