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Electrified Rush by HitBerry Games (Case Study)

Electrified Rush, a thrilling touch-free arcade racing game where players can control the car with their hands literally in the air. It blends focus, enjoyment, and state-of-the-art technology.

The game was made by HitBerry Games for Ameria AG.

Electrified Rush
Electrified Rush on the ISE 2023 Conference

Electrified Rush Gameplay

With a fusion of futuristic elements and cutting-edge technology, Electrified Rush takes players on a high-speed journey in an electrified car enhanced with an electric motor. The game offers a dynamic combination of reaction and speed, placing players in the driver's seat as they navigate tracks to collect Ameria coins.

Game Features

  1. Futuristic Racing Experience. Electrified Rush embraces the future of racing, featuring a famous electrified car powered by an electric motor. The game introduces players to a world where dreams come true through the perfect blend of speed, technology, and reaction time.

  2. Touch-Free Technology. Thanks to innovative touch-free technology, players can control the electrified car with hand gestures in the air. The responsive wheel reacts to hand motions for steering right and left, as well as accelerating, adding a new dimension to the gaming experience.

  3. Ameria Coin Collection. Players assume the role of the driver, known as Black, tasked with collecting Ameria coins scattered along the electrifying tracks. The challenge intensifies as players strive to gather as many coins as possible within a limited timeframe.

  4. Boosters and Power-ups. To enhance the gaming experience, Electrified Rush incorporates boosters such as trampling and speed boosters strategically placed on the track. Players can strategically utilize these power-ups to maximize their coin collection and gain a competitive edge.

HitBerry Games' Development Process

The creation of Electrified Rush required meticulous planning and execution by the dedicated team at HitBerry Games. Key development efforts include:

  1. Idea Development. High-level game ideas were transformed into captivating game mechanics, ensuring an entertaining and engaging racing experience for players.

  2. Documentation. The collaboration between the Game Designer and Project Manager resulted in a comprehensive Game Design Document (GDD) and clear technical documentation, providing a roadmap for the game's development.

  3. Art Creation. HitBerry Games' talented artists, modelers, and motion designers contributed to the game's visual appeal by creating outstanding 2D concepts, 3D graphics, and animations, bringing the electrified racing world to life.

  4. Game Development. The software engineers and quality assurance specialists at HitBerry Games worked tirelessly to develop a captivating racing universe that aligns with the futuristic theme of Electrified Rush.

  5. Promo Materials. Engaging promo materials were created to keep the gaming community informed and excited about the upcoming release, contributing to a successful launch.

Games for the Conferences

Developing conference experiences is a shining aspect of HitBerry Games' portfolio. The success of our initial collaboration fueled our enthusiasm and encouraged us to expand our horizons. In total, we created 5 unique games for AMERIA AG conferences. Notably, Basketball Drop has become a standout project that cleverly combines digital and contactless technologies to create a unique and immersive gaming experience.

Work with us

HitBerry Games is a game development studio that has deep expertise and a well-crafted portfolio of various game genres. We specialize in providing technology solutions for even the most complex cases. Our services include:

  • full-cycle game development,

  • outsource game development,

  • game testing,

  • game prototyping,

  • branded games development,

  • hyper- and hybrid-casual games,

  • NFT game development,

  • mid-core games development,

  • idle games development,

  • AR/VR app development, etc.

Choose HitBerry Games for game development and ensure that you're getting the desired quality of work for the cost you're paying. Be sure that you're getting the best value for your investment.

Contact us now and let’s talk about the price!

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