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  • Taisiia Dobrozorova

Basketball Drop by HitBerry Games (Case Study)

Basketball Drop is a touch-free sports simulator that took center stage at the ISE 2023 Conference. This immersive game combines concentration, fun, and cutting-edge technology.

The game was made by HitBerry Games for Ameria AG.

Gameplay Mechanics

To play Basketball Drop, the user navigates a space-age basketball court, choosing a hoop on the screen that suits their dominant hand. Following a brief tutorial, the game unleashes a barrage of basketballs into the hoop, challenging players to score as many points as possible within a thrilling half-minute timeframe.

Revolutionizing Interaction

What sets Basketball Drop apart is its use of the latest touch-free technology, responding to the player's motions and hand positions. Players can hold the ball by making a holding gesture with their hand, and releasing their fingers allows them to launch the ball across the court. This innovative technology seamlessly brings real-life gestures into the gaming world, creating an astonishing and immersive experience.

HitBerry Games' Development Process

Basketball Drop stands as a testament to HitBerry Games' dedication to high-quality game development. The creation process involved several crucial steps:

  1. Idea Development. High-level game ideas were transformed into attractive game mechanics to entertain and engage players, ensuring a captivating gaming experience.

  2. Documentation. The HitBerry Games team collaborated to translate the client's game ideas and mechanics into a readable Game Design Document (GDD) and clear technical documentation, providing a roadmap for development.

  3. Art Creation. HitBerry Games' team of artists, modelers, and motion designers crafted outstanding 2D concepts, 3D graphics, and animations, contributing to the game's visually stunning neo-futuristic aesthetic.

  4. Game Development. The dedicated team of software engineers and quality assurance specialists worked seamlessly to bring the game to life, creating a virtual universe that exceeded expectations.

  5. Promo Materials. To keep the gaming community engaged and ensure a successful release, HitBerry Games created compelling promo materials that highlighted the unique features and excitement of Basketball Drop.

Games for the Conferences

Developing conference experiences is a shining aspect of HitBerry Games' portfolio. The success of our initial collaboration fueled our enthusiasm and encouraged us to expand our horizons. In total, we created 5 unique games for AMERIA AG conferences. Notably, Basketball Drop has become a standout project that cleverly combines digital and contactless technologies to create a unique and immersive gaming experience.

Work with us

HitBerry Games is a game development studio that has deep expertise and a well-crafted portfolio of various game genres. We specialize in providing technology solutions for even the most complex cases. Our services include:

  • full-cycle game development,

  • outsource game development,

  • game testing,

  • game prototyping,

  • branded games development,

  • hyper- and hybrid-casual games,

  • NFT game development,

  • mid-core games development,

  • idle games development,

  • AR/VR app development, etc.

Choose HitBerry Games for game development and ensure that you're getting the desired quality of work for the cost you're paying. Be sure that you're getting the best value for your investment.

Contact us now and let’s talk about the price!



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