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AI Image Generators To Watch In 2023

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing multiple industries, and image generation is one field where it is having a significant impact.

There are various AI-based image generators that use AI algorithms to convert text into images, providing a fast and efficient way to turn ideas or concepts into visual representations.

With so many AI image generators in the market, it can be challenging to pick the right one. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at 13 of the top AI image generators available in 2023, highlighting their strengths and limitations to help you choose the one that best suits your needs. Let's dive in

AI image generators: what are they and what are they used for?

An AI image generator is a software tool that utilizes deep learning algorithms to generate realistic images from text descriptions. These algorithms are trained on large datasets of images and their corresponding captions, allowing the tool to understand the relationship between text and visual representation.

AI image generators can be utilized for various purposes, such as generating inspiration for creative projects, visualizing ideas, experimenting with different scenarios or concepts, or simply for entertainment.

AI generators are getting actively used in mobile games development. With the help of AI image generators, you can quickly create images of landscapes, animals, objects, characters, 3D models, or any other image you can imagine, and fine-tune them with various customization options and details.

Best 13 AI Image Generators on the Market

  1. Fotor - an online photo editor that recently introduced an AI image generator that is easy to use and can be used to create realistic face images, 3D and anime characters, paintings, and digital art of any type. It's free to use and allows for export of images in full resolution.

  2. NightCafe - a popular AI text-to-image generator that offers more algorithms and options than other generators. It has two conversion models: Text to Image and Style Transfer. It is based on a credit system where the more credits you have, the more images you can generate.

  3. Dream by WOMBO - created by a Canadian AI startup, this generator is considered by many to be the best all-around AI image generator. It allows you to upload an image as a reference to better match your vision.

  4. DALL-E 2 - a cutting-edge AI image generator developed by OpenAI, known for its advanced capabilities and fast image generation. It also offers a paintbrush feature to add details to your image.

  5. Midjourney - a comprehensive and fast AI image generator, often used by artists as inspiration for their work. Currently hosted on a Discord server.

  6. Dream Studio (Stable Diffusion) - a popular open-source text-to-image AI generator that can produce photorealistic artworks.

  7. Craiyon - a free AI image generator with no sign-up required, generates 9 different images from text input.

  8. Deep Dream Generator - a popular online AI art generator tool that is easy to use and offers a set of AI tools for creating visual content.

  9. StarryAI - an automatic AI image generator that turns images into NFTs, providing users with full ownership of the created images for personal or commercial use.

  10. Artbreeder - a machine learning-based image generator that creates unique and creative images by remixing existing images. While the quality may not be as high as other generators, it offers thousands of illustrations and allows for easy organization and downloading.

  11. Photosonic - a web-based AI image generator that can create realistic or artistic images from text descriptions, with user control over quality, diversity, and style.

  12. DeepAI - a free, text-to-image generator that uses a state-of-the-art AI model and allows for an unlimited number of unique images. However, the quality may not be as photorealistic as other options.

  13. Big Sleep - an open-source, Python-based AI image generator that utilizes a neural network for image creation.

AI image generator is a good assistant for everyone, whether you're a professional graphic designer or a casual user looking for fun image creation. There is a huge variety of options, and this list presents an array of choices to suit different needs and preferences. We hope that this article has assisted you in finding the right AI image generator for your needs.

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