Virtual Reality In The Gaming Industry

Virtual reality in game development

Virtual Reality sets a new direction for the entire gaming industry! It has already turned it upside down. VR games keep attracting more and more users. Learn more about it!


Not so long ago virtual reality was something rather unreal for us. We struggled to figure out even how it worked. When VR was first applied for educational and training purposes in the US military and NASA, it still seemed to be unfamiliar and very far from common people. But the technological field is developing at a crazy high speed. Innovations appear in the blink of an eye. It feels like the whole world has turned upside down over such a relatively short period of time. So, it’s no wonder that it didn’t take long for virtual reality to be used in the gaming industry.

Needless to say, right now virtual reality game development is becoming one of the most popular investments. This field has proven to be quite profitable therefore it’s not a surprise that VR attracts a lot of users as well as businesses.

Once the VR headsets were introduced to the market back in 2016, a worldwide revolution in the technological sphere started. Since then, numerous VR devices have been introduced to the market. The users’ awareness of VR innovations is steadily rising. As a result, many gigantic companies and corporations like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Sony, Samsung, Apple, etc. are entering the virtual reality industry. They create and deliver affordable VR hardware to the mass-consumer market. Thanks to them, users can now select from a wide range of VR equipment options. There are both expensive devices and cheaper alternatives. Virtual reality is getting closer to everyone.

To make it clearer, let's specify what virtual reality is

Basically, this is an incredibly realistic and immersive simulation of a three-dimensional environment. This improves the user experience to a significant extent. That is why the number of businesses that opt for implementing immersive technology is constantly rising. This trend turns out to be so beneficial and profitable!

What about applying virtual reality to game development?

Sounds like a good idea! Many business owners jump at the opportunity to attract more new users by implementing VR into online games. Game development studios all over the world join the VR movement to create cooler products and transform the user experience. Virtual reality has already set a new direction for the entire video game industry, taking over a dominating role. Let’s find out all the details together!

VR in video games is a powerful mixture of interactive, engaging, and visually appealing experience. This gives gamers a unique opportunity to get into the game and experience it to the fullest.

Why using VR in the gaming industry is beneficial

We have already mentioned that VR games attract more gamers. This trend is currently on top. Going with VR-driven applications is a great idea because:

  • There are appealing virtual objects

  • Users get a real-time gaming experience

  • Cutting-edge technologies are involved

  • A much higher retention rate is ensured

  • It boosts sales and increases revenue

  • Simple but still - VR games are more visually attractive

  • VR headset or a pair of gogglers allow players to move around the artificial world

  • Players can also interact with the virtual creatures and even appear on the screen

As you can clearly see, VR games turn into a large cornerstone of gaming. If you want to succeed in the industry, you better keep up with the latest trends!

Necessary steps to create a virtual reality game

We’ve created a simple 7-steps guide for you. Once you start the process of VR game development, this will come in handy.

Generate a game idea

Everything starts with a unique and interesting initial concept. At this stage, think about what your target audience is, why your game will be special, and what emotions it is expected to trigger. Finding answers to these questions will lead to a promising concept for your future game. Congratulations on marking the beginning!

Decide on the target VR devices

The range of options is wide indeed. Consider the following solutions:

  • Light mobile VR

  • Premium mobile VR

  • PC VR-headsets

  • Console VR

  • Standalone solutions

Before you make a decision, take into account your project’s requirements and limits. There is no universal solution. The choice depends on the type of game you are going to develop.

Choose the type of graphics

When it comes to virtual reality games, development cost mostly depends on the design. Game design should be considered thoroughly as it impacts the end product.

Consider these 4 design types:

  • 2D graphics

  • 3D graphics

  • Photorealistic graphics

  • 360 panoramic videos

Of course, each type has its own advantages. But your task is to find a perfect solution for your game. Outline your purposes to figure out which one will work best.

Find a proper development platform

What game engine should you choose? That is an important decision. The market offers a variety of tools for game development. You can opt for either expensive software or an affordable alternative. However, in most cases, developers face the same question: Unity or Unreal? These are two leaders in the game engine market. We’ve already posted a detailed comparison of these software tools. In case you still do not know about the basic differences and similarities between them, do not waste time and click here. Discover all their specific features and make a decision!

Find a developer and define the development cost

Here comes a responsible step that impacts the entire process. Dealing with experienced and high-skilled professional developers is the key to success. Always value your time and money.

As for development costs, they depend on several factors. Here you need to consider the target hardware, the type of graphics and game engine, the desired functionality, and so on.

Game development and testing

This stage is the longest and the most difficult. It will take your team a lot of time and effort to create a virtual reality game from scratch. Be ready to take up challenges and show flexibility. Developing a game is not an easy task, but with careful planning and a clear vision of the future game, the process will go smoothly.

Pay special attention to the testing phase. This one must never be skipped. Testing your game for bugs is a MUST before it is delivered to stores. Once the game is launched, you are no longer able to introduce serious changes. And if it is not easy playable, users will abandon it and find a better one. After all, the gaming industry is extremely competitive today.


Finally, your game is ready to be published! Make sure it meets all the market’s requirements. Do not neglect running a promotional campaign. Inform users about the upcoming product in advance and make them look forward to it.

To sum up, delivering a VR game is not a piece of cake, really. You must be ready to overcome numerous obstacles. But once they all are behind, you will get your long-awaited reward.

The VR games market is growing rapidly and, to be frank, it has promising potential and big perspectives. So it’s high time you entered the industry and tried your hand at developing games using immersive technology.

Do you need professionals’ help? In HitBerry Games we are always ready to consult you. Contact us and get more information about the game development process. We promise a quick process and the result you will 100% enjoy!


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