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Branded Games Use Cases: Maybelline Mascara Merge

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

When we say branded games are increasingly growing in popularity and taking over various markets, we do mean it!

From sports to the catering sector - businesses of various sizes all over the globe have already started taking advantage of branded games capabilities. And we should say, they are doing quite well. Mini-brand games prove to be an effective and, what’s important, engaging marketing tool. Beauty brands have recognized this opportunity for marketing to die-hard gamers. The world didn’t expect it but that’s a great idea, actually.

Beauty brands are targeting the gaming space

Now, Maybelline is getting in on the action with a new audience in mind: casual gamers. Yes, you’ve got us right.

Maybelline becomes the first beauty brand to start a promotion in the “hyper-casual gaming” space. Let’s get a bit deeper and sort out all the details.

Maybelline Mascara Merge

We’re talking about an in-app mobile game available across games owned by Zynga, including Hair Challenge, High Heels, and Blob Runner developed by Maybelline New York, a popular cosmetics brand. The game combines elements of puzzle and simulation games, allowing players to manage their own virtual makeup salon and create their own mascara formulas.

In the game, players start by managing a small makeup salon and creating basic mascara formulas. As they progress, they can unlock new ingredients and formulas, hire employees, and expand their salon. Players can also participate in weekly challenges and events to earn rewards and compete with other players.

The game features three mascaras from the brand, allowing users to play to earn points that can keep them going in the main Zynga game they are playing.

The main gameplay mechanic in Maybelline Mascara Merge involves merging different mascara formulas to create new, more complex ones. Each formula has a specific color, texture, and effect, such as lengthening, volumizing, or curling lashes. By combining formulas, players can create unique mascara blends that appeal to different customers and earn higher profits.

The game also features various customization options, allowing players to decorate their salons with different themes, furniture, and accessories. They can also personalize their avatars and interact with other players through the in-game chat and social features.

All in all, Maybelline Mascara Merge is a fun and engaging game for makeup enthusiasts and casual gamers alike. Its colorful graphics, easy-to-learn gameplay, and creative blending mechanics make it a unique and enjoyable experience.

How successful is it?

The brand’s representatives describe the marketing campaign featuring a branded game as a hybrid between shoppable ads and mobile gaming.

Well, this brand game is not simply playing and earning points. it also contains information, video content, and a link to a specially created Ulta Beauty landing page with product listings.

The game development company that Maybelline has been partnering with is Zynga. The Maybelline Mascara Merge branded game is not the first studio’s experience with the beauty industry. The gaming company has already worked with a beauty retailer in the past. At Zynga, they comment that gaming is a unique opportunity for beauty brands to reach their target audiences in a new space where they are spending time every day, engaging directly with the content.

When developing an eye-catching and engaging brand game-within-a-game, Maybelline and Zynga have targeted Gen-Z players as more than 80% of them are passionate gaming fans. Young generations indeed prefer games over traditional media so businesses take it into account and don’t hesitate to leverage the power of branded mini games.

So coming back to the question of whether the Maybelline branded game is successful, we want to say yes, it is. The game offers a fun and positive experience and therefore appeals to a wide number of gamers.

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