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The Future of Idle Games: What To Expect

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

While big game studios take serious projects with large budgets and develop outstanding AAA titles featuring breathtaking visuals, advanced gameplay and mechanics, complex levels, and many more, players all over the world, regardless of age or gender, enjoy simple idle games. Some of you may wonder what’s the actual appeal of these games and what keeps them afloat.

Let’s figure out this and then try to outline idle games’ future prospects. We mean, today it seems obvious this genre won’t lose popularity in the coming years but rather conquer new heights.

Revealing the secret of idle games’ success

Idle games, also known as incremental games or clicker games, have become increasingly popular in recent years and many people are left curious about this.

Idle games, clicker games, or games that play themselves - call them whatever you like best - present a new genre of baffling mobile games.

How such small and unbelievably simple games can get incredibly big numbers of downloads and shoot up the charts by beating other genres? Oh, here’s a bit of statistical data for you: addressing the source, Idle games have claimed 3 of the top 10 most played games on Kongregate.

If we had to name just one thing about idle games that drives their success, we would say it’s the simplicity they offer. Because often that is exactly what people want and look for.

With how busy we all are these days, it is up to the entertainment industry, namely gaming, to keep up. Very few people have enough time to spend hours playing a game that requires particular skills and consistent attention to complete missions. Even though we don't have large chunks of time for complex games, there are still small parts of a day that jump around. And in these tiny cracks, there is a place for idle games.

With minimal gameplay, idle games are mostly designed to be played on a mobile device, where players only need to tap on characters or objects to earn points. As a game progresses, these characters can be upgraded, meaning more points per tap, or eventually automated so they will earn points even without player intervention.

Clicker games are focused on two basic things: strong long-term retention and revenue growth.

What makes people love idle games

Even those people who are not passionate gaming fans can get easily addicted to simple clicker games. And we can name a few good reasons for it.

  • You always want to come back for more! There is no problem with abandoning a game for a few days, weeks, or even months. You can go back to playing any moment you want and start again easily. Moreover, these types of games reward you for taking a break from them, as they continue going even when you leave.

  • Low investment. Idle games require minimal effort and time commitment. Players can leave the game running in the background while they do other things and still make progress.

  • Sense of accomplishment. In case you are a perfectionist, that will be a significant bonus for you. In case you’re not, you will like this anyway. Despite the low investment, idle games still provide a sense of accomplishment and progress as players slowly build up resources and unlock new features.

  • Relaxation. Idle games can be very relaxing and satisfying to play. The repetitive gameplay and soothing music can provide a sense of calm and stress relief we all need during busy days.

  • Easy to play. Idle games are usually simple and easy to understand, making them accessible to a wide range of players, including those who may not typically play video games.

  • Addiction. Idle games often use psychological tricks to keep players engaged, such as providing intermittent rewards, setting goals that seem achievable but just out of reach, and offering incentives for returning to the game regularly.

What the future of idle games looks like

We never can make 100% true predictions about the future (if only we had a time machine and could travel through years so we would tell you everything) but we are sure idle games will be a big player in the worldwide mobile gaming market.

We predict them to expand greatly in the upcoming years. Simple clicker games have a vast space for innovation. The genre has also been evolving and branching out into new sub-genres, such as idle RPGs and idle simulation games so we look forward to the progress in this area.

One potential direction for the future of idle games is an increased focus on player engagement and interaction. While idle games are designed to be played passively, some developers are experimenting with ways to encourage players to be more actively engaged with the game, whether through mini-games, social features, or other mechanisms.

Another potential area of growth for idle games is in the use of emerging technologies, such as AR VR solutions. As these technologies become more widely adopted and accessible, it's possible that we could see idle games that incorporate AR or VR elements to create more immersive and addictive experiences.

Finally, the future of idle games may also be influenced by larger trends in the gaming industry, such as the increasing popularity of mobile gaming, the growth of esports, and the emergence of new gaming platforms and technologies. As these trends are taking over, it's likely that we'll see new opportunities and challenges for idle game developers to explore.

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