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Godot VS Unity: The Key Differences

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Godot VS Unity

What are Godot and Unity? What are the differences and similarities between them? Find all the information in this blog post!


The whole gaming industry is gaining momentum now. We can see clearly with our own eyes how video games are becoming more and more popular literally every single day. Don’t you find it mind-blowing how fast the entire world is changing? Those who are skeptical may argue, but still, the fact that the gaming industry is no longer for entertainment only is impossible to deny. Yes, this field has evolved, developed, and undergone significant changes over quite a short period of time. Today online games can become a stable source of income. A good income, by the way. In fact, the process of digital transformation provides us with so many great opportunities and benefits. It can make our lives easier provided we learn the new rules and play by them.

So, talking about online games. As long as this industry is currently so popular and developed enough, there exists a large variety of ways to go while making new games. It even may seem that literally, anyone can create a mobile game in case they are using the correct resources. Actually, we do not agree with this theory, because mobile games development is a long and complex process. Selecting proper tools is not enough here. It takes a person to have deep knowledge, relevant experience, and skills. But that is true that a lot of cool and useful tools for mobile games creation are in access now.

When it comes to mobile game art service, it is important to understand that such things as operating systems and engines can set certain projects apart from one another.

What is a game engine?

To cut a long story short, this is a foundation for any game. This is a software development environment, also referred to as a “game framework”. An engine is used to code and plan out a game quickly and easily. The range of options is really wide now. Before starting the mobile games development process, developers carefully choose the engine they are going to work with. The choice depends on every particular project, its requirements, and its peculiarities. That is why we cannot answer the question “what engine is the best?”. Again, it depends. However, relying on our vast experience and knowledge, we can provide you with a detailed analysis of the most popular and frequently used engines.

At HitBerry Games, we do know all the pros and cons they have. So let’s take a closer look at the comparison of Godot and Unity, and discover their differences in various aspects, so then you will be able to decide for yourself what tool will work best for your project.

Specialists who’ve been in the mobile games development industry for years will prove that when one thinks about mobile games creation, Unity is what comes to their mind first.

Developed by Unity Technologies, Unity is among the top gaming engines. Most popular games run on it (about 50% of all mobile games).

Still, Godot has been getting traction recently. We should point out that it is doing it quite actively. So what would you opt for? Going with a good old platform you know perfectly well or preferring something new? Figure out all the slightest details and make the right decision!

Unity VS Godot: What are the differences?


Godot is an open-source tool working on cross-platform. That means it is available for free and you can start using it right after downloading. Unity has both free and paid plans. It is a licensed game engine. Before buying a premium version, think about which one you need: The Plus Plan, The Pro Plan, or The Enterprise Plan. Beginners can do with a free subscription but for larger projects, a paid plan is required.

Scripting languages

Unity uses the following languages: C#, JavaScript, Rust, and C/C++, while Godot has its own language - GDScript. This one is easy to learn. A professional developer can do it in a day, really. Even though Godot is also compatible with C++, C#, and Visual Script, it’s recommended to use its unique language.


Unity supports Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Ubuntu, and Cent OS. Godot, in its turn, is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Free BSD, and Open BSD.

Launch time

As we have already pointed out, Unity is an old, well-established platform for mobile games development. It was developed by Unity Software Inc. and launched back in 2004. In comparison to Unity, Godot is a new engine for mobile games creation. It’s been on the market for not so long. The platform was developed by Juan Linietsky and Ariel Manzur and launched in 2014.

It’s no wonder that Unity has a larger audience since it can be used for developing either a small simple game or a complex one. After all, years of experience and proven quality lead to building trust with customers. Professionals, as well as beginners, choose Unity.

As for Godot, it still needs some improvements and upgrades, but it is doing well anyway. It already shows such great results so there is no reason to doubt that it will cater to a wider audience soon. We are looking forward to more famous and big projects developed on the basis of Godot.

The sense of community

The thing that we really like about these two platforms is the communities. Both Unity and Godot have active communities which bring together high-skilled experts and novices. This is where one can easily share thoughts, and experiences, ask questions, and get answers right away. You can find there learning materials, too. That is so helpful! Users stress that the Godot community is particularly supportive and has a huge presence online.

Unity or Godot - that is the question

Taking into account all the facts listed above, we can say with confidence that the choice depends on every project.

Unity is a perfect solution for both small and complex projects. Are you about to start working on a commercial project? This engine will come in handy with excellent graphics, audio, and other possibilities. Unity is famous for having numerous benefits, therefore choosing this engine will not be a mistake. However, to get access to advanced features, you will need to buy a paid plan.

Godot is a nice choice for beginners. If your project is a start-up or just limited by a tight budget, opt for Godot which is available for free. This gaming engine is affordable and additionally provides multiple advantages. Godot is easy-to-learn, so a novice will be able to master it quickly. There is an active community where you can find help wherever you need it. By the way, this platform is new and that is why it is being upgraded constantly. It’s getting better all the time! We are sure that soon Godot will justifiably compete with such giants as Unity. Just give guys some time.

If you need help with choosing the proper tool for your project or you have some other questions concerning mobile games development, do not hesitate to contact HitBerry Games. Our team of professionals has a vast experience in mobile games development. We are not afraid of challenges. Do you have a cool idea and look for someone to bring it to life? - Contact us! Do you want to create a mobile game but struggle with making up a concept? - No problems! We will be happy to cooperate and help you! HitBerry Games has strong skills and relevant experience in mobile games creation including NFT games, Branded games, and many more. We ensure a smooth and transparent process, on-time delivery, and high-quality results.

Do not waste time and drop us a line right now! Let’s discuss your project and create a mobile game together!



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