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Holiday Season 2022: Gift guide for gamers

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Gifts guide for gamers

The Christmas season is coming and what does it mean? It’s high time we started picking up perfect presents for relatives, friends, colleagues, or whoever! We know how you do your best to find the best gift for everyone according to their interests. Sometimes ideas just come to your mind but other times selecting a present is a real challenge and takes ages. In case you have a dedicated gamer to exchange presents during the holidays, we are here to help you out!

We know how picky gamers can be. Picking up the right gift for such an enthusiast is like navigating a minefield of preferences and past purchases. After all, finding high-quality, compatible accessories, devices, etc. can be another challenge.

Being not only true experts in mobile games development but also just guys passionate about video games and everything related to them, we’ve put together a collection of winning gifts for the most devoted gamers. There are gifts to any taste - practical gear for dedicated players, funky throwbacks for old-school arcade fans, a curated selection of our favorite games, and a few more unique presents any gaming enthusiast would love to receive. We are sure you will find the right thing here. So check the list out!

Gaming accessories and headsets

HitBerry Games top recommendation!

  • Cougar RANGER gaming sofa features everything that a gamer would normally expect from a piece of furniture but is upgraded with a full steel frame, breathable upholstery, and a gamer-friendly look to match your gaming den. 299$

  • DXRacer P Series Gaming Chair boasts a variety of ergonomic features such as adjustable arms, 135°reclining, high-density foam padding, as well as an extra headrest and lumbar pillows to basically meet your gaming demands while providing good support. 220$

  • RZTK eDesk USB allows you to optimally organize your work or play space due to the convenient function of electric height adjustment and four memory buttons that allow you to quickly set the required height. 380$

  • Nintendo Switch Game Traveler Deluxe Travel Case - Zelda Breath of the Wild holds and protects the Nintendo Switch. It has a padded divider to protect the screen and a zippered mesh pocket to hold extra game cards. 40$

  • Meta Quest 2 is the updated VR headset for Metaverse lovers. The headset operates completely on its own so a user does not need any other additional consoles or gaming systems. This equipment consists of a headset and two touch controllers. The VR headset allows a gamer to access more than 350 games, fitness experiences, etc. 400$

  • Oculus Quest all-in-one VR headset. This is quite a pricey gift but any gamer would be on cloud nine if received it. There are neither tracking base stations, nor tangled wires. 620$

  • Microsoft HoloLens 2 - a next-gen holographic headset that uses AR to take learning and productivity to new impressive heights. 3500$

  • A20 Wireless Headset Gen 2 holds a long charge, sounds crystal clear, and hooks up to a PS5, PS4, PC, or Mac without difficulties. 90$

  • HyperX Cloud Alpha wired headset is for chatty gamers. The headset is compatible with PC, Playstation, Xbox, and more. 106$

  • Anker PowerPort 3.0 Nano is one of the top USB-C chargers. It’s small and portable, yet delivers super-fast charging through Fast Charge and Power Delivery. It quickly charges USB-C controllers, headsets, mice, phones, and many other devices. 19$

Next year we expect this list also to include the long-awaited Apple Reality Pro AR VR headset. The most recent rumors suggest that Apple Inc. is aiming to enter a new product category with the AR VR headset no earlier than 2023. Find out what is known for now about the upcoming device here!


HitBerry Games top recommendation!

  • Hori Fighting Stick Mini for Nintendo Switch featuring a full 8-button layout and a proper micro switch-activated joystick yet is small enough to easily store and transport. Despite its small size, the controller is surprisingly comfortable with ample room to rest your wrists, and the rubberized feet grip firmly to smooth surfaces for stability. 50$

  • Hori Split Pad Pro for Nintendo Switch Transparent featuring full-size analog sticks, precision D-pad, and large shoulder buttons designed for comfort and accuracy. Advanced features include assignable rear triggers, Turbo functionality, and more. Perfect for high-pace action titles and many other Nintendo Switch titles. 50$

  • Glorious Model O Gaming Mouse is known for being extremely light. A lot of gamers choose this wired mouse over some cheaper wireless alternatives. This controller is the key to achieving a feather-light weight while maintaining its ultra-durable strength. The lightweight mouse weight for gaming is ideal for medium and large hands. 42$

  • Backbone One for iPhone is a portable controller that is a treasure for those playing mobile games 24/7. The next-level gaming has never been more magical and effortless! Just connect the controller to your iPhone, press the Backbone Button to open the app, and instantly start playing your favorite games. 100$

  • HyperX Alloy Origins Core is a fantastic gaming keyboard with a tenkeyless design. It is an ultra-compact, sturdy keyboard featuring custom HyperX mechanical switches providing gamers with the best blend of style, performance, and reliability. These key switches have exposed LEDs for stunning lighting with an actuation force and travel distance elegantly balanced for responsiveness and accuracy. 90$

  • Xbox Design Lab custom controller allows players to choose from a variety of different colors to customize nearly all the external parts of the Elite Series 2 controller including the body, back case, D-pad, bumpers, triggers, thumbsticks, and buttons. They can even choose between a cross-shaped or faceted D-pad and for the first time color-customize the thumbstick base and ring. 70$

  • Razer Kishi Mobile Game Controller comes in both iOS and Android versions. Some lucky gamers who already have Kishi say the setup is effortless indeed. The console controller experience provides tactile feedback, supported by an array of face and bumper buttons, as well as a D-pad for extra inputs. 60$

  • DualSense Charging Station charges up to two DualSense wireless controllers at the same time without having to connect them to your PlayStation 5 console. Dock your controllers quickly and easily with the charging station’s click-in design and leave them to charge at your convenience.30$

  • Elite Series 2 Xbox Controller is a premium-level customizable and comfortable controller for the most devoted gamers. The device features over 30 new ways to play like a pro. Boost your aiming with new adjustable-tension thumbsticks, fire even faster with shorter hair trigger locks, and stay on target with a wrap-around rubberized grip. Experience limitless customization with exclusive button mapping options! 150$


HitBerry Games top recommendation!

  • Red Dead Redemption 2

  • This Land Is Mine

  • Green Hell

  • God of War Ragnarok

  • Ghost of Tsushima

  • Cyberpunk 2077

  • Hollow Knight (for Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One) is one of the best games released over the past five years. It combines the exploration of a 2D Metroid-like title with a challenging combat system that is reminiscent of FromSoftware’s Dark Souls series. 35$

  • Pokémon Legends: Arceus for Nintendo Switch is for real gaming enthusiasts. The game provides its fans with an intriguing prehistoric and dangerous feel. 45$

  • Spider-Man: Miles Morales Launch Edition for PS5 - this game won’t leave any superhero fan indifferent. It offers recognizable characters and exhilarating gameplay. 60$

  • Hades is a BAFTA-winning, Greek mythology-themed dungeon game for PC, MacOS a real gamer would love to play. 25$

  • Elden Ring for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. This challenge in a stunning fantasy world would be a winning gift for every dedicated gamer. The game is quite difficult and therefore engaging and addictive. 60$

  • Mario Tennis Aces for Nintendo Switch is an excellent present for classic lovers. The game has a huge cast of iconic characters from the Mario franchise and provides entertaining head-to-head action in its singles and doubles versus modes.

Gift cards and subscriptions

  • Steam gift card is a safe option. This is a 100% winning gift. Buy a digital version of the gift card so your friend or family member can enjoy it, even if you can’t see them in person. Physical cards are available too. A steam card can be used for buying games, software, equipment, and other nice things on Steam. 100$

  • PlayStation Store Gift Card goes to covering future online access, and, of course, cuts the costs of downloading digital games. 25$

  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 3-Month Membership ensures access to an extensive library of games on console and PC and provides deals and discounts on certain titles, free monthly games, and multiplayer capabilities on Xbox consoles. 45$

  • PlayStation Plus 3-Month Membership grants access to online gaming across all games on the platform. 35$

  • Nintendo Switch Online 12-Month Membership provides a growing collection of classic NES and Super NES games. 20$

Gifts for gamers

We could continue this list endlessly because, with the great advancements in the mobile games development industry, the range of gift options gets wider every day. No matter what your gamer’s preferences are, we are sure you can find here something that will make their heart beat faster. Any item from this list will definitely appeal to a gaming fan as well as remind them of you. Make presents that are unique, thoughtful, well-vetted, and memorable. And have a happy and joyful holiday season!

HitBerry Games as a mobile app development studio with strong skills and prolonged experience places the main focus on mobile games development. We’ve been in the industry for 12+ years. Our mobile games creation studio brings together high-skilled and dedicated talents in mobile games development. We provide outsourcing tasks to scale up your core team as well as full-cycle mobile games development services for enterprises and start-ups.

We are real gaming fans and therefore follow all the latest industry trends and updates. We keep an eye on the news not to miss anything. So in our blog we share everything we know with everyone eager to discover the world of video games. Join us on this amazing journey!



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