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What You Should Know About Games With 2D And 3D Graphics

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

2D Games vs 3D Games

What do you know about 2D games and 3D games? How do they differ? Are 2D games dead now? We have the answers to all these questions! Click here and read.


With the advancement of computer technology, the video gaming industry is developing simultaneously at a rapid pace. Over the past years, it has changed drastically, and the process seems unstoppable. Innovations appear every single day.

We watch this industry being updated regularly and every time we want it to be better and better! We always want to get more. Players are eager to experience highly realistic video game adventures of top quality. They want games to be as authentic as possible. Developers, in turn, do their best to satisfy users and provide them with games of superior quality.

The mobile games development market is highly competitive today. The range of great options is really wide. That is why it gets more complicated to create a mobile game that will become a hit. It takes a game to be interesting, attractive, and bug-free to successfully compete with numerous alternatives.

2D games or 3D games?

From the very beginning of the gaming industry and up to the mid-1990s 2D games were the only option. It was the norm and gamers enjoyed playing them. Well, it’s fair to say that when 2D games first appeared then, people found them just incredible. They were new and unusual. In the course of time, the gaming industry has upgraded to applying 3D technologies. 2D effects turned into more realistic 3D effects.

New 3D games immediately drew gamers’ attention. Quite quickly 3D technology has become so sophisticated making the gaming experience so natural. Needless to say, some game scenes are just like in movies.

But does that mean that 2D games are dead now? No, it doesn’t. They aren’t left in shadows, really. If you think that gamers are no longer interested in playing on a flat plane when 3D games exist, you are mistaken. Each type of game has its audience.

Of course, some game genres can be developed in full 3D only, but there are others - fighting games for example - still benefiting from 2D technology. Also, as a result of the technological boost, some gorgeous 3D environments which are possible to navigate on a 2D plane were created. This is how some cool hybrids came up.

Today the mobile games development industry has reached such a high level that new games are launched on various platforms daily, and the limitations keep disappearing.

Let’s take a closer look at the key differences between 2D and 3D game design

Obviously, both 2D and 3D have pros and cons.

2D graphics in video games

As you may guess from the name, 2D games have only two axes of motion. Basically, they are so-called “flat” games where you can just move right or left as well as up or down.

They are much simpler than 3D games which offer way more options for movement. Most 2D games are linear. In simple terms, a player’s objective is to get from the start to the end of a level. No difficulties at all!

Additionally, since a character has fewer movements and interactions with object options, the controls are easier. In 2D games, images are flat unlike in 3D games, where you can view objects from any angle. This is perfect for beginner gamers or for those people who do not spend much time playing video games. These games are easily playable and therefore bring a large audience.

It goes without saying that 2D games are usually easier to develop. It takes less time, money, and effort to create a mobile game with 2D graphics in comparison with 3D. In 2D games, the camera looks straight at the game from the side without the perspective that 3D games have.

However, some games apply a parallax scrolling effect. This means scrolling the background and foreground at various speeds to create the illusion of depth.

Games with 3D technology

The main feature of any 3D game is full movement through 3-dimensional planes. This gives players the most realistic game experience. Characters walk openly and have a lot of freedom in terms of movement. They can move around and turn 360 degrees and interact with objects that have length, height, and depth.

What is special about 3D games is the camera perspective. It’s different from 2D games. You can move it as you want and look at the game world from any possible angle. The camera can be moved to various positions independently of your character.

One more thing to point out is the complex character animation. 3D models react to other objects around them. The textures are also of a higher quality. In complex games, light and sound can be very realistic.

By the way, the gameplay becomes complex, too. With 3D, it’s no longer about getting to the end of the level only. These games set more tasks for players. Now you are required to explore the space, solve puzzles, and so on.

Is 3D better than 2D?

As we have already mentioned, both 2D and 3D games have their audience. The great popularity of 3D games does not mean no people are enjoying 2D games any longer. Well, maybe a considerable proportion of players prefer 3D games as they consider the new technology superior to 2D graphics due to its numerous advantages.

Taking all the benefits the 3D technology provides, we can say for sure that they do not damage the future of 2D games. The two game types can exist in parallel since each one is excellent and special in its way.

2D games - after all this time? Always

Let’s figure out why 2D games are still popular among gamers. The reason is simple - people do not stress out while playing them. 2D games are like “tap and play” with clear instructions. The interface is simple. A 2D game is smaller in size and thus perfect for mobile devices. Anyone can download it and play with a few clicks.

What do the 3D lovers say?

3D games are all about lifelike experiences and emotions while playing. That’s what gamers appreciate. They like that feeling they get from the volume and depth of the characters and the environment. This is what 2D games cannot offer. 3D games are nice for dedicated gamers who like the complexity of gameplay and do not mind spending much time completing multiple missions.

What do game developers say?

As a rule, a 3D game is more difficult to develop. It takes designers and developers more time and expense to achieve high performance. In 3D games, they need to deal with separate animation assets, bones, skinning, and more.

On the other hand, sometimes creating the movement in 3D can be a bit easier than in 2D. It depends on the characters’ complexity. For instance, in 2D designers may be required to redraw a character for each position completely. That is a quite time-consuming and tedious process, right?

3D video games, in turn, cost more. The mobile games creation process, in this case, requires much more money. It is necessary to hire a large team of developers and game designers and provide them with all the essential tools for creating a high-quality 3D video game. The top tools used for developing 3D games include Unity and Unreal Engine 4.

Do you want to create a game that will reach the market’s top? Do you still have doubts about what to choose: 2D or 3D? Do not waste time - contact us and the HitBerry Games team will be happy to give you a helping hand and join you in creating a hit game.



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