NFT Free-To-Play and NFT Play-To-Earn: What is the difference?

NFT free-to-play and NFT play-to-earn

Is it always necessary to pay to play NFT games? Actually, no. You can enjoy NFTs without spending money at all! Do you want to know how? Read here about F2P and P2E NFT games


NFT games have exploded over the past years and made a revolution in the entire gaming industry. NFT has broken into the market as a brand new direction - unusual but still interesting and exciting.

NFT games have gained crazy popularity over such a short time. They have been attracting thousands of gamers all over the world day by day. However, there is one thing that can prevent some gamers from enjoying NFT games. We’re talking about the starting costs. Some players look for more affordable alternatives while others wonder whether it is possible to play NFT games for free at all? The answer is yes, it’s possible indeed!

The demand for more free-to-play games based on the blockchain is growing quickly, so developers are like - no problem! Needless to say that now there is a wide range of options when it comes to free-to-play NFT games.

Well, before we talk about free-to-play games a bit in detail, let’s also figure out what play-to-earn games are and how these two differ.

What’s special about play-to-earn NFT games?

In play-to-earn games, users receive rewards such as digital cash or non-fungible tokens. You can also see them being abbreviated as P2E. P2E is such a popular mainstream that becomes a core component of nearly every metaverse. There appear various forms of cryptocurrency users can earn for spending time on a game. Isn’t it cool? Just think of it - the currency you earn in a game has real-world value. And you are rewarded for having fun while playing. Sounds fantastic! But before you dive into the world of NFT games and turn your hobby into an income, you must take into consideration that some P2E games require initial investments.

In 2022, the market of NFT play-to-earn is full of options. For you, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best NFT games for monetizing your in-game activity.

  1. Axie Infinity (about 1.48 million daily active users. The game is based on so-called “Axies” - Ethereum-minted NFTs)

  2. Decentraland (a VR platform that provides gamers with a unique possibility to construct their own world in 3D)

  3. Alien Worlds (a futuristic sci-fi adventure P2E game with the official cryptocurrency being called Alien Worlds and traded under the symbol TLM)

  4. The Sandbox (the game is an interconnected world of unique game experiences)

  5. Splinterlands (this one is played in a browser. Currently, Splinterlands has a governance token called SPS)

  6. Zed Run (a horse racing P2E game, where players can use horses as NFTs - sell, buy, and trade with others within the platform)

  7. Gods Unchained (collectible, fantasy, and trading card game based on the Ethereum network with the in-game currency called GODS)

  8. My DeFi Pet (in this game players can raise virtual pets, buy, sell, and trade them on the blockchain-based marketplace. The in-game currency, DPET, is used for buying items on the game’s official website or trading NFTs)

  9. Star Atlas (an astronomy-based game that enables players to explore space and trade NFTs of planets, stars, etc. There are two tokens the game relies on: the ATLAS and the POLIS)

  10. CryptoBlades (STILL tokens are the game’s original currency)

Of course, this list can go on and on because there are far more great and high-quality games that are really worth attention. If you go to a store, you will be amazed to see such a huge variety of play-to-earn NFTs. In addition, new games appear regularly. Developers and publishers work hard every day to deliver games for users to enjoy.

NFT free-to-play - is it possible to play and spend nothing?

Not every player is ready to make an initial investment and spend money on games. For some people playing online games is just a hobby and a cool way to spend their leisure time, nothing more. They make up a category of gamers demanding more free alternatives. These people definitely like free-to-play NFT games.

Nowadays the NFT games market is extremely competitive. New games need to sustain and compete with the already existing well-known giants of the NFT games world - Axie, Bomb Crypto, and so on. After all, each product finds its customers.

For those of you, who prefer free-to-play NFT games, there is a list of some popular ones. Take a closer look at them now:

  1. Guild of Guardians (play, earn heroes and items without spending money at all)

  2. Chainmonsters (a Pokemon-style NFT game that runs on the Flow blockchain)

  3. Coin Hunt World (the game allows earning cryptocurrency by finding keys and unlocking vaults)

  4. Pegaxy (one more popular P2E horse breeding game)

  5. Splinterlands

  6. The Sandbox

  7. Gods Unchained

There are always pros and cons

Even free-to-play NFT games have some pitfalls gamers need to be aware of. If you have no idea what obstacles you may face, this information is for you. You may not be required to pay any fees once you start the game, but be ready for the risks that can come up later.

Some F2P NFTs rely on RNG (random number generator) mechanics, while others apply pay-to-win mechanics. That means you can play for free, but still, in order to unlock the best assets, payment is required. Needless to mention, depending on the tokenomics and a game’s set-up, the prices for the in-game assets can vary or even lose their value.

This is what cryptocurrency is about. It’s like any other project you take up. You must conduct a thorough research first, and then decide whether it is worth investing in.

It literally blows one’s mind how fast the online games industry is developing now. Innovations appear every single day. Video games are no longer for fun and entertainment only. The most dedicated gamers turn them into full-time job that brings quite a good income. Businesses from various industries involve video games to benefit. We are lucky to be witnesses to such revolutionary changes. And we are sure - the greatest is yet to come!

In HitBerry Games, we bring together skilled and experienced specialists who know how to deliver profitable games very well. We are proud of our vast expertise and deep knowledge. We are open to cooperating and willing to build long-term partnerships for mutual benefit. Do you have a unique concept? Contact us right now and we will help you to make it real! In case you struggle to come up with an idea - do not worry, we are good at generating ideas, too.

Let’s not waste time and create a top video game together!


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