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Calculate Mobile Game Development Cost Yourself

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

Learn how to estimate the cost of mobile game development with HitBerry Games' new cost calculator and get more detailed information on pricing for your unique project.

When developing a video game, what do you start with? It always should begin with thorough planning and accurate preparation. You need to provide an overall project estimation in order to avoid unexpected issues. Surprises do happen, though. But the more you prepare, the fewer the chances of trouble. Planning your budget is a crucial part of the preparation stage.

We’ve got good news for you - now it’s much easier and quicker. Fortunately, HitBerry Games has an easy-to-use cost calculator on our website that can help you estimate the final price of your project in seconds. In this article, we'll explore how to calculate mobile game development costs and provide tips on how to plan your budget.

Understanding Mobile Game Development Costs

Mobile game development costs can be divided into two categories: direct and indirect costs. Direct costs include expenses directly related to mobile games development, such as salaries, software licenses, and hardware. Indirect costs, on the other hand, are not directly related to development but are necessary to ensure the project's success, such as marketing and distribution costs.

To calculate the cost of mobile games development, you need to consider several critical factors such as the size and complexity of the project, the mobile games development studio’s level of expertise and experience, and the features and functionalities you want in the game. The HitBerry Games cost calculator takes all these factors into account and provides an approximate cost estimation based on your input.

Using the Cost Calculator

We made it as simple as possible so anyone can estimate a mobile game creation price with a few clicks only. To use the HitBerry Games cost calculator, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the HitBerry Games website and navigate to the cost calculator page.

  2. Enter the required information about your project, such as the platform, game genre, and the number of levels.

The cost calculator will provide an approximate cost estimation based on your input.

It's important to note that the cost calculator may not equal the final price. To get a more accurate quote, you should contact HitBerry Games to discuss all the project details personally.

Factors That Affect Mobile Game Development Costs

Several factors can affect the cost of mobile game development, such as:

  • Game complexity. The more complex the game, the higher the development cost.

  • Mobile app development studio size and experience. Larger teams with higher levels of expertise and experience tend to charge more.

  • Platform. Cross-platform mobile games development will cost more.

  • Game genre. Certain genres require more features and functionalities, resulting in higher development costs.

  • Graphics and animation. High-quality graphics and animation require more time and resources, therefore come with bigger prices.

When planning your budget, you should take all these factors into account.

Planning Your Budget

To plan your budget for mobile games creation, you have to complete several steps. Look at them here:

  1. Determine your project requirements, such as the game genre and features.

  2. Use the HitBerry Games cost calculator to get an approximate cost estimation.

  3. Reach out to HitBerry Games with all the project details to get a more accurate quote.

  4. Plan for indirect costs such as marketing and distribution.

  5. Allocate a contingency budget for unexpected expenses.

By following these steps, you can ensure that you have a realistic budget for your mobile games development project.

HitBerry Games is a mobile app development studio that has rich expertise and prolonged experience in mobile games development. We provide expert technology solutions for even the most complex cases. Our mobile games studio offers proper tools to meet the unique needs of each of our customers. We follow the latest industry trends and updates and implement them in terms of our projects.

Whether you look for specific experts to enhance your core team or need a company to take on full-cycle game development, you can count on us.

Choose HitBerry Games for mobile games development and ensure that you're getting the desired quality of work for the cost you're paying. Get the most out of your investments!

Contact us now and let’s talk about the price!



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