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VR for Military Training

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

The term VR indicating virtual reality has been no more than a futuristic idea or a distant concept from a sci-fi movie or book not so long ago. Recently VR technology has integrated into our daily lives and turned numerous industries upside down, namely the gaming industry.

Those who still think that AR/VR solutions are for entertainment and playing only are so mistaken. This innovative technology affected various industries including education, healthcare, military and defense, and many more.

As of now, the close connection between VR gaming and the military is quite topical. In case you cannot figure out how these two can relate to each other, we have gathered the basic information and are ready to share it with you.

VR for military

How virtual reality is used in the military?

The development of VR technology has always been greatly impacted by the military and defense field. These two industries are getting more and more mutually dependent. The military industry invests a huge amount of money into AR and VR software development, VR headsets, and VR platforms. This plays a significant role in the advancement of VR technologies all over the world.

VR for drones has become an integral part of military training making this process way more efficient. In this article, we will provide a few common use cases of AR/VR solutions for military training.

The first thing you need to know is that VR apps allow going far beyond theory training eliminating risks at the same time. It’s possible to do everything from firing exercises to a full-scale combat mission simulation in a risk-free environment within a relatively short time.

VR apps for soldier training

Specialists all over the globe keep coming up with new ways of implementing VR technologies in soldier training. One of them is a vehicle simulator. Advanced VR technology enables trainees to experience any type of vehicle in an immersive and realistic way.

They can get familiar with the controls, and test a vehicle on various terrain types and under different weather conditions. In addition, trainees can try different roles like driver, gunner, hostage, etc.

VR technology is not cheap, but still, it is not as expensive as buying a real tank, paying for fuel, maintenance, and so on.

Gaming and combat training

What if we say that gaming experience is widely applied for military training now? You may be confused at first, but let us explain. AR/VR development company experts provide effective solutions and bring the games for servicemen to a whole new level.

Such devices and VR software as CAVE systems, motion trackers, and real-to-life equipment like vests and guns enable recreating close to real-life combat scenarios easily. As a result, trainees can mix various training types and change them quickly even within a small area.

One more use case is training military medics. Before VR it was impossible to train these specialists in war-like environments they actually have to work in. VR apps allow for recreating dangerous and stressful conditions and simulating life-saving operations. Such exercises are crucial for retaining or reacquiring medical skills in case of their infrequent use.

As we have already mentioned, AR/VR app development is closely connected with the healthcare and military industries.

Virtual Reality technology has been applied in terms of PTSD recovery therapy.

PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) is what most servicemen gone through wars and conflicts suffer from. Recovery and coming back to normal life takes a lot of time and effort. Some people need special help to cope with this problem.

There are numerous programs providing help for such soldiers where VR apps are applied for relaxation. A new therapy method also involves recreating past combat scenarios in great detail with a help of a VR headset.

This kind of therapy is safe and helps people to experience those situations one more time to overcome their fears. Such VR apps also come to the aid of monitoring the psychophysiological state of a person.


Taking all the information provided above into consideration, we can conclude that the integration of AR/VR app development services in various spheres, namely in the military field, turns out to be beneficial.

  • Using VR apps for combat training leads to reducing expenditures related to transportation, maintenance, fueling, ammunition, and so on.

  • A higher level of efficiency is reached.

  • VR apps are flexible and easily configurable, allowing training without limitations or restrictions.

  • Elimination of risks. Training in real-to-combat environments always involves danger, but with VR for drone technology trainees can boost their skills without any risks.

On the other hand, there remain several aspects that still need improvements (security issues, graphics, battery life, haptics, etc). But as we can see, AR/VR software development is fast, so it will not take a long time.

VR for drone

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