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Freak Games of the Year

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Freak games

Not all games have a well-thought concept, complex levels, impressive graphics, and advanced characters. Let’s face it: some games are weird and some are completely strange. Any true video games lover has ever stumbled across a few odd titles. It’s fair to say that we do expect a certain level of weirdness from video games. But then there are some head scratches that just take us by surprise and defy explanation. You may wonder how developers ever came up with such a game idea and what made them bring it to life after all. The next question that is left unanswered is why people are loving these freak games. Sometimes it’s hard to provide an explanation.

Such freak games are developed for the sake of hype. The passing year turned out to be a crazy one for the entire world. Frankly speaking, sometimes it feels like we are characters in some freak game. A number of industries have been affected significantly while some of them have been turned upside down. The mobile games development industry is not an exception. The worldwide craziness has brought new trends here too. Every mobile app development studio tries to catch the wave and please gamers with unusual yet very addictive games.

People are stressed out and tired so they just want to take a break, let their hair down, and have some fun. Easy-to-play hyper-casual games with bizarre characters and environments are the best solution, aren’t they? Developers do their best to create a mobile game to fulfill such a demand. As a result, the market is full of weird games that despite everything grow in popularity. Curious about what are hyper-casual games? Here is everything you need to know about hyper-casual games development. Find out the main peculiarities of hyper-casual games and discover the amazing world of mobile games development with us!

Though these games are weird they are still fun to play and are well worth trying out if you are in search of something a bit different. These titles won't likely win any awards. And we don't know why these games are the way they are but have no other way out except accepting it.

Tired of playing the same old games?

We’ve compiled a list for you! It is guaranteed to have something new to try out.

  1. Licking Run. There is nothing that makes a person healthier and stronger more than delicious foods! The game simply requires you to sort and eat foods. Tap and control your rhythm to taste food for level-clear. Only when you eat enough foods you can clear your level. But be careful of the confusing item, otherwise, you will lose the game.

  2. Wax Time. This is quite an unusual and funny casual game where you have to get rid of the hairline with the help of hot wax. But here’s a tricky part: you need to do it in a surprisingly strange way, by throwing a palm smeared with hot wax. Leaving all the body parts completely hairless is your end goal!

  3. Liklok Beggar. This hyper-casual game is all about begging for money from people, increasing your popularity, dueling with other people, earning more money and winning the game!

  4. Sausage Mouth. Are you ready for a sausage challenge? Then download this game and get started! Throw the sausages into the funniest mouths. If there’s enough space in a mouth, don’t hesitate to do the perfect shot. Push the limits and see how many sausages can fit into one mouth. You will be challenged by indifferent design at each level.

  5. Kill Bacteria - Virus Smasher. The virus games are trendy, aren’t they? This arcade and touch game involves killing, crashing, smashing, and beating bacteria and viruses. There are lots of viruses and they are a pain in the neck. So you are the only one to deal with them.

  6. Banana shooter. In this game, you are Dave - the banana man who is shooting enemies to get their bananas using some cool mechanics such as dash, double jump, grapple hook, and rocket jump. The whole game is a multiplayer battle type where you can configure your own gun or knife to fight against others.

  7. Wiggle Soccer. It's a soccer game with strange characters! Use their unique physic to slap the balls and your enemies to be the first to score a goal and win the match!

  8. Mitoza. This is a surreal game. Or not a game - rather a toy! It all starts with a seed. Players explore all cycles and prepare to accept the inevitable effects of Mitoza.

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