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What You Need For Cross-Platform Game Development

We are HitBerry Games, an international mobile game development company. Based on many years of experience in the gaming industry, we want to share our vision of the present and future of cross-platform game development.

What is cross-platform game development?

Cross-platform game development
Cross-platform game development

Cross-platform game development means making games that work on many different devices, like mobile phones, PCs, and game consoles.

Instead of making a separate game for each device, developers use special tools to create one game that can be played on all of them. This makes it easier for players to enjoy the same game no matter what device they're using.

Why opt for cross-platform game development?

The game industry is rapidly growing, with users demanding games that work across different devices and operating systems.

  • According to a report by Statista, global mobile app revenues are projected to reach $732.8 billion by the end of 2027, $352.1 billion are the games' part.

Statista Revenue of mobile apps worldwide 2019-2027, by segment
Statista. Revenue of mobile apps worldwide 2019-2027, by segment

By adopting cross-platform game development, you're positioning yourself to tap into a larger user base and optimize your game's potential for success.

Game Development for Different Platforms

Let's explore the gaming landscape across different devices and platforms, uncovering the factors that shape your development choices.

Mobile Devices (iOS and Android)

Pros: Mobile gaming boasts a wide reach, tapping into millions of devices worldwide. The lower development costs make it a lucrative option for developers, especially when in-app purchases drive revenue.

Cons: Small screen sizes and hardware limitations can pose challenges in displaying complex graphics and achieving high performance. Navigating app store approval processes can also be time-consuming.

PC and Mac

Pros: PC and Mac platforms offer powerful hardware for immersive graphics and versatile gameplay. The flexibility of development languages and multiple revenue streams, from online marketplaces to retail stores, make this platform enticing.

Cons: While versatile, development costs can rise due to specialized hardware and software requirements. Reaching a broad audience might be more challenging compared to mobile or console platforms.

Console Gaming (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo)

Pros: Dedicated hardware provides a consistent and high-quality gaming experience. The popularity of consoles ensures a broad audience, while multiple revenue streams and optimized hardware further boost appeal.

Cons: The higher development costs, console-specific development, and licensing fees can make console game development pricier. The approval process by platform holders can also be demanding.

Browser-based Gaming

Pros: Browser-based games offer cross-platform compatibility, accessible via devices with an internet connection. They are cost-effective to develop and easy to distribute through online channels.

Cons: Limited by device hardware, graphics quality, and browser capabilities. Security risks also pose a concern in this platform.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Pros: VR and AR provide immersive, unique gameplay experiences. They also offer cross-platform compatibility, reaching a diverse audience.

Cons: High hardware costs and limited content availability can hinder widespread adoption. Technical complexities add to the challenges of developing for these platforms.

Choosing the right platform for your cross-platform development depends on your goals, target audience, and resources.

Cross-platform game development: successful cases

Check out these successes in cross-platform gaming:

Fortnite: Epic Games' masterpiece, Fortnite, reigns on Windows, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and mobiles. Its triumph is rooted in cross-platform play and a free-to-play approach.

Fortnite. Source:

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG): PUBG Corporation's battle royale sensation rocks Windows, Xbox, PlayStation, and mobiles. With stunning visuals and a massive player community, it's a cross-platform powerhouse.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Source:

Minecraft: Mojang Studios' sandbox gem invites players to craft and explore virtual realms. Play it on Windows, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and mobiles. It's etched in history as one of the best-selling video games ever.

Minecraft. Source:

Best solutions for successful cross-platform development

Follow these simple strategies for a smoother experience:

1. Choose the Right Game Engine

Pick a game engine that supports various platforms like Unreal Engine, Unity, or CryEngine. This ensures seamless development across different devices.

2. Craft for Different Screen Sizes

Make your game look and play great on all devices by designing for various screen sizes. Optimize graphics, controls, and the game interface for different resolutions and ratios.

3. Optimize for Different Hardware

Each platform has its hardware capabilities. Optimize your game for smooth performance by fine-tuning graphics, physics, and features for various CPUs, GPUs, and memory limitations.

4. Tap into Cloud Gaming Technology

Consider cloud gaming tech, a rising trend. This allows games to run on remote servers instead of local devices. It helps overcome hardware limits and delivers a consistent experience across platforms.

5. Collaborate with Platform Providers

Work closely with Apple, Google, Microsoft, or other platform providers. Ensure your game aligns with their requirements, leverages platform-specific features, and meets their performance standards. This collaboration helps with testing and certification.

By sticking to these easy principles, your cross-platform game development journey will be smoother and more rewarding.

Why Pick HitBerry Games for Your Cross-Platform Game

Tech Expertise: Our developers use top game engines like Unreal Engine and Unity for smooth gameplay on all platforms.

Teamwork Approach: From idea to launch, we work closely with you to make your game dream a reality.

Play Everywhere: Your game will work great on phones, computers, consoles, and more, reaching players everywhere.

Choose HitBerry Games for quality, creativity, and games that work everywhere. Contact us right now to make your game a hit together!



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