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NFT: The Next Big Thing In Marketing

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Be one of the first adopters.

NFT for marketing

After the initial NFT frenzy, it's clear NFTs and WEB3.0 are entering mainstream markets, revolutionizing various industries. For instance, the gaming sector explores NFT game creation, attracting entrepreneurs eager for real-world value.

In this post, discover how NFTs benefit businesses:

  • Interactive marketing. NFTs enable engaging customer interactions through digital asset collection and trading.

  • Loyal fanbase. NFTs can transform customers into lifelong fans, a challenge for traditional marketing methods.

  • Efficient monetization. Brands efficiently monetize digital assets, outperforming traditional models.

  • Widespread model. Major businesses experiment with NFTs, paving the way for mainstream adoption.

We already have a post with a detailed description of what NFT is. In case you missed it, it’s high time you read the article now.

In this post, we will figure out how exactly NFTs can be used in marketing and cover some interesting and effective use cases.

How NFTs benefit businesses?

With major businesses already experimenting with NFTs, mainstream adoption is on the horizon. But this is only one advantage that NFTs can give. What about other pros?

  1. This transformative technology fosters customer loyalty, turning ordinary buyers into lifelong fans.

  2. Brands efficiently monetize digital assets, outperforming traditional models.

  3. NFTs revolutionize business engagement, creating interactive and personalized experiences for customers.

NFT for gaming

NFTs and the gaming industry go hand in hand. Several popular video games like Fortnite utilize NFTs and accept cryptocurrency for in-game trades. This motivates players to invest in NFTs.

A series of promotional NFT games were produced for Crypto Millions, a highly successful creator in the lifestyle brand segment. The hit game Kong Climb was promoted on the client's website as well as social media. Players are rewarded with free NFTs for reaching a certain high score.

According to the statistics, the global Non-Fungible Token (NFT) market size is projected to reach US$ 7636.3 million by 2028.

Provide your customers with a personalized experience

People like unique things as they like to feel special. NFTs allow the creation of unique experiences unlike anything else on the market.

NBA Top Shot, as one of the most successful examples, caught the first wave of NFT adoption. The platform enables fans to buy, sell, and trade numbered versions of video highlights from NBA games, the digital equivalent of a physical basketball trading card system.

As NFTs are gaining momentum over time, the list of brands dipping their toes into digital collectibles gets longer. Such fast food giants as McDonald’s and Taco Bell built their campaigns around NFTs. Customers could buy NFTs in the form of digital Big Mac or Taco Art.

Talking about NFT in marketing, we cannot skip RTFKT - the first luxury brand to operate in the NFT space. The case turned out to be an immediate success with the virtual sneakers costing as much as some haute couture.

Focus on community-building

Leveraging all the benefits of NFTs allows you to grow a huge community around your brand. Provide your customers with access to exclusive content. It’s similar to gated, premium offers, but more attractive because of being innovative.

For example, the beverage company Anheuser-Busch hosted an #NFTBeerFest event at its brewery reserved for holders of specific NFTs. Only the owners of Budweiser Heritage Can NFTs or Royalty Collection NFTs could enjoy free beer, tours, giveaways, and performances at the event.

Build buzz around your brand

As an innovation, NFT art makes buzz wherever it happens to occur. They say modern problems require modern solutions, so marketing specialists get to using NFTs for the hype of promotional campaigns. This strategy proves to be effective enough.

Norwegian Cruise Line NFT
Norwegian Cruise Line case (NFT promotion)

Norwegian Cruise Line has successfully implemented this tactic.

To celebrate the launch of Norwegian Prima Class, a new class of vessels, the brand created six NFT art pieces in collaboration with an artist.

They opted for using such cutting-edge technology to reflect their approach to products and services. This way the company used the buzz around NFTs to create the buzz around their launch.

NFT art has quickly established itself as a turning point in the tech industry. This revolutionary innovation impacts a variety of sectors and the trend is just growing. Using NFTs in marketing brings in several rewards. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Connect with your fans directly. This allows for building close relationships between consumers and the brand.

  • NFTs take away all the restrictions. An NFT is anything digital so you are no longer limited by physical products and services only.

  • Reduce expenses by eliminating shipping costs, product defect rates, and storage costs.

NFT in marketing

To Sum Up

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