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Game Development: The Price

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

In terms of mobile games development, it's important to understand the costs that go into development. From simple mini games to more complex multiplayer experiences, the cost of mobile games creation can vary greatly.

At HitBerry Games, we have extensive experience in mobile games development and we want to share some of the key factors that influence the price of a mobile game project.

It's important to note that mobile games can be developed for a variety of platforms, including the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android). Prices can range from $3,000 for a basic mini-game to $150,000 for a more complex multiplayer experience. Additionally, the cost can also be affected by the features you choose to include, such as payment systems or administrative functions. For example, these types of features may be 20% more expensive to implement on iOS compared to Android

Game type and characteristics

The cost of mobile games development varies depending on the type and complexity of the game. Factors such as the number of levels, characters, and features can greatly impact the final cost. Before a mobile app development studio provides a cost estimate, they will evaluate all requirements and aspects of the game in a Game Design Document, a list of assets, and other technical documents. The more complex the game, the higher the cost will be.

Small Games

The cost of developing a small, basic mobile game can typically range from $3,000 to $5,000. However, if you want to add more features such as an attractive 2D or 3D interface, multiple levels, and additional options for players, the cost could start from $20,000. Most games that fall into this category will cost around $20,000 to $40,000.

It's important to note that the complexity of the game and the number of features requested can greatly impact the final cost.

To minimize risks and costs, we recommend starting the process of mobile games development by creating a prototype to validate your idea and gauge its potential. Experienced game developers can create a prototype in a few days or weeks.

Medium Games

The games in this category have an increased level of complexity, featuring multiple levels, varying difficulties, diverse characters, a more intricate storyline, sound effects, visually stunning elements, a user-friendly interface, and additional mini-games integrated within the main game. The cost of this type of mobile games development can range between $60,000 to $120,000.

Large Games

Bigger games that offer a captivating plot and a wealth of content are often available for free but feature a carefully planned monetization system. The cost of developing this type of game can go beyond $150,000.

Expertise in game development is key

Mobile games development is an exciting endeavor that requires a skilled team of professionals. Choosing the right mobile app development studio is a crucial decision that can impact the success of your mobile game.

HitBerry Games has been in the business of game development for nearly a decade, and the knowledge and experience we have acquired over this time enables us to create cutting-edge mobile games. Browse our portfolio of artwork and games.

Don't hesitate to reach out to us and share your innovative ideas with our talented team!



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