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7 Exciting Game Development Studios in San Diego

Welcome to the vibrant city of San Diego! Picture the breathtaking mountains, the serene Pacific coast, and the lush greenery that surrounds you. Imagine the sky painted with soaring eagles and adventurous hang gliders, while surfers conquer the waves on the bustling beaches.

San Diego is a melting pot of cultures, blending Spanish flamenco, Mexican influences, European fashion, and Moorish architecture. Within this rich tapestry lies a thriving gaming community.

Game Development Studios in San Diego

Benefits of Choosing Game Development

While the number of gaming companies in San Diego can't compete with the number of gaming companies in other cities, their commitment to quality more than makes up for it. These studios are extremely dynamic, full of creativity, and can turn even the most abstract concepts into fresh and original creations.

In San Diego, gaming companies often work with small teams, each of which specializes in certain areas. Some focus exclusively on mobile games, others on PC and console platforms, and some on AR and VR. This focused approach makes it easier to find the right partner compared to larger multi-service companies.

Now let's look at a list of studios whose artistic vision and creative talent may prove invaluable to you.

The Best Game Development Studios in San Diego

From seasoned veterans to innovative newcomers, San Diego's game developers capture the essence of the city in their projects. Here are a few companies that are worth mentioning.

1. HitBerry Games

HitBerry Games

HitBerry Games stands out as a game development studio dedicated to full-cycle game development. Their team comprises seasoned professionals skilled in software development, game design, art, animation, and trend analysis, ensuring a comprehensive approach to every project. Their impressive portfolio features successful mobile games created for industry giants like Homa, Moonee, CrazyLabs, Gismart, Zplay, TapNation, and more.

Their expertise spans various domains, including mid-core games, branded games, promo games, marketing games, mini-games, and VR/AR solutions. Whether crafting immersive gaming experiences or creating innovative promotional tools, HitBerry Games is committed to delivering exceptional results tailored to our clients' needs and expectations.

2. Fastest Digital

Fastest Digital

Fastest Digital, the newest addition to San Diego's gaming landscape, stands out not only for its gaming efforts but also for its foray into video production. With award-winning designers and animators, the company has quickly built an impressive portfolio of exciting projects. Focused on increasing digital impact, the Fastest Digital team uses hybrid and native technologies to create immersive games for iOS, Android, and web platforms.

3. High Moon Studios

High Moon Studios

High Moon Studios, formerly known as Sammy Studios, is an American video game development and production company. Known for their work on the first-person shooter Darkwatch and publishing the 2D fighting game series Guilty Gear, developed by Arc System Works, they have also played a role in major hits such as Call of Duty and Transformers.

Led by award-winning veterans and a production team with over 200 years of experience, High Moon Studios is owned by Activision, a pioneer in independent game development for consoles and personal computers since its founding in 1979.

4. Intrepid Studios

Intrepid Studios

Intrepid Studios was born from the shared passion of two avid gamers turned successful entrepreneurs. Unlike its peers in the San Diego gaming scene, the studio has an unwavering focus on MMORPGs, as exemplified by the ongoing development of the highly anticipated multiplayer game Ashes of Creation, which took the title of the most anticipated MMORPG of 2017.

Intrepid Studios' flagship title is teasing fans with hints at two undisclosed projects in the Ashes of Creation universe. Ashes of Creation is currently in alpha testing, with two subsequent alpha tests and a beta planned before the official launch.

5. Empty Clip Studios

Empty Clip Studios

Empty Clip Studios, a San Diego-based video game development company founded in July 2007, may be small in size but big on creativity. Their debut game, Groovin' Blocks, a musical puzzle game for WiiWare, hit shelves on September 8, 2008, followed by the puzzle game Glow for iPhone on December 17, 2008.

Subsequent projects included the puzzle game Auditorium for PS3/PSP, DLC for Final Fantasy XV called A King's Tale for PS4 and Xbox One, and Symphony, an indie shooter game originally released for Microsoft Windows in 2012, later ported to Linux and Mac OS X in 2014. Despite their compact team, Empty Clip Studios has managed to release 32 games across multiple platforms (over 63 SKUs in total) over the past 13 years, mostly powered by their multi-platform RapidFire Engine.

6. San Diego Studio

San Diego Studio

Created in 2001 through the merger of Red Zone Interactive and 989 Sports, San Diego Studio boasts a name steeped in local flavor. As an in-house studio, Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) is the creative force behind the acclaimed MLB The Show series. In addition to baseball, the studio has produced NBA series as well as such memorable series as "Mark of the Kree," "Pain," "High Speed Bowling" and "Champions of Sports."

Their latest game, MLB The Show 21, hit shelves in April 2021, marking a milestone as it debuted on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S consoles alongside traditional PlayStation platforms.

7. Namazu Studios

Namazu Studios

Founded in 2008 and based in San Diego, Namazu Studios is a development company specializing in interactive media, entertainment, and games. With a team of over 50 professionals, they have accumulated extensive experience in creating original software and adapting existing software for various platforms. Despite its modest size, Namazu Studios offers complete game development solutions, using Unity for cross-platform compatibility.

Their expertise spans mobile and console gaming, virtual reality, augmented reality, and casino games. Drawing on a diverse background including film, television, enterprise development, medicine, industry, gaming, and the arts, the studio can provide gaming or gamification solutions for a wide range of concepts.

How to Select the Best Partner for Work?

When selecting a partner from San Diego's array of game companies, focus on their specialization and expertise. Look beyond their list of services and delve into their portfolio to gauge their proficiency in the specific area of game art or development you require. Ensure their style and skill level align with your vision.

Consider the size of their team, especially for large-scale projects like AAA games. A small team may struggle to handle the demands of such projects effectively. Additionally, inquire about the availability of experts to allocate to your project, as studios often juggle multiple projects simultaneously.


These gaming companies in San Diego showcase the city's vibrant gaming industry and its contribution to the global gaming landscape. From innovative startups to giants of the industry, San Diego continues to be a hub for creativity and innovation in the gaming world!

If you are still in doubt, then pay attention to HitBerry Games Studio. Their competence and experience in working with different genres and game platforms will help to create a joint high-class project.

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