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Ultimate Guide To Branded Mini Games

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Branded mini-games, also known as games for brand promotion, are interactive games for brands that are created to promote a brand or product. These custom-branded games are designed to be engaging and entertaining, while also providing a way for companies to connect with their target audience.

One of the most popular examples of branded mini-games is the "Coca-Cola Bottle Cap Challenge". This mini-game, which was created by Coca-Cola, challenges players to unscrew a bottle cap with a single swipe, just like in the company's famous commercials. The game was a huge success, with millions of people participating and sharing their scores on social media.

Another example of a branded mini-game is "The Burger King Game." This mini-game, developed by Burger King, challenges players to flip as many burgers as they can in a set time. The game was designed to promote the brand's flame-grilled burgers.

Additionally, "The Pepsi Refresh Project" is another example of a branded mini-game. This game, created by Pepsi, encourages players to submit and vote on ideas for community improvement projects. The game was designed to promote the brand's commitment to social responsibility.

Examples of branded mini-games include McDonald's "McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure" game, which was used to promote the fast food chain's Happy Meals.

Another example is the "Doritos Crash the Super Bowl" campaign, where people were invited to create their own Doritos commercial and submit it to the company. The winning commercial would be aired during the Super Bowl, and the person who created it would win a prize.

Branded mini-games are a great way to promote a brand or product while providing an interactive and engaging experience for players. They have become an effective marketing tool and can help increase brand awareness and engagement. With the rise of mobile gaming, more and more brands are starting to take advantage of the opportunities that branded mini-games offer.

Hitberry Games, as a mobile app development studio with a strong focus on branded games development, can bring a level of creativity and innovation to any game. We can take the concepts and goals of the game and add a unique and engaging twist to it.

Our team of experienced game designers and developers can come up with cool ideas and bring them to life with top-notch implementation and graphics. We can create branded mobile games that are not only fun and interactive but also visually stunning, making them more attractive for the players to engage with.



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