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Blockchain Gaming: What Is It?

Updated: Mar 25

Blockchain technology

Do you take an interest in blockchain technology and NFT game development? Do you know who is an NFT game developer and what it takes to develop an NFT game? We are here to help you out with that! Find details in our blog.


Today the gaming industry is developing faster than ever with very positive indicators appearing. Online games are no longer about spending leisure time and having fun only.

Now people play to earn money. Gaming is a profitable business with great potential and perspectives. It is actively coming into contact with various other industries. The new reality leaves us no other way out but to get used to it and play by its rules.

Recently blockchain games have proven to be quite a smart way to invest money

Their popularity has been rising at a very high speed as players are getting more and more involved in the crypto domain. The industry received a powerful boost back in 2020, during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Well, in fact, that was the period when a massive shift to “remote” took place. People worldwide, stuck at home for months, were desperately looking for ways to entertain themselves, maintain a connection with the outside world, and, finally, earn money without having to leave their homes. Surprisingly, online games turned out to be a universal solution for all these problems.

So yeah, talking about blockchain gaming, in particular, it is important to point out a huge revenue increase during the previous year. Experts say, that in case this trend continues, there will be more than 100% growth in investment at the end of this year.

Blockchain gaming keeps gaining momentum right now. It seems that the percentage of users the industry attracts is rising every single day, and investments keep flowing into blockchain games and infrastructures. According to recent analytics, should the investments continue coming at this rate, the $4 billion accumulated in 2021 will be surpassed.

For those, who have heard just a little about blockchain gaming before, or maybe haven’t heard about it at all, the information given above may be a bit confusing. So here we are, ready to tell you everything and even more. Interesting? Then make yourself comfortable and go on reading.

Everything you need to know about blockchain games and why they are on top

With blockchain games, users can collect and play NFTs in virtual reality. To make it as simple and clear as possible, blockchain is a currently leading technology that functions as an information recording and storing system that cannot be altered or hacked anyhow. It is a decentralized digital database. A distinct feature of a blockchain is how data is structured here. It differs from a regular database.

The information is grouped into numerous blocks. They all are securely encrypted and together make up a chain. As a result, it ensures the highest security of data as well as its accurate recording. Transaction recording is decentralized and therefore secure.

This, in its turn, leads to building trust without the need for any third-party intervention. That is why blockchain technology has gained massive popularity in quite a short period. Currently, it powers cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Blockchain makes doors wide open. It creates so many great opportunities in a lot of different fields, especially in online gaming. And NFT game development studios were those who picked things up quickly. Blockchain has broken into the online gaming industry and shaken it up.

What is peculiar about a blockchain game?

In fact, it is like a regular game, where users earn and change gaming assets, but due to applying blockchain technology, all digital assets are owned and controlled by players only. Just for you to understand it better, usually, an NFT game developer follows a centralized model where they take full control over game dynamics.

By the way, using a centralized model means that an NFT game developer can decide to shut a game down any time they want. In blockchain games, it works differently. Users can keep on playing even when the NFT game developer is no longer involved.

With blockchain technology, players receive a unique experience with independence and complete ownership of in-game assets. As your skill improves, you can earn crypto rewards and even sell NFTs to turn your gaming into crypto. NFT (non-fungible token) is an in-game asset, including individual items, namely clothes and so on.

Since players possess source codes, they can save their NFTs even when the game stops working. Or, as an alternative, they can use these NFTs in another game. Basically, NFT is a type of content that players are allowed to keep for as long as they need. According to such favorable conditions, the brand new “blockchain and gaming” economy is being shaped now, bringing the entire industry to another level.

Blockchain games are attracting users all over the world and this process seems to be unstoppable. Gamers realize the adventure and go for it. Blockchain technology sets new cool trends in the gaming industry. We, as an NFT game development company, always keep us with them. Now, let’s look closer at the most popular of them.


It is made of numerous digitally interconnected and interoperable services. It is a collection of multiple digital worlds where every user can become a part of an online community.

Social Media Factor

Various platforms with social networking features are used for developing blockchain games. This brings a sense of community. Therefore players can keep in touch with each other, share experiences, create characters together, etc. Playing online games is not just you sitting in front of your computer. It has become a really big worldwide community.

Play To Earn

Playing games and making a good deal of money is probably the best thing. In blockchain games, players get full ownership of all the assets they acquire during the game. Then they can turn it into cryptocurrency that has real value.

NFTs can be traded with other players within the same game or even transferred to other platforms. Blockchain games are already known to have immense potential, and this is just the beginning. Who said that playing games is a complete waste of time? Now you can make gaming a source of income. Steady and high income.

To tell the truth, in the new reality, it is no wonder that a gamer can be a full-time occupation. The most dedicated players manage to monetize their gaming abilities and the time they spend on it. Isn’t it great? At the same time, an NFT game development company benefits, too.

And the most exciting part of this is that blockchain technology is now in its prime. NFT game development companies are just getting started. It’s impossible even to make predictions about what the future of the gaming industry holds for us, as it changes in the blink of an eye. No matter what it will be, we are sure, it will be amazing! Our NFT game development company follows all the latest industry trends and insights.

HitBerry Games is a worldwide NFT game development company. We’ve been developing NFT games for more than 12 years. Our NFT game development company brings together true experts with deep knowledge and vast experience in creating stunning games. Are you looking for an NFT game developer? Reach us now and we will provide you with the best specialists in game development NFT.

And if you do not want to miss a thing, follow us to stay informed. We will be the first to tell you about the new industry trends and updates.



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