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AR/VR For Branded Promo Games

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

AR VR solutions in mobile games development

AR and VR are revolutionizing the gaming industry. AR VR solutions are used to create immersive gaming experiences that allow players to interact with their environment in a more interactive way. AR and VR have been embraced by the gaming industry, as developers have found ways to utilize the technologies to create more addictive and engaging gaming experiences.

AR VR games provide players with a great opportunity to interact with the in-game world in a much more realistic way. Players can explore virtual worlds in the most natural way, as they’re in it for real. AR VR solutions also make it possible to create highly realistic visuals, as well as more immersive audio. With these technologies, developers can create game experiences that feel much more real and lifelike than ever before.

In addition, AR VR gaming is much more affordable than traditional gaming systems. This has made them particularly attractive to casual gamers, who may not have the budget to purchase expensive gaming consoles. This has helped to drive the popularity of VR AR game development, as more people have access to these technologies.

Overall, AR VR solutions are completely changing the way people play games today. As VR AR game developers continue to find creative ways to utilize these technologies, we are likely to see even more advancements in the mobile games development industry that make gaming experiences even more captivating and lifelike than ever before.

AR VR solutions can be used to create branded mini games that can help companies engage their customers and create a memorable experience. AR VR games have already proven to be effective in terms of product or service promotion.

Branded mobile games are great for companies to engage their customers in an impressive and interesting way. They are used to create interactive experiences that can draw in customers and help them to better understand a product or service. Applying AR VR solutions in branded games ensures attracting the broadest audience possible thus drawing the needed attention to the particular product or service.

This leads to increased brand loyalty and creates a more positive impression of the company.

AR VR solutions in games for brand promotion: pros and cons


  • Increased interactivity. Needless to say now a larger portion of consumers can afford AR VR hardware due to active advancements. Regular updates with better and easy-to-use features erase the gap between brands and consumers.

  • AR VR solutions are 100% compatible with gaming. AR VR gaming is a trend that has gained popularity over a short period. AR VR games offer players unique and unforgettable experiences therefore they’re more likely to draw the target audience’s attention and establish a connection with the brand.


  • Lack of awareness. Well, that’s fair enough as AR VR technology has entered our everyday life not so long ago so many people simply don’t have sufficient knowledge about AR VR. The problem is that some consumers are convinced that it’s beyond their reach and understanding so they choose to ignore promotional campaigns with AR VR solutions.

  • Equipment is required. This one rather concerns VR games. Even though prices keep going down, many consumers still have hesitations about VR hardware reliance and usage. However, taking into account the rapid development of AR and VR technologies, this problem will be solved in the near future.

As true gaming fans and lovers, we always keep an eye on the gaming industry's latest trends and updates and share them with you.

HitBerry Games as a mobile app development studio has strong skills and prolonged experience in branded games development as well as AR VR app development. We’ve been in the industry for 12+ years. Our mobile games development studio brings together high-skilled and dedicated talents in branded mini games creation and AR VR software development. We provide top-notch mobile game development outsource services as well as full-cycle mobile games development.

We apply a personalized approach to each project. Our main goal is to deliver lucrative and stunning branded games according to all the client’s expectations and requirements.

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