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  • Taisiia Dobrozorova

How Female CEOs In Game Development Are Changing the Industry

Woman CEO Clutch Award for HitBerry Games
Woman CEO Clutch Award for HitBerry Games

The gaming industry, unfortunately, like many other businesses, did not initially have many women in leadership positions. A 2020 report found only 23 out of 144 executives in the top 14 gaming companies were women.

However, with the emergence of female CEOs in game development companies, the industry began to experience a real turning point.


Higher Financial Performance

The importance of women in management positions can, first of all, be assessed through the company's achievements. It turns out that companies with more women leaders tend to have better financial performance. Companies in the top 10% for financial performance have more women leaders, with 29% women leaders compared to only 23% women leaders in underperforming companies.

It can appear due to a variety of interconnected factors. For example, diverse leadership teams bring a wider range of perspectives, leading to more comprehensive decision-making and problem-solving. Therefore, YES - women CEOs can significantly increase a company's income, proven by statistics!

Creating an inclusive culture

Female CEOs In Game Development
Female CEOs In Game Development

Additionally, female CEOs also have a significant impact on creating inclusive and empathic work cultures within gaming companies. They often strive to create work environments that support diversity and inclusion, leading to increased productivity and creative growth for the team.

For example, Anita Sarkesian, founder and executive director of Feminist Frequency, is a strong advocate for inclusivity and representation of women in the games industry. Her work analyzing the representation of women in video games helps to identify and overcome stereotypes that exist in the field.

Moreover, organizations Like 'Women in Games' focus on promoting gender equality and inclusion, fostering a more welcoming environment for women in the industry.

Productivity and Collaboration

Research shows that women leaders improve businesses by increasing productivity, enhancing collaboration, inspiring organizational dedication, and improving fairness. That's why having women CEOs in the gaming industry is crucial. They're proven to boost businesses by improving productivity and promoting fairness.

Empathy and creative growth

Finally, women leaders are perceived to have clear advantages over men in key areas such as wisdom and compassion, which translates into better business and financial results.

The empathy and understanding of sociocultural contexts that female CEOs often exhibit can help the team grow creatively and create games that inspire and spark dialogue. This is what the industry needs to stimulate creativity and result in innovative, high-quality gaming products!

The HitBerry Games CEO is awarded by Clutch in 2024

Julia Zolotarenko, CEO of HitBerry Games
Julia Zolotarenko, CEO of HitBerry Games

As a mobile app development studio, we were delighted to be honored with an award from Clutch. Specifically, Julia Zolotarenko, co-founder of HitBerry Games, was recognized by Clutch as a Woman CEO.

"I'm delighted to have received this award for several years and am proud of the contributions women make to the gaming industry,"
- Julia remarked.

This award holds significant importance for our entire team. Being acknowledged by Clutch as one of the Top Women-Owned Mobile App Development Companies serves as a tremendous source of motivation for us. It inspires us to persistently strive for excellence and work even harder.

We strongly advocate for more women to assume leadership roles within game development companies. Female CEOs bring innovative mentoring techniques, demonstrate capital efficiency, possess multidimensional skills, and exhibit compassion.

Check out our CEO's interview with GoodFirms to delve into the journey of HitBerry Games.

We take pride in being counted among the globally renowned and prosperous mobile game development companies. Moreover, we deeply value the trust and recommendations of our numerous satisfied customers.

Got a game idea? Waste no time – get in touch with us today and share your vision!



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