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Top 20 Game Development Companies in Poland

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Poland, part of a large epicenter of European game development, has demonstrated a prominent presence in the worldwide game development landscape in recent years. With approximately 440 game development studios and nearly 10,000 people employed in the industry, Poland continues growing as a game development hub. Find out the top game development companies in Poland and discover new partners for future projects!

game development companies in Poland
The leading game development companies in Poland

Why does Poland have so many game studios?

Poland has a considerable number of game studios for several reasons. The country has a rich history in software development and technology, providing a solid foundation for the growth of the gaming industry.

Additionally, Poland's supportive government policies, access to skilled developers and artists, and a vibrant gaming community have contributed to the establishment and success of numerous game studios. Poland has become the world’s fourth largest exporter of video games, with a significant portion of the games being played outside the country.

Top Game Development Companies in Poland

Here is a list of the best game development studios in Poland.

1. HitBerry Games

HitBerry Games

HitBerry Games, founded in 2020, is a mobile games development studio with vast experience in creating successful games played by millions. Their portfolio includes games developed for major industry players such as Homa, Moonee, CrazyLabs, Gismart, Zplay, TapNation, and more.

Specializing in a vast number of different game development services, HitBerry Games creates mid-core games, branded games, promo games, marketing games, casual/hyper-/hybrid-casual games, mini-games, and VR/AR solutions.

"I turned to HitBerry Games with one of my last big projects. I delegated a part of that important project to these guys, and they managed to provide excellent results and stick to the deadline." - Mike Stried at Ubisoft
"The developers did a good job! The graphics are clear with detailed features..." - Andrew Scott, Deputy CEO at Rockstar



PLDEVS.COM, established in 2008 in Wroclaw, has been honing its skills in custom web applications and mobile apps. Their commitment to honesty and transparency is evident in their work, as they create relevant

web experiences that connect with

their audience.

"PLDEVS work was technically sound and quite well done." - Matt Bradbury

3. Crystal Apps

Crystal Apps, based in Warsaw, focuses on high-end visual, augmented reality, and gaming development. They provide exclusive and refined solutions for market-leading companies, emphasizing innovation and quality in their projects.

4. MediaCraft

MediaCraft, established in 2010 in Warsaw, is an award-winning team specializing in projection mapping, LED display production, interactive systems development, and game industry 3D content creation. They have been honored with the First Prize Award for producing cutting-edge 3D projection mappings and interactive shows worldwide.

5. Tango


Tango is not your typical agency; it's a team of entrepreneurs in Krakow. Built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, Tango has been extremely successful in building apps with a global reach. Their startup, Talixo, employed 150 people in mobile and web app development for the travel industry.

"Mobile & Web App development and scaling." - Michał SJ

6. The Knights of Unity

The Knights of Unity

The Knights of Unity, founded in 2015 in Wroclaw, is a professional development studio for Unity Software. Their mission has been to bring reliable Unity development services to companies globally.

With a focus on reliability and high-quality Unity development, the studio has gained recognition in the industry.

7. Biom Software

Biom Software, a game development studio in Warsaw, is committed to being at the forefront of the gaming industry. They believe in adaptability, trend-following, and innovation as key factors for success. BiomSoftware's team comprises creative designers, skillful engineers, specialists, and forward-thinking individuals.

8. Sparkle Mobiles

Sparkle Mobiles is based in Wroclaw, illuminating the mobile landscape since 2011. With expertise in iOS and Android development, Sparkle Mobiles transforms concepts into high-quality applications. Their focus goes beyond development; they bring innovation and creativity to every project.

9. CD Projekt Red

CD Projekt Red

CD Projekt Red is a renowned Polish video game development and publishing company known for creating immersive and critically acclaimed role-playing games (RPGs).

CD Projekt Red gained international recognition with "The Witcher" series, adapted from the book series by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. "Cyberpunk 2077" is another highly anticipated and ambitious project by CD Projekt Red. Released in 2020, the game is set in a dystopian future and offers a vast, futuristic open-world environment.

10. 4Experience


4Experience, located in Bielsko-Biala, is a team of professionals offering immersive and intelligent technologies. They help businesses gain a competitive advantage by delivering custom-tailored solutions. 4Experience is recognized for its excellence in creating interactive and intelligent 3D solutions.

"The initial results were very satisfying. We would certainly develop the project further." - Adam Musli

11. Tato Studio

Tato Studio, based in Poznan, invites you to a world where film, gaming, and virtual experiences blend together to create an entirely new form of immersive storytelling. Their collaborative approach involves working with artists from around the world to craft unique and engaging experiences.

12. Toucan Systems

Toucan Systems, based in Gdansk, creates interactive IT solutions that combine science, engineering, and art. Their multidisciplinary team, comprising designers, developers, engineers, and project managers, is united by a passion for creation and a powerful interest in cutting-edge technologies.

13. Moonmana Games

Moonmana Games

Moonmana Games, based in Gdansk, Poland, stands out as a reputable European Game Development and Art Production Studio.

With a mission to propel their clients' business growth through top-notch outsourcing services, Moonmana is known for its skilled expertise and on-time delivery.

"Good work at reasonable fast and easy to integrate with the rest of the team." - Thomas Grip

14. To Get There Foundation

To Get There Foundation

To Get There Foundation, situated in Gdynia, is a unique foundation that allocates profits from projects to statutory goals related to mental health, fighting exclusion, and building healthy, long-term relationships. Their commitment to social impact sets them apart in the game development landscape.

15. Black core sp.zoo,sk

Black core sp.zoo,sk, based in Gdynia since 2005, is a software development company situated in one of the best places for software development. They emphasize strong selection of developers based on essential skills and attitude.

16. GeekForce

GeekForce, situated in Piastow, is a software development company with extensive experience and a wide range of completed projects. Whether it's app development, data mining, or other software-related services, GeekForce is recognized as a trusted technology partner by corporate, medium, and small businesses.

17. Pixune Studios

Pixune Studios

Pixune Studios, an award-winning studio based in Wroclaw, specializes exclusively in top-tier 3D Animation, Game Art, and NFT Art services. Their creative haven is a convergence of ingenious Game Artists, Animators, Character Designers, and Digital Artists, collaborating seamlessly to craft immersive worlds.

18. Smultron Software Lab

Smultron Software Lab

Smultron Software Lab, situated in Krakow since 2010, is a versatile software development company offering full-cycle custom digital solutions. With nine years of experience, their dedicated team understands the nuances of online platforms and their relationship to a successful business.

19. Netnest Digital

Netnest Digital, established in 2022 in Wroclaw, is a technology partner offering unparalleled expertise in enterprise software development and IT consulting. With offshore development centers and a skilled talent pool, Netnest Digital delivers tailored solutions to propel businesses forward.

20. ITgenerator

ITgenerator, based in Poznan since 2013, helps companies grow through developing mobile applications. Focused on native programming languages Android & iOS, ITgenerator has developed 120 apps, providing businesses with the widest opportunities for success.


What is the largest gaming company in Poland?

CD Projekt is one of the largest and most well-known gaming companies in Poland. They are renowned for their successful "The Witcher" series and the critically acclaimed game "Cyberpunk 2077." However, the status of the largest gaming company can change over time due to industry dynamics.

Is Poland a gaming country?

While Poland may not be exclusively labeled as a "gaming country," it has become a notable player in the global gaming industry. The country has a thriving gaming community, a growing number of talented developers, and has made significant contributions to the gaming world.

Was Cyberpunk 2077 made in Poland?

Yes, "Cyberpunk 2077" was developed by CD Projekt Red, a Polish game development studio. The game gained international attention for its ambitious scope and narrative, although it also faced criticism for technical issues at launch.


In the dynamic realm of global game development, Poland has undeniably secured a prominent position with around 440 game development studios and a workforce of professionals. The nation's historical expertise in software development and technology has laid a robust foundation for the flourishing gaming industry.

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