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Gaming In 2023: What Challenges We Will Face

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

2023 is going to be another year of a huge leap in the evolution of gaming. The industry is gaining momentum now - at a frantic pace, we should say. However, the more it develops, the more challenges appear.

There will be new challenges

Mobile games development experts from all over the world come up with innovative ideas and offer efficient solutions to tackle all the issues they face and please even the pickiest gamers with stunning games. Judging from our own long-term experience in mobile games development, we can say for sure that time invested in creativity and experimentation is critical.

At the start of 2023, we observe developers come across a few challenges that are as follows:

Increasing Complexity of Games

With games becoming more complex and realistic, developers will need to incorporate more features than ever before. This will require creating more realistic animations and graphics, as well as incorporating AI-powered elements. To achieve these goals, large investments in more powerful hardware and software tools are necessary.

Meeting Player Expectations

As the gaming industry grows, so too do the expectations of players. To launch competitive games, developers will need to make them as immersive and entertaining as possible. And what games correspond to this considering the latest industry trends? It takes a game to have innovative mechanics, high-quality visuals, and engaging storylines to withstand competition, attract players, and reach big numbers of downloads.

Adapting to New Platforms

As more platforms become available for gaming, a mobile games developer will need to be adaptable. This means learning how to create games for next-generation consoles, virtual reality, augmented reality, and mobile devices. They will also need to be aware of platform-specific regulations and requirements. Furthermore, developers will need to ensure their games are optimized for each platform.

Using generative AI

Even those who are not into gaming that much had no chance to skip the buzz around generative AI. We bet you’ve heard about at least one of these: graphics coming from tools like Midjourney and Stable Diffusion; the text generated inside ChatGPT; or programming tools like GitHub Copilot. Although the outputs are not perfect and immediately ready to use, they’re nevertheless speeding up ideation and iteration.

Generative AI is a powerful tool for game developers that can help create more immersive, unpredictable, and dynamic gaming experiences. It can be used to generate terrain and landscapes that are more lifelike and unpredictable, or to create believable non-player characters (NPCs) that can interact with the player in unique and interesting ways, as well as generate items, levels, and puzzles that are more difficult and require more creative solutions.

Building communities of players

For developers it is highly important to establish contact with customers, enabling live operations staff to take actions to message, launch events, and structure experiments for the community.

A reliable connection between the game development process and the target players is an attempt to learn, experiment and cultivate a paying audience who will last.

Building an audience to last is not about developing fun and addictive games. It’s also about dealing with marketing and promotion. This can be done through various channels, such as social media, video game websites, etc.

Finally, it is important to maintain relationships with players - responding to feedback and interacting with users to ensure a positive experience. Running events and competitions to keep players engaged is also a good idea!

2023 is going to be great for gaming

Even though the points outlined above seem to be a bit challenging for mobile games development specialists, they do open up new frontiers of creativity. The gaming industry is ever-changing and it requires developers to react to the changes quickly and adapt easily.

As not only seasoned and experienced game developers but also true gaming lovers, we always keep an eye on the latest industry advancements and trends and then implement them when working on our projects. We cannot wait to see what 2023 has for us and we’re so excited to deal with all the challenges we will face. Discover the amazing world of mobile games development with us!

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