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Steps To Create NFT Games

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

How to create NFT games

Read this post and find out how to develop NFT game step by step! Discover the world of online gaming with our NFT game development company!


We have already figured out what NFT games are, what is special about them, why they are so popular currently, and how people benefit from playing games based on NFT technology. We’ve provided you with all the necessary basic information. If you haven’t read it yet for some reason (that must be a reasonable one), go to our blog and find out everything you should know about NFT game development.

Once you’ve successfully learned all the slightest details and peculiarities about the NFT game developer work - congratulations, you are ready now to move on to the next level. You are on your way to becoming a real professional. Let’s climb higher together and find out how to develop NFT game.

That may sound quite complicated at first, but trust us - there is no need for you to worry as long as you work with the trusted and experienced NFT game development company. It’s not as difficult as it seems to be now.

At HitBerry Games, we do know our job. We’ve managed to bring together experienced and high-skilled specialists in developing NFT games. We have been in the gaming industry for years already, so we know what pitfalls an NFT game developer can face. By the way, one more thing we know for sure is how to deliver a hit game. Yes, that is what we are good at.

As an NFT game development company, we are proud of our professional background and we do not mind sharing our experience with anyone eager to learn. In our blog, you can see the gaming industry inside out. Join us on this exciting journey!

Well, let’s go back to NFT game development

HitBerry Games’ experts have prepared material that covers all the crucial steps an NFT game developer has to take to deliver a cool play-to-earn game based on NFT technology. Take a closer look at the step-by-step NFT game development tutorial we’ve made for you.

Decide on the game type

This is the very first step you need to take. Think about the final product - how you see it and what it’s supposed to be like. This initial part of an NFT game development tutorial requires you to carry out thorough research of the current gaming market trends. Analyze your target audience - find out what they like, need, and expect. This information will help you to deliver a game that will attract a huge number of users. Remember that the preparational stage should never be skipped. This is the key to success.

When choosing the game type, do not forget to consider the role of NFT technology in it. It can be implemented in numerous ways, so you must make it clear and set precise objectives at the very beginning.

Plan the game concept

In one of our previous posts, we said that skipping the initial stages of development and hoping you will manage to sort things out right in the process is a bad idea. Careful planning is a MUST!

An NFT game developer cannot start putting things together without a proper game design. It takes specialists to know the market quite well, understand users’ needs and expectations, and possess strong tech background and design skills to prepare a powerful design concept. Creativity and passion go without saying here.

A good design concept impacts the end product to a great extent, so we do not recommend neglecting it.

Select the proper tech stack

A good result depends on a long list of factors. If you still think that some of them are unimportant - you’re wrong. Every detail must be carefully thought out. Even a project with an excellent design concept can turn out a failure if you apply the wrong tools and technologies. At our NFT game development company, every NFT game developer possesses vast expertise and therefore knows what tools are most helpful and provide the best performance.

Oh, and we consider the price, too. We can choose affordable but still effective software. Do not forget to make sure that your game will be compatible with different operating systems.

The NFT game development process includes the following steps:

  • Preparational stage

  • Frontend stage

  • Backend stage

  • Launching a game

Now, it’s high time we told you a bit more about each level.

First of all, you need to create an environment for storing specific gaming items. That means setting up a server. Your next step is creating smart contracts. What are they? Smart contracts are self-executed pieces of code stored on the blockchain. They are used for the automation of the execution of an agreement. Consider, that smart contracts cannot be rewritten, so develop them carefully.

With the frontend stage begins the implementation of your concept into a real game! This part is challenging and interesting at the same time!

Frontend means the client side of the user interface - it can be written in JavaScript or TypeScript. When it comes to frameworks, the most popular are React, Vue, and Angular. At this level, you are also supposed to work with the game graphics and set up a crypto wallet, which is required for NFT games (MetaMask is highly recommended).

Once the frontend stage is over, you are ready to start with the backend development. This one is for putting all the data, content, and architecture of a game into one whole system. There are still a lot of tasks an NFT game developer has to tackle. The backend level consists of such crucial activities as the move function, save changes function, and ping function (this one is responsible for the verification of the server performance).

All the processes listed above make up behind the scenes of any NFT game development. So, you are finally ready with them and it looks like you can give the green light for launch. Ok, but you cannot yet. You must be wondering why. There is something very important that must take place between development and launch - testing.

We have already said that and we keep on repeating that - never release a game that hasn’t been tested well before. There is a high risk of it turning out a failure. If a game doesn’t work as it is supposed to, users will abandon it immediately. After all, the market is full of other options now. They will find an alternative in a matter of seconds, but you will lose.

Make sure you are launching a bug-free game before it's too late. Once the game is in stores and available to download, no significant changes or fixes are possible to be done.

There is a variety of testing types: Functional, Security, UI, Integration, API, and more. For tracking bugs, we recommend using Rinkeby, Ropsten Testnet, or Ganache.

Is the testing phase complete? Great! That is the moment for you to focus on the promotional campaign. Yes, one more important thing. But we’ve warned you - delivering a hit takes a lot of effort and time.

It’s necessary to spread the word about your upcoming game so people know about it and look forward to being able to install it. Good marketing impacts the final result considerably. Consider the marketing strategies carefully and your target audience will be encouraged to follow your product starting from the day it is launched.

We hope you have found this NFT game development tutorial useful!

Do you have an interesting idea and just need somebody to make it a reality? Or maybe you want to start NFT game development but find it difficult to come up with the concept? Contact our NFT game development company and let us do all the work for you!

At HitBerry Games, we do know what it takes to deliver a hit game. We are not afraid of taking on challenges! We promise you will enjoy the game and NFT art.



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