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10+ Top Gaming Companies in UK

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

When you choose to engage with the top gaming companies in UK, you can expect nothing short of unmatched quality and player satisfaction. These companies following studios pride themselves on delivering games that are polished, immersive, and designed with the utmost attention to detail.

Every aspect, from graphics and sound design to gameplay mechanics and user interfaces, is meticulously crafted to provide an exceptional gaming experience.

An Overview of the Gaming Industry: Statistics

But first, some statistics to see what's in store for the gaming world in the coming years.

The industry has experienced a significant rise in terms of clients and revenue, unlike in the past. Consider the charts below.

Gaming Industry Statistics
Gaming Industry Statistics. Source: Newzoo

If you look specifically at the UK video game market, it is also showing excellent performance. Since 2016, the numbers show jump almost 2 times and promise constant growth.

Video Game Market Value in the UK
Video Game Market Value in the UK. Source: Statista

If you are interested in mobile games, then you will simply be amazed at the explosive growth of the market by about 5 times since 2017. And it does not think to slow down.

Probably, if you want to count on absolute success, then mobile games are a win-win option now.

Mobile Games Market Revenue
Mobile Games Market Revenue. Source: Statista

So now that we've looked at your chances of making a profitable game, let's take a look at gaming studios in the UK.

Top 10 Gaming Companies in UK

Gaming Companies in UK

1. HitBerry Games

HitBerry Games is a renowned worldwide mobile game development studio with a proven track record of creating successful games.

Their expertise covers all aspects of mobile game development, including concept, design, art, development, testing, and launch. HitBerry Games offers a wide range of services, such as branded games/advergames, HTML5 games, mobile game development outsourcing, NFT games development, and AR & VR development.

This gaming company offers top-notch quality and addictive gameplay that provides an exceptional gaming experience for players.

2. Cubix

Cubix is one the gaming companies in UK that specializes in 2D and 3D multiplayer mobile games and isometric game development. With a team of experienced game developers proficient in animation platforms like Blender, Unity, Maya, and Max, Cubix has worked with renowned clients such as DreamWorks, Canon, Walmart, and Tissot.


KEVURU GAMES is a global leading game development company and art production studio. Their reputation as a game development partner is solidified by working with esteemed clients like Foxnext, Techno, and Epic Games. Having contributed to some of the best PC games in the world, KEVURU GAMES is known for its commitment to excellence and top-tier game development services.

4. Payload Studios

Payload Studios, an award-winning independent gaming studio, offers games for PC, mobile, and consoles. Their sandbox game, Terra Tech, allows players to explore, create, and battle across vast landscapes, fostering creativity and discovery.

5. Argentics

Founded in 2017, Argentics is a leading design and gaming company. They excel in creating creative and engaging games, as well as gamified applications. With expertise in 2D and 3D game art, prototyping, animations, and AR/VR development, Argentics offers a comprehensive range of services. They also provide NFT game development, catering to both AAA clients and small indie projects.

6. Outplay Entertainment

Outplay Entertainment specializes in puzzle-related games, offering a variety of thrilling and adventurous experiences. Games like Mystery Match Village and Crafty Candy Blast showcase their commitment to delivering attractive characters and unlimited fun for players.

7. Aspired

Aspired is a gaming studio that specializes in helping clients build remote autonomous dedicated teams. They carefully select elite talent from around the globe and pair them with teams working on thought-provoking problems. With their expertise in identifying new and emerging tech hubs, Aspired delivers top-notch game development solutions.

8. Marmalade Game Studio

Marmalade Game Studio focuses on creating wonderful experiences for game lovers. They bring classic board games to life on various platforms, including PC, Android, iOS, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. Games like Monopoly and Cluedo offer unique features such as in-game video chat and different game mode options.

9. Juego Studios

Juego Studios is a leading app and game development company with a diverse portfolio of cross-platform games based in the UK. They offer services in art and design, AR and VR, technology, and more. With expertise in mobile, console, desktop, and web3 development, Juego Studios combines experience with cutting-edge technology to deliver top-notch gaming experiences.

10. Chucklefish

Chucklefish is a UK-based gaming studio known for its engaging games like Eastward, Starbound, and Loco Motive. Their titles span various genres, including adventure games that take players on exciting journeys through unique worlds.

11. Room 8 Group

Room 8 Group is a powerhouse of game developers spread across 7 art production and game development studios on 4 continents. Their expertise lies in creating technically overwhelming AAA-scale games. Collaborating with renowned companies like Square Enix, Codemasters, and Supermassive Games, Room 8 Group is known for pushing the boundaries of game development.

12. Bossa Studios

Bossa Studios is known for its creative and inclusive games, including titles like I am Fish and Surgeon Simulator 2. With a team of expert game designers and engineers, Bossa Studios crafts engaging and immersive experiences for players.

13. Tripledot Studios

Tripledot Studios is one of the fastest-growing gaming companies in UK, led by industry veterans. Their mission is to create a collaborative environment that leverages the knowledge and experience of top mobile game companies. With games like Woodoku and Solitaire, Tripledot Studios delivers challenging and engaging experiences for players.


These 10+ gaming companies in UK showcase the talent and innovation within the industry. Whether it's building dedicated teams, creating engaging games, or providing top-tier art production services, these companies are at the forefront of shaping the gaming landscape.

If you are still in doubt, then pay attention to HitBerry Games Studio. Their competence and experience in working with different genres and gaming platforms will help you create a joint top-notch project.

Contact us to make the game of your dreams!

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