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Branded Mobile Games To Help Your Business

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

What do we know about this type of mobile games and why does it go mainstream? As a mobile app development studio with profound experience and strong expertise, HitBerry Games has been creating games of various complexity levels, genres, and types for 12+ years. We offer a wide range of game development services including branded game development. Let’s discover the basic peculiarities of branded mobile games and their pros and cons.

Branded mobile games - a new hype or a powerful marketing tool?

Branded mini games are being actively used for marketing and customer engagement. This turned out to be quite an efficient tool for a marketing or customer/staff engagement campaign. If you want to entertain your customers on your website, on your social networks, in your next marketing campaign, etc., consider branded games development. Why? These online branded mini games are easy to develop as well as play, and they provide a lot of significant benefits. In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of the key advantages. Check them out now!

Create a mobile game that is completely new and perfectly suits your business so it will help you to cut through the digital noise. Such custom branded games capture attention, engage your target audience and forge lasting connections.

Increase your brand power and meet your goals quicker. Hire skillful branded game developers for developing a game tailored specifically for your brand.

Branded games have modern and captivating designs suitable for business and B2B marketing, 3D gameplay that brings in immersive user experiences, and live leaderboards to capture data and promote friendly competition.

A mobile game with your branding will help you achieve multiple goals. No matter what your priority is - upcoming campaign support, a new product launch, lead data capturing, educating your audience, sending traffic to your website, etc. - be sure that an online mini-game will be of use!

Integrate your brand loyalty program with a game. This is one of the most effective tactics for increasing revenue and inspiring customer loyalty. According to various statistics, a vast majority of consumers are more apt to stick with a brand that offers a loyalty program.

It does not cost a fortune. It goes without saying that the branded game development cost depends on a number of factors. Branded game developers can customize to suit your budget and your specific requirements, from simply adding your logo and changing the color scheme to a full game re-skin. Define your main objectives and then mobile app development studio experts will assist you in finding the best solution. You can find a time- and cost-effective option for your brand.

Let your users compete. Yes, that’s what people like - taking part in competitions and winning. Give them such an opportunity and profit from it. Hit this basic human instinct and reward users with benefits.

How to start with the branded games development

In case you have a particular game in mind, reach us now and share it in detail. Struggle with idea generation? No problem! We can come up with the one for you. Our mobile app development studio will provide you with top-notch services and create a mobile game from scratch.

Once we’ve got an idea, it is necessary to select the game engine and decide on the required level of customization. You can opt for either adding your logo or creating a completely new game. Our experienced specialists can help you select the customization options according to your requirements.

At HitBerry Games, we apply a personalized approach to every project we take on. Our branded game developers are incredibly attentive to details. We ensure a transparent working process and smooth communication to get what the client’s goals and target audience are.

Start a competition with leaderboard functionality to motivate play and capture compliant data for follow-up campaigns.

Finally, you are at the finish line! Now you can share your game with your users. Branded mobile games can sit on your website or within your app, be shared on your social channels, etc.

We take great pride in our strong skills and relevant experience we've been growing for more than 12 years already. Our mobile games development studio creates games for iOS and Android. Our specialists know how to create a mobile game to hook and engage your target audience. HitBerry Games develop branded games with business in mind, with the UX optimized for marketing, lead generation, customer loyalty and staff engagement, brand activation, and data capture.

Contact us right now and our team will design, develop, and deliver an addictive and lucrative branded mobile game for your business. Leverage the power of branded games and enhance your marketing campaign.



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