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What is Full-Cycle Game Development? Stages and Services

As a full-cycle game development company, HitBerry Games wants to share its expertise with you and introduce you to full-cycle game development. What is hiding behind this term? And what stages does it include? Let's explore this topic together!

What defines full-cycle game development?

full-cycle game development

Full-cycle game development means going through every step of creating a game, from the very beginning to when it's finished. This includes everything from coming up with ideas to making sure the game keeps running smoothly even after it's been released. Becoming good at this process takes a lot of knowledge and understanding of how game development works.

Even though every game development project is different, they usually follow a similar plan, although there might be some differences depending on the project.

The phases of full-cycle game development

full-cycle game development stages

The process of full-cycle game development unfolds through several distinct stages. Although terminology may vary among developers and projects, the fundamental stages remain consistent. For example, all starts with initial planning, where developers outline the game's concept, target audience, features, approximate price, and more.

After finishing the planning phase, developers transition into pre-production. Here, different teams collaborate to establish the game's visual style, mechanics, and overall design. The game is born here!

With a clear vision in place, the production phase commences, marking the bulk of the development work. This stage is labor-intensive. So, yes, it may take several years to finish the process, especially for larger projects.

Another one no less crucial phase is testing. It ensures that game mechanics function smoothly and technical issues are minimal.

Then it goes to the pre-launch phase. During this time, the company works extra hard to promote the game and test it with a small group of users. This is important because at this moment we use feedback from players to make the game better.

The culmination of the development process arrives with the game's launch. At this stage, any remaining bugs are addressed to ensure a seamless player experience.

After the game is released, we are in the post-launch phase. The developers keep working on it by regularly releasing fixes and improvements to make the game more fun and fix any problems that come up.

Outsourcing full-cycle game development

Given the demanding nature of game development, many outsource full-cycle projects to specialized service providers. HitBerry Games stands as a seasoned expert in this field, having tackled a diverse array of projects across various genres.

Collaborating with a reputable service provider offers numerous advantages, including access to expert consultation and support throughout the development journey. HitBerry Games, with its extensive experience in gaming, entertainment, and technology sectors, provides a wide range of services, from full-cycle game development to constant updates during the post-launch phase.

Initial analysis: laying the foundation

Move forward with confidence by beginning a thorough initial analysis. We delve deeply into your vision, identify problems and develop strategic solutions, creating a roadmap filled with practical ideas and expert advice.


Work closely with our team to turn your gaming aspirations into exciting concepts. Through vigorous brainstorming and ideation, we ensure that your game resonates deeply with your target audience, captivating them from the very beginning.

Documentation: blueprinting success

Create a GDD and comprehensive plan for the triumph of your game. Our meticulous approach carefully documents every aspect of the design, promoting clarity and coherence throughout the development odyssey.

Gameplay optimization

Create an immersive and addictive gameplay experience that will entice players back for more. We delicately balance game scenarios to ensure the perfect balance between challenge and fun, iteratively refining the gameplay through rigorous testing.

Engineering excellence: Unity vs Unreal

Leverage the power of leading game engines such as Unity and Unreal Engine. Our virtuosos create stunning graphics, realistic physics, and flawless multiplayer functionality that will make your game stand out among the tough competition.

Multi-platform adaptation

Make your game available everywhere by optimizing it for multiple platforms. Whether it's mobile, console, or PC, cross-platform game development can maximize reach, engagement, and player satisfaction.

Strengthen your infrastructure

Fortify your game with a robust server architecture that guarantees stability and performance. We focus on developing a fault-tolerant server infrastructure that enables smooth gameplay, smooth multiplayer experience, matchmaking, and leaderboard functionality.

HitBerry Games: your partner in innovation

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For those seeking to partner with a trusted expert in game development, HitBerry Games offers a gateway to transformative experiences. Reach out to us today, and let's embark on a journey to create something extraordinary!



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