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Promo games VS Branded games

Promo games and branded games are both interactive marketing tools that businesses can use to engage with their audience. However, there are some key differences between the two.

Promo games are typically used to promote a specific product or service or to increase awareness of a business as a whole. They can take many forms, such as trivia games, sweepstakes, and instant win games. The main goal of promo games is to generate leads and drive sales by providing customers with an engaging and interactive experience.

Branded games, on the other hand, are typically used to build brand awareness and loyalty. They often incorporate a brand's products or services into the gameplay, providing an immersive brand experience for the player. Branded mini games can be used to tell the story of a brand, and to create an emotional connection with the audience. The main goal of branded mini games is to increase brand recognition and loyalty.

In summary, the main difference between promo games and branded games is their primary goal. Promo games are focused on driving sales, while branded games are focused on building brand awareness and loyalty. Both types of games can be used to engage with customers and provide valuable insights into customer behavior, but the approach and outcome will be different.

Hitberry Games, as a mobile app development studio with a strong focus on branded games development, can bring a level of creativity and innovation to any game, be it a promo or branded games. We can take the concepts and goals of the game and add a unique and engaging twist to it. Our team of experienced game designers and developers can come up with cool ideas and bring them to life with top-notch implementation and graphics. We can create games that are not only fun and interactive but also visually stunning, making them more attractive for the players to engage with.



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