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Unreal VS Unity: What Gaming Engine Works Better

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Unreal VS Unity

Unreal VS Unity - that is the question! Still do not know what you should choose? Take a closer look at the comparison of the two engines and make the right decision!


The gaming industry appears to be extremely popular and profitable nowadays. The flow of investments into this field seems to be unstoppable. Online gaming keeps engaging more and more people - both gamers and entrepreneurs. After all, we all can see clear shreds of evidence that gaming can be a stable source of income today.

Needless to say, one can make a good deal of money in this industry. That is why underestimating video games is unreasonable and, well, silly. So you better put all your doubts aside and discover the world of online games with us.

At HitBerry Games we know everything about mobile games development and more! We would be happy to share it with anyone who is eager to learn! Interesting? Then do not waste time and join us on this exciting journey!

So do you know what a gaming engine is?

In case you do not, here is a piece of basic information for you. A gaming engine, which is also referred to as a “framework” or “architecture”, is a software development environment, used to code and plan out interactive video games quickly and easily.

Developers build games for either computers or mobile devices with the help of game engines. To make it clear, engines allow developers to add such general features as physics, input, rendering, scripting, etc, without coding them.

The game engine scene has changed a lot over recent years. Today developers have the possibility to select from a wide range of options. It is important to select carefully though. Before starting the mobile games development process, specialists should think well about what game engine they need.

Choosing the right tools matters indeed. Consider, that the choice of the game engine depends much on the project the team is going to work on. Every project has its specific requirements, peculiarities, and, finally, limits. Taking it into account, it is impossible to answer the question “which game engine is the best?”. There is not any perfect solution for every game, but your task is to find a perfect solution for your project.

Now we offer you to learn more details about the two well-established titans of the gaming industry - Unreal and Unity gaming engines.


It is fair to say that Unity is the leader in the game engine market. Developed by Unity Technologies and released back in 2004, this software has been showing great performance. A lot of game developers call this cross-platform favorite because it can be used for complex commercial projects as well as for small and simple start-ups or projects with a tight budget.

Unity is compatible with more than 25 platforms, including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Ubuntu, and Cent OS. Additionally, it supports consoles and virtual reality platforms, for example, PlayStation, VR Xbox One, Oculus Rift, and so on.

Unity enables building and experiencing games in 2D, 3D, and virtual reality. Ok, what else makes it so popular? Unity is easy-to-use. Even a beginner can quickly learn how to work with this engine. Unity uses the following languages: C#, JavaScript, Rust, and C/C++. The interface is user-friendly and the architecture is straightforward. One more reason for going with Unity is its fast iteration cycles (that is quite a good reason, isn't it?). The ability to minimize code usage makes it fast to some extent.

Now, when you can see how beneficial Unity is, you may wonder how much money you need to spend to get access to all these features. The pricing is important for projects with a limited budget. Unity has both free and paid plans. It is a licensed game engine. If you decide to pay for a subscription, you will face the following options: The Plus Plan, The Pro Plan, or The Enterprise Plan. Once you really need one, research better about each plan, its pros and cons. Novices can do with a free subscription but for larger projects, a paid plan is required.

Good. You know enough about the Unity game engine. Now it’s high time we figured out what Unreal holds for us.


It’s all about cool graphics! Yes, the Unity graphics are not bad, but Unreal does much better here. Actually, you can try to create such realistic textures, lighting, and shadows using Unity, but you are likely to spend more time on it and it’s still not guaranteed you will reach the same results as with Unreal.

Unreal is another mobile games development industry giant with numerous awards from various gaming publications. It is an advanced AAA game engine for developing next-generation physics and graphics. Is creating photoreal visuals your goal? Then this is the tool for you! A lot of hit games are built with the help of the Unreal engine. Most of them are known for their high-quality graphics and photorealistic features.

In comparison with Unity, Unreal is harder to learn. It uses C# which is not the easiest scripting language to master. For this reason, experienced specialists choose it, while beginners opt for something simpler. This game engine is well set up in terms of asset store and documentation. It has a large and helpful community, too. And here comes the best thing about the Unreal game engine - it is available for free. You do not need to pay to download this framework.

To sum it up, let’s highlight a few key differences between Unity and Unreal.


It is possible to create satisfactory graphics with Unity, but Unreal is an unconditional winner here.

Unique Features

Unity: 2D improvements, animation, snapshots creation

Unreal: AI, VFX

Source Code

The Unreal engine has an open-source source code, while Unity provides no open-source code.

Target Audience

Unity is mostly preferred by coders and indies. Unreal, in its turn, is popular widely among AAA-game studios and artists.

We’ve compiled a list of Unreal and Unity's main peculiarities and differences. It wouldn’t be correct to say that one engine is better than the other. When choosing the engine you should take into consideration a wider context. Every slightest detail and requirement of your project must be taken into account. It always depends on what you are going to work with.

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