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Avatar Dress Up by HitBerry Games (Case Study)

Avatar Dress Up is a fashion, touch-free simulator with included options for NFC transactions. It allows players to try on clothes in a virtual fitting room and make a quick and convenient purchase of the selected suits.

The game was made by HitBerry Games for Ameria AG.

Avatar Dress Up game

Avatar Dress Up

Avatar Dress Up is a groundbreaking touch-free fashion simulator that blurs the line between virtual and real shopping experiences. Now, you can put on different sets of clothes and see what your avatar will look like. The game allows you to curate distinctive, stylish appearances for your virtual avatars.

The key features

  1. Touch-Free Fashion Simulation. Avatar Dress Up pioneers touch-free fashion simulation and allows players to interact with online avatars without physical contact. The game redefines the way users engage with virtual avatars. It gives the customers a chance to have an immersive touch-free experience without leaving their rooms.

  2. Virtual Skins and Outfits. The game introduces innovative shop boxes exclusively designed for avatars. This feature also provides players with a curated selection of virtual skins and outfits. The virtual designs borrow ideas from the latest fashion trends and styles.

  3. Interactive NFC Transactions. The game features interactive NFC transactions allowing players to make in-game purchases with a simple tap. This feature improves the overall user impression and enhances the gaming and shopping experience.

  4. Cutting-Edge Technology Integration. HitBerry Games seamlessly integrates online avatars with touch-free technology. The game's cutting-edge software revolutionizes the traditional shopping experience and enables users to interact with the digital world in an intuitive and convenient manner.

  5. Streamlined User Journey. Avatar Dress Up's user-friendly interface helps to simplify your gaming and shopping experience. Walk up to the booth, make your selections easily, and transact with ease using your device's screen and NFC capabilities. The game's focus on streamlined user interaction improves overall accessibility and usability.

Creative Partnership with AMERIA AG

AMERIA AG is a technology company that has made a mark in the industry. Working with prestigious clients like HARIBO, MediaSaturn, and Porsche, AMERIA AG is a leader in creating exciting customer experiences that smoothly combine the analog and digital realms. This case study explores our partnership with AMERIA AG and the development of the innovative game, Avatar Dress Up.

Our collaboration with AMERIA AG began when they approached HitBerry Games to create games for the ISE 2023 Conference. With a focus on digitalized spaces, mobile applications, and web devices, AMERIA AG aimed to elevate the conference experience by introducing interactive and captivating games. Excited by the opportunity, we accepted the challenge to contribute to their vision.

Games for the Conferences

HitBerry Games actively creates applications and games for conferences. The positive outcome of our initial teamwork prompted us to broaden our efforts. We created a total of 5 games for AMERIA AG's conferences. Among these, Avatar Dress Up became a notable project, seamlessly combining digital and touch-free technologies to craft a distinct and engaging experience.

Work with us

HitBerry Games is a game development studio that has deep expertise and a well-crafted portfolio of various game genres. We specialize in providing technology solutions for even the most complex cases. Our services include:

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  • AR/VR app development, etc.

Choose HitBerry Games for game development and ensure that you're getting the desired quality of work for the cost you're paying. Be sure that you're getting the best value for your investment.

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