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How to Create Character Concept Art

In the vast and captivating realms of storytelling, creating memorable and compelling characters lies at the heart of every great narrative. Character concept art is a pivotal element in this creative process, as it visualizes the essence and appearance of fictional characters during the initial stages of development.

In this article, we'll delve into the fascinating world of concept art creation. We differentiate it from character design and provide you with a step-by-step guide to crafting your own captivating character concepts!

Character Concept Art
Character Concept Art

What is Character Concept Art?

Character concept art is the visual representation of fictional characters during the conceptualization phase. It serves as a blueprint that brings the characters' personalities and physical appearances to life.

Character concept art plays a vital role in guiding artists, animators, and designers throughout the creative process. By capturing the essence of the characters in their early stages, concept art provides a reference point for further development, ensuring consistency and coherence in the final design.

Character Concept Art vs. Character Design

These two concepts are interrelated aspects of the character development process, but they serve different purposes.

Character Concept Art: This early stage of the creative journey focuses on visual exploration and discovery. Concept art seeks to define the character's appearance, traits, and mood. It allows the artist to experiment with various concepts, poses, expressions, and outfits, exploring different directions before settling on a final design.

Character Design: Building on the foundation of concept art, character design involves refining and fleshing out the character's visual elements. Designers focus on the character's complete look, incorporating intricate details, costume design, facial expressions, and various poses. The goal is to create a cohesive and finalized representation of the character, ready for animation and further production.

How to Create Character Concept Art

Embarking on the journey of crafting character concept art is an exciting endeavor that calls for the perfect blend of creativity and imagination. Follow these simple steps to bring your characters to life on the canvas.

Step 1: Define the Character's Personality and Background

Before you start sketching, dive deep into your character's world. Understand their personality, background story, motivations, and role within the larger narrative. The more you know about your character, the easier it will be to visualize and portray them in your concept art.

Step 2: Research and Gather Inspiration

Seek inspiration from various sources, such as art books, mythology, history, and real-life references. Explore different artistic styles and techniques to find the one that best resonates with your character's essence.

Step 3: Sketch Preliminary Ideas

With a clear understanding of your character's personality and some inspiration in hand, start sketching rough and preliminary ideas. Use Pinterest or any other source of free art collections. Allow yourself to explore different looks, poses, and expressions. Don't be afraid to experiment and let your creativity flow freely.

Step 4: Refine the Design

From your preliminary sketches, select the most promising elements and start refining your character's appearance. Pay attention to details like facial features, body language, attire, and any unique traits that define your character's individuality.

Step 5: Add Color and Details

Once you've honed in on a specific concept, add color to your character concept art. Choose a color palette that complements the character's personality and background story. Don't forget to add finer details, such as textures, patterns, and accessories, to enhance the overall visual appeal.

Step 6: Create Multiple Views

To provide a comprehensive understanding of your character, develop multiple views, including front, side, and back angles. These different perspectives will help other artists, animators, or designers involved in the project maintain consistency throughout the character's portrayal.

Character Concept Art Examples

Let's explore some inspiring character concept art examples to ignite your creative spark:

1. Medieval Knight: Picture a noble and valiant knight adorned in gleaming armor, radiating strength and courage as they stand ready to defend the realm from dark forces.

Character Concept Art Example

2. Steampunk Adventurer: Envision a daring and adventurous steampunk explorer, equipped with an array of gears, gadgets, and a sense of wonder as they embark on thrilling expeditions through an alternate Victorian era.

Steampunk Adventurer

3. Mythical Creature: Imagine an enchanting and mystical creature, seamlessly blending the features of various animals and mythical beings. This wondrous being captivated hearts and minds, leaving the audience spellbound in a world of awe and curiosity.

Mythical Creature

4. Space Explorer: Envisage a fearless space explorer donning a futuristic space suit, equipped with high-tech gadgets, and venturing into the unexplored cosmos. This intrepid astronaut exudes a sense of curiosity and determination as they seek to unravel the mysteries of the universe.

Space Explorer:

5. Cyberpunk Hacker: Imagine a skilled and enigmatic cyberpunk hacker, adorned with cybernetic enhancements, vibrant tattoos, and neon-lit cyberware. This tech-savvy character navigates through a dystopian metropolis, leaving a trail of intrigue and mystery in their wake.

Cyberpunk Hacker

6. Mermaid Princess: Picture a mesmerizing mermaid princess, graced with shimmering scales and flowing aquatic attire. This aquatic royalty possesses a captivating voice that enchants both humans and sea creatures alike, weaving tales of love and adventure beneath the ocean depths.

Mermaid Princess

7. Alien Ambassador: Envision an enigmatic and diplomatic extraterrestrial ambassador, representing a distant alien civilization. This character features an otherworldly appearance, with distinctive alien features and advanced technology, promoting intergalactic cooperation and understanding.

Alien Ambassador

8. Stealthy Ninja: Imagine a nimble and stealthy ninja, draped in a dark hooded cloak and armed with deadly weapons. This master of stealth and combat moves through the shadows with grace, ensuring justice is served and darkness is kept at bay.

 Stealthy Ninja

9. Time Traveler: Picture a time-traveling adventurer, donning a time-traveling device and adorned with artifacts from different eras. This intrepid explorer journeys through time, unraveling historical mysteries and ensuring the preservation of the timeline.

Time Traveler:

10. Mythological God: Envisage a powerful and majestic mythological deity, adorned with elaborate regalia and exuding divine authority. This godly figure oversees various aspects of the cosmos, inspiring awe and reverence among their worshippers.

Mythological God

How to Outsource Character Concept Art Development

Suppose you lack artistic skills or prefer a professional touch for your character concept art. In that case, you can explore the option of outsourcing the development to experienced artists and illustrators. Platforms offering freelance services, art communities, or specialized concept art studios are excellent resources for connecting with skilled artists who can breathe life into your characters.

HitBerry Games will also be happy to help you with the game design or other development stages outsourcing and create a project from idea to release!


Let's address some frequently asked questions about character concept art.

What skills do you need to be a Character Concept Artist?

To excel as a character concept artist, you'll need a diverse set of artistic skills, including drawing, sketching, digital art, anatomy, and a solid understanding of storytelling. Creativity, attention to detail, and the ability to convey emotions through visual representation are essential attributes for this role.

Does Concept Art include Character Design?

Yes, concept art is the foundational stage that leads to character design. Character concept art establishes the visual direction, which character designers then elaborate on and refine to create the complete and polished look of the character.

What is the difference between Concept Art and Character Design?

Character concept art focuses on the early stages of visual exploration and personality portrayal, while character design entails the meticulous refinement and finalization of the character's appearance, encompassing elements like poses, facial expressions, costumes, and more.

To Sum Up

Character concept art is an indispensable and thrilling step in the character development process. By defining the characters' appearance and personality early on, concept art sets the tone and direction for further design.

With a blend of creative exploration, research, and skillful execution, you can create captivating character concepts that resonate with your audience, enriching the world of your stories with unforgettable characters. So, pick up your pens and brushes, unleash your imagination, and embark on the magical journey of character concept art!

If you want to get expert help in game development from beginning to end, or outsource game design or another part of development, then contact us. The HitBerry Games team of specialists will help you make it happen!



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