Game Development Company

Game Development Company

What is a Game Development Company and why do we need it? The gaming industry is fast evolving now so there appear more new game development studios. Learn more about it.


The video game industry is currently fast-growing and it’s not a surprise. It has evolved enormously and today the gaming industry resembles more the business of giant corporations. Various businesses use video games for higher revenue and gamers, in turn, can earn a good deal of money by playing. That is why it’s no wonder that the gaming industry keeps growing and gaining momentum actively - there is a growing demand for new games. Due to the rapid expansion, the global gaming industry is expected to become worth $321 billion by 2026 [PwC’s Global Entertainment and Media Outlook 2022-26].

The industry is involved in developing, marketing, and monetizing video games. It has also influenced the advance of the technological sphere significantly. Businesses from various industries use video games to promote, increase brand awareness, and attract more new clients.

So due to the high demand for the services, more game development studios have appeared.

What is a Game Development Company?

A game development company leads the entire development cycle starting from drafting the concept up to the production. A company brings together various specialists in game development. A number of professionals work jointly to build a thrilling and lucrative game product that meets all the customer’s requirements as well as users’ demands. Developers take designers’ ideas, sketches, and rules, and turn them into playable games with excellent visuals and sound through coding.

The process of game creation is effort-consuming and complex. It requires profound knowledge, understanding, and vast experience in game development. The development cycle consists of several crucial stages and the overall success of the final release depends on the proper completion of each of them. Check out what the standard development cycle looks like:

  • Marketing research

  • Drafting a concept

  • Choosing the tech stack

  • Game art creation

  • Development and design

  • QA phase

  • Release and publish

Who works in a Game Development Company?

Do you know how many people take part in game creation and launching? All these guys are superheroes who can implement even the craziest idea! They can turn a concept into a playable game, and create unique characters, environments, and objects. Programmers, game designers, system designers, level designers, gameplay engineers, game artists, character artists, environment artists, technical artists, project managers, QA specialists, and even mathematicians join forces to provide top-quality games that will get high rates and generate revenue.

In HitBerry Games we provide outsourcing game development services. Our game development company focuses on delivering games of different genres and types. We have already completed 50+ projects successfully, yet we strive for more. We are ready to take on new challenges and we keep growing!

Why outsource game development services

If you opt for outsourcing game development services, you will be rewarded with numerous benefits. Do you still have doubts about the effectiveness of outsourcing?

Outsourcing game development services will save you money as well as time. You will have enough of free time to manage other important tasks while specialists work on development. Additionally, it is more cost-effective because you outsource services when required only. On the contrary, having an in-house team requires higher regular expenses.

Outsourcing game development teams have hands-on experience with game development. They know about all the pitfalls and can predict risks. That is why the process will be smooth, seamless, and quick. After all, one should do one’s duty.

Outsourcing true experts in game development is what will lead to the desired success. Let the specialists do what they are best at.


In HitBerry Games, we provide various game development outsourcing services. We create games of different genres and types. As an experienced and high-skilled team, we can ensure you will enjoy the final release. We are attentive to details and careful with all customer’s requirements.

The HitBerry Games studio has 12+ years of experience in game creation. Trust us with your idea and watch it turn into an excellent playable game!


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