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Top Horror Games 2023 (by HitBerry Games)

Get ready to embrace the eerie vibes this Halloween season with spine-chilling mobile horror games crafted by HitBerry Games, a leading mobile game development studio.

As the Halloween atmosphere settles in, there's no better way to experience the thrill of fear than by diving into the world of horror games. Game developers use exciting Halloween marketing tips to engage more players. Even if you typically shy away from horror, this October presents an opportunity for everyone!

Horror Games

Top Horror Games by HitBerry Games

We've also prepared a few examples of spooky games for this season. Welcome to HitBerry Games' selection of heart-pounding horror experiences! Brace yourself for a terrifying journey through the dark and suspenseful worlds of these spine-chilling games.

1. Dangerous Plant

(Runner, Hyper-Casual, Arcade)

Download here

Dangerous Plant

In Dangerous Plant, you'll nurture and cultivate your own sinister flora. Gather all the necessary resources and watch as your plant grows into a menacing entity. The twist? Now, it's time to turn the tables. Hunt down and devour your creator in this intense game of predator and prey.

2. Death Finger

(Idle, Clicker, Arcade)

Download here

Death Finger

With Death Finger at your command, you hold the power of life and death in your hands. Tap and unleash the cataclysmic touch that wipes out humanity. Can you handle the moral dilemma and the responsibility that comes with such immense power? Find out in Death Finger.

3. Giant Sniper Monster Battle

(Casual, Action, Arcade)

Download here

Giant Sniper Monster Battle

Prepare yourself for an epic showdown against a colossal and ferocious monster. Armed with your sniper skills, aim precisely and shoot down the beast before it's too late. Your survival hinges on your ability to take down this formidable foe. Can you outwit the Giant Sniper Monster and emerge victorious?

4. To The Top

(Casual, Arcade)

Download here

 To The Top

Embark on a vertical adventure in To The Top, where reaching the summit is your ultimate goal. Stretch and jump your way upwards, overcoming obstacles and challenges that stand in your way. But beware – the journey is fraught with dangers, including menacing bats eager to thwart your ascent. Can you navigate the treacherous path and claim the top spot?

5. Slime Haunt

(Action, Survival, Casual)

Slime Haunt

Ever fantasized about sending a Slime on a mission to haunt an office space? Now you can! In Slime Haunt, count down as the Slime infiltrates the workplace, creating chaos and fear among employees. Experience the thrill of the chase as you maneuver the Slime through the office, scaring everyone in its path. One, two, three – let the haunting begin!


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Immerse yourself in the adrenaline-fueled gameplay of these HitBerry Games titles and confront your deepest fears. Are you ready to face the unknown and emerge victorious in the face of terror? Play now and test your courage in these spine-chilling adventures!

HitBerry Games creates seasonal mobile games and implements all of the above strategies into gameplay. Our studio has about 50 successful projects in various areas of game development.

Our development team is ready to help you with any project and create a hit game together! Read more about our services and calculate the price of your future game for free with our cost calculator!



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