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The year 2022 in Mobile Game Development

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

2022 in game development

2022 happened to be a year of significant changes. It surprised us with mind-blowing innovations and unexpected trends. The passing year challenged us a lot, yet we overcame all the obstacles, developing and growing.

Talking about mobile games development, the year 2022 brought some exciting trends to this industry. The area of mobile games development is under constant changes for years. This makes the mobile gaming industry one of the biggest ones rightly compared to the film industry. Numerous technology advancements along with drastic changes encourage businesses to employ new technology to make gaming even more impressive and addictive than ever.

Looking back at the passing year in the field of mobile games development and trying to make predictions for the upcoming year, we’ve brought together the most popular and significant trends of 2022. Let’s remember the biggest buzzes together!

NFTs and Blockchain-based gaming

With its use of powerful data encryption technology, blockchain has brought a revolution to the gaming industry and turned it upside down. Blockchain games proved to be a promising sector with a good number of opportunities and strong stability. A highly secure environment is the most crucial advantage of NFT games. This prevents accessing or destroying online transactions. The markets of NFT gaming have accelerated. Being an innovative platform for building and storing in-game assets without any risks, blockchain technology boosts moving from a Pay2Win environment to a Play2Earn environment.


People do love competition. The competitive spirit engages them, keeps their attention, and motivates them to keep on playing. Esports is all about competitive gaming for both true gamers and beginner players. The popularity of eSports has been growing at a crazy high speed recently and due to its success, it will be remaining trendy in the area of mobile app development in the upcoming years.

Cloud-based mobile games

This relates to gaming as a service or on-demand gaming, where cloud service provides stream content to personal devices, giving access to the game players without the need for downloading and installing games. Such tech giants cloud service providers as Google and Microsoft have already enabled global reach thus allowing other cloud gaming platforms to rapidly implement and expand their apps in multiple locations.

AR and VR in gaming

AR and VR gaming provides players with amazing and unique experiences. Virtual reality headsets enable users to interact with objects in a locked space while AR uses the current environment to create playable environments without the need for special AR headsets. Playing AR games is possible on devices such as smartphones, tablets, and other portable gaming systems. Pokémon GO is rightly considered the most advanced AR gaming app. It’s fair to say that despite the special pricey headsets VR gaming requires, the future for both AR and VR games and apps looks exciting.

Wearable technology

Fitness rings, wristbands, and smartwatches are a few typical wearable devices making use of wearable technology. They have sensors for identifying, monitoring, and transmitting information to users in real-time. Wearable devices are most commonly concerned with health and fitness, however recently they have also been booming rapidly in the gaming industry. One example of utilizing wearables is tracking the gaming session. Having analyzed the obtained data, wearable technology helps to improve the gaming experience considerably.

Crypto games

Due to the massively growing popularity of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency is gaining momentum forcing businesses to invest in crypto gaming. Crypto games allow everyone connected to the game to own a piece of it. Additionally, characters, other resources, rewards, and in-game purchases can be transferred to other games.

Furthermore, mobile game developers go with crypto to make online transactions smooth and seamless across a variety of platforms and industries.


These are the biggest trends that have shaken the video games industry over the passing year. Now we offer you to take a quick look at some of the most popular and widely-applied game engines in 2022:

  • Unity

  • Cry Engine

  • GameMaker Studio 2

  • Unreal Engine

  • Godot Engine

  • AppGameKit

  • Autodesk Maya

  • Mixamo


The trend of mobile games development is a relatively new one yet quite actively rising, and there are no reasons to doubt it will keep doing so over the following years.

HitBerry Games as a mobile app development studio has strong skills and long experience in mobile games development. We’ve been in the industry for 12+ years. Our mobile games creation studio brings together seasoned and dedicated talents in mobile games development.

Being not only developers but also true game lovers, we always keep up with the latest industry updates and insights and never stand aside the freshest trends.

We predict the outlined trends to continue growing in popularity, especially NFTs and VR/AR gaming. We expect AR/VR to greatly impact the future of game development.

We already look forward to mind-blowing innovations and creative solutions the mobile games development industry will surprise us with in the upcoming 2023.

And now, let’s take a short rest, restore our resources, level up, and gain more strength to play the game of 2023 even better!



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