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Xsens Awinda and Manus Meta Gloves: What's Known For Now

Xsens keeps revolutionizing the world of technology with the company’s unique innovations and advancements. Taking its ingenuity and expertise, the company launches new products and leaves its customers speechless.

Xsens is a motion capture technology designed to capture the motion of bodies in 3D space. It is used in a variety of applications, from games and films to sports and medical research. The technology uses sensors placed on the body to track the movement and position of the body in 3D space. The sensors are small, light, and wireless, allowing for freedom of movement. The data is then analyzed and used in motion capture applications.

Xsens motion capture technology is used in a variety of industries. In the gaming industry, it is used to create realistic characters and environments. In the film industry, it is used to create realistic stunts and special effects. In sports, it is used to study and analyze the movements of athletes. In medical research, it is used to study the movement of patients or to create virtual simulations.

Xsens motion capture technology is also used in virtual reality and augmented reality applications. It is used to create realistic movements and interactions in virtual worlds, and to create realistic simulations to help train people in a variety of areas.

With its wireless sensors and powerful analysis capabilities, Xsens motion capture technology is a valuable tool for capturing and analyzing movement in 3D space.

Meet the new wireless human motion tracker for real-time apps

Xsens Awinda is an easy-to-integrate wireless motion-capture system that allows users to quickly and accurately capture motion data from a variety of sources, including body-worn sensors, cameras, and more. The Awinda system is a complete motion-capture solution featuring hardware as well as software components. The Awinda hardware consists of a motion-capture system and a set of body-worn sensors that are designed to capture motion data from any part of the body. The sensors can accurately capture movement data, such as joint angles, body segment lengths, and more. The Awinda system also features software that allows users to analyze the data and create custom animation sequences.

MTw Awinda is a superior technology featuring the following:

  • A wide wireless connection range, highly accurate sync, and less data loss

  • High synchronization accuracy and orientation performance

  • Synchronization with an external device via BNC ports

  • Barometer for height estimation

The next level finger tracker is here

Manus Meta gloves are wearable gloves that provide an immersive experience for motion-capture applications. The gloves are designed to accurately capture hand and finger movements and are capable of capturing data such as joint angles, finger lengths, and more. The gloves feature a variety of sensors, including optical sensors, pressure sensors, and infrared sensors. The sensors can accurately capture motion data, enabling users to create custom animation sequences and motion-capture recordings with ease. The gloves also feature a variety of software tools, including a motion-capture library and a 3D character editor.

Capture even the slightest movement by utilizing precise Quantum tracking technology and bring them to life digitally without any limitations at all. Save time while animating, without losing the lifelike feeling of your movements.

The Xsens Metagloves feature integration with Xsens MVN Animate to deliver real-time finger data into your existing pipeline quickly. By adding the gloves to MVN Analyze, the quality and accuracy of ergonomic finger data are increased.

As the gloves can be worn in multiple ways, every user is free to select what position fits their use case best - either finger tape or finger sleeve.

We do motion capture projects

Now HitBerry Games can do exceptionally accurate and realistic motion capture projects! Our high-skilled animators, editors, and technicians work together to ensure that the motion capture data is captured accurately and that the resulting animation is true to life and captures the motion properly. Motion capture data can be used to create realistic and impressive characters for video games providing immersive gaming experiences.

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We follow the industry's best practices and trends and add a unique flavor to your project to create an excellent and memorable user experience.

Are you looking for an AR VR development company to implement a motion capture project? You’ve come to the right place! Share your idea with us right now and our AR VR studio will offer you the best AR VR app development services.



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