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The Year 2023 Trends In Mobile Games Development

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

As we’re breaking into the year 2023, we look forward to new trends and innovations in the area of mobile games development. The industry has been expanding rapidly over the previous years and it continues to do so. It keeps taking over various fields and bringing significant benefits. The gaming industry is undoubtedly one of the most profitable for now. Mobile games development companies all over the world catch the wave and try to please the pickiest gamers with new amazing games and apps. Technology giants are increasingly taking a full-stack approach to building out new exciting capabilities in the gaming space as customer demand grows.

We do not know what we should expect from gaming this year but we can certainly say that the future of mobile games development is bright and promising. The gaming industry is all about to enter 2023 with new advancements and top-notch technologies. So, it’s high time we rounded up all the current and potential mobile gaming trends that will captivate players in 2023.

2023 game trends

Extended Reality in Gaming

We no longer see the extended reality as something strange and innovative. In fact, the XR technology is relatively new yet we’ve got used to it very quickly. It’s been advancing over the previous year so we expect it to continue growing and expanding in 2023 being one of the most prominent trends. Extended reality (XR) relates to a wide range of immersive technologies that are a mixture of real and virtual worlds with a high level of realism. AR, VR, and MR belong to the XR technologies. When it comes to providing an immersive first-person gaming experience, AR and VR gaming have barely any competitive substitute. We can’t wait to see what the XR industry has for us this year but we are sure it will be mind-blowing!

Cross-Platform Games

Cross-platform mobile games development seems to occupy an exceptional place in the list of the most significant 2023 trends. Developing games that are playable on multiple platforms and devices is always a winning solution. Cross-platform mobile games development results in reaching the widest audience possible. Cross-platform playing has the potential to become more than just a video game trend but a permanent part of the entire gaming universe.

Competition Between New PC Gaming Platforms

If you think that it’s the dawn of PC gaming, you are so much mistaken. PC gaming will arouse with all of its greatness in 2023 and we are so excited about it. One of the ground reasons for this is the rise of PC gaming platforms offering large game libraries.

Steam has been the most favored PC gaming platform for quite a long time but these days the market is highly competitive as the pool of options is extensive enough and, we should admit, they all are worth attention. The digital distribution network GOG is currently gaining momentum.

Razer Cortex, Epic Games Store, Roblox, Origin, UPlay, and many other platforms are the trends to watch out for in 2023.

Metaverse Gaming

The application of metaverse technology in various fields is growing cyclicly and mobile games development is not an exception. Although still in its early days, metaverse gaming is on the list of the most outstanding gaming trends of 2023. Metaverse technology enables the development of virtual products that combine social media, marketplaces, VR experiences, gaming, and anything you can imagine. This can make metaverse gaming the industry’s future. We predict metaverse games to operate as whole entertainment platforms that offer even more value on top of traditional gaming experiences.

P2E Games Will Continue Growing in Popularity

Play-to-earn games are a relatively new trend yet extremely popular among various players. People can now earn money while playing games and they do like it. Competition is one more thing all gamers enjoy. P2E gaming is a perfect combination of these two features. Gamers enjoy playing competitive games, completing missions, winning over other players, and progressing and upgrading in exchange for cryptocurrency tokens that have real value. The hype about P2E gaming does not seem to quiet down soon. We look forward to its great advancements over this year.

Streaming And Cloud-Based Gaming

Cloud games are currently redefining the entire industry and turning it upside down. It completely eliminates the need for cutting-edge and expensive technology and makes it possible to obtain remote access to gaming content. We foresee a significant reduction in the need of buying games so streaming games will become a growing trend in 2023. Cloud gaming lets people start playing right away without downloading. It streams video games directly to a user’s device from remote or cloud servers.


These are just a few mobile games development trends that are likely to remain dominating in the near future. With constant technological advancements, the marketplace gets more and more competitive.

What does the world of mobile gaming hold for us in 2023? The game market is always in motion along the side of technological evolution and people's everchanging gameplay choices. Needless to mention the huge impact of the rising competition among developers. This is also a crucial factor propelling the gaming experience.

Due to the industry’s rapid development and astonishing advancements, it’s hard to make guesses and predictions yet we are sure it’s going to be amazing! We expect the biggest mobile games development trends to pick up faster than ever. We see XR as the predominant trend that will keep on actively emerging in the mobile gaming industry.


As not only seasoned game developers but also true gaming fans and lovers, HitBerry Games keeps up with all the latest industry trends and updates and implements innovations in terms of our projects. We are so excited to see what the current year has for the industry and us in particular. We do believe 2023 will be a year of the whole gaming world's blooming.

We are a mobile app development studio with strong skills and prolonged experience in mobile games development. We’ve been in the industry for 12+ years. Our mobile games creation studio brings together high-skilled and true talents in games development. We provide outsourcing tasks to enhance your in-house team as well as full-cycle mobile games creation services for enterprises and start-ups.



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