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Female CEO In Game Development

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Woman CEO

The twenty-first century is a period of global changes that relate to various aspects of our life - social as well as working. Business is no longer for males only - females are welcome, too. Moreover, today women all over the globe hold their own in leadership positions quite successfully. They have already proven themselves as great business executives, politicians, entrepreneurs, etc. Now the percentage of women in the workforce is much higher compared to previous generations.


Leadership is for men - a stereotype that is no longer up-to-date

According to numerous studies, women have scored much higher than men on several key leadership qualities. However, equality isn’t enough yet. Women have got immense potential to lead huge companies, but the percentage of female CEO is still low. As research results show, public companies are more likely to have women on their boards or in top positions rather than private ones. Additionally, the highest proportion of C-suite women happens in the financial, retail, and healthcare spheres.

Females on board - is it necessary?

The answer is undoubtedly YES! The modern world needs more women on various companies’ boards and in CEO positions. See why it is essential to boost the number of female CEOs and how women can contribute to the business’s success.

It has been proven that greater board and leadership diversity brings significant benefits. Well, it also brings fresh perspectives on markets. When it comes to business, gender diversity really matters now. It affects the brand's overall image, customers, shareholders, and employees' satisfaction positively.

Women change the gaming industry

Analyzing the mobile games development industry today, we can see (and it cannot but please) that more women get involved in mobile games development. They take part in various processes - from game development to managing companies.

Needless to say, women show excellent results either as development specialists or leaders. A lot of well-known mobile games creation studios are managed and run by females. Such changes are actively supported throughout the industry.

But not so long ago, the mobile games development industry seemed like unconquered territory for females. Luckily, things are changing in game development. Here is an interesting fact: Intel Corporation has invested $300 million towards female diversity in the tech and game industries. They aim to increase the number of women working as game developers and designers.

The future seems to be quite bright for women in the gaming industry. More noteworthy women in corporate positions inspire others to pave the way for climbing the career ladder. Below are a few prominent names in the mobile games development industry:

  • Jade Raymond - CEO of Stadia Games and Entertainment, founder of Ubisoft Toronto, and Motive Studios.

  • Amy Hennig - Scriptwriter and director at Naughty Dog.

  • Amber Dalton - Sr. director of sales/sponsors at Twitch.

  • Valeria Castro - founder and CEO at Platonic Games.

So why does the gaming industry need women?

Female representation leads to positive responses from the public (but it is still lacking). One more reason is boosting a different point of view in the gaming industry. Women are brilliant, innovative, creative, and rational.

They come up with interesting and unusual ideas which can impact projects positively. A once male-dominated field, the mobile games creation industry has recently shifted and extended its acceptance to females who are equally as interested and qualified as their male counterparts.

The HitBerry Games CEO is awarded by Clutch

As a mobile app development studio, we were proud to receive an award from Clutch. To be precise, the HitBerry Games co-founder Julia Zolotarenko was certified by Clutch as a Woman CEO.

“This is a great honor for me” - Julia says.

And the award is very important for the entire team. Noting our company in the person of our CEO means a lot to us. First of all, it motivates us to keep on working, working harder and more persistently.

We think there should be more women in leadership positions in game development companies. Female CEOs are open to innovative mentoring approaches, they are capital efficient, multi-dimensional, and they are caring.

Read the recently published our CEO's interview with GoodFirms and find out more about the HitBerry Games path.

We are happy to be among worldwide popular and successful mobile games development companies. Also, we appreciate that so many customers choose, trust us, and then recommend us to others. At HitBerry Games, we’ve managed to bring together experts with powerful skill sets and vast experience in mobile games development.

We have been creating excellent and top-quality games for years already. Our main goal is to deliver the final product that meets all the customer’s expectations and requirements. Still, we are always looking for development and improvement. We are eager to grow! We are passionate about what we do therefore we believe that one-day HitBerry Games will become one of the leading mobile games development studios in the world.

Have a game idea? Don't waste time - reach us now and share it with us!



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